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Unusual fuckup: AA 3 times with the same woman. How?

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    Originally posted by Impulse View Post
    Just re-visited this thread for additional insights

    I have to really agree with Bacchus here who's bang on

    Only approaching when getting AIs is definitely crutch game and will seriously limit your skillset.

    Even when I get AIs I still sometimes cant approach - because I was relying on this crutch game for too long that I didnt actually develop the approach skillset properly - it was seriously handicapped

    That said, it doesnt mean you have to be a spam approacher.
    It is a crutch, and one which became popular around 2008 as part of the backlash against the idea of robotic approach monkey PUAs. Certain guys (often older, like ThePoolPlayer) announced that they weren't going to run around approaching lots of women, but were instead going to develop their 'sniper game'. Of course, the reality was that they didn't bother working on overcoming their AA, went for low-hanging fruit, and justified it all by pretending that the whole cold approach thing was something that only newbies did.

    As men, we benefit from the fact that we are able to just walk up to a girl we want and try to seduce her. In other words, we have a choice of who we go for. The main problem with waiting for AIs is that it takes away a lot of that choice.