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    Why is this entity who shall not be named still trying to talk to me...smh

    Either way impulse if the crux of your argument is "RSD is flawed because they tie self development into seduction" then as far as im concerned you dont have much of an argument (not that I need your take on what I've seen first hand anyways).

    That makes no logical sense judging, that if you wanted to, you could find days worth of purely pickup content from them for FREE. but whatever dont do self development. No ones forcing you. No ones forcing you to buy products, I never did.

    You sound more like an angry yelp reviewer than someone who has a fundamental argument against their philosophy. Sorry you didnt like hotseat, I dont know what to say. Go find some infield thats so clearly better than Tylers...ill wait, and then benefit from it rather than be upset. Your argument reeks of personal bias as opposed to hard fact and logic.

    You still havent addressed the fact that Tyler is mysterys protege. Thats like a summary dismissal of your assertions.

    And i wont name any names but i know some people who could benefit greatly from some self development specifically toxic delusional ego work


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      Originally posted by Impulse View Post

      However, the way they approach seduction IMO is heavily flawed....they aren't teaching it effectively because the focus is on the wrong things.

      Sure, Tyler may be Mystery's protege..but that doesn't mean he can teach seduction effectively...and judging from the hotseat presentations and calibre of material, they're on the wrong track
      Again, this is not a true argument. Just a *repeated* assertion of opinions with the implication that you have any factual or logical evidence to back them up, yet choose to withhold such information. If you can tell me specifically how their "seduction" is "heavily flawed" and your argument is logically congruent, I still may or may not agree but at least then I can respect that you have a valid argument. At this point it seems as if you personally just don't like them and are attempting to disguise that by using a faux-intellectual analysis of their philosophy yet you haven't mentioned any specifics nor any counterarguments other than "the product I bought sucks" which in and of itself is another opinion, and is also a reason to have bias.

      We can go in circles like this all day, but the fact of the matter is, you are still not presenting a real argument to back up your opinionated assertions.

      You claimed Tyler's infield was trash and I gave you ample opportunity to back it up. Earlier I posted almost two hours of his compiled infield, if his infield is trash then by all means post some infield that's so clearly more valuable, that it proves your criticisms are justified and objective.

      In fact in that same thread, you added some beef to your argument by criticizing RSD's emphasis on "routines". The thing is, RSD emphasized literally the polar opposite, essentially pushing their philosophy towards as much natural game as achievable by the specific student. As far as im concerned, that was the meatiest thing you have contributed to your argument so far and it was factually incorrect.

      I am by no means bound to defend anyone, RSD, Tyler, anyone. I personally gather my knowledge from a wealth of sources, some of which may have conflicting opinions. What I am bound to defend however, is logical argument. You are doing others a disservice by boldly making claims yet showing no real evidence to support them. That is essentially brainwashing...imposing your will and thoughts on others without giving them the information to make the decision on their own.


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        Originally posted by Impulse View Post
        Dude, I was at the hotseat - do you want me to go through the hotseat with you for this so-called "factual evidence" your looking for?

        The hotseat itself is the factual evidence. If RSD is willing to give me a version to post on here, I will rip it apart for you to see.
        So everyone is to take your word for it? A single event (of literally year long tours) was in your subjective experience, subpar therefore the logical deduction is that the whole organization in it's entirety is fraudulent, and this is to be taken as gospel.

        You see what im getting at? Ok, the hotsest in your opinion was bad. I can accept that, but thats not the extent of your argument.

        Tylers a fraud
        Their teaching of seduction is flawed
        They are all frauds who dont have much game


        There are hundreds upon hundreds of free videos you can pick apart, I dont see why your only evidence to these blanket claims comes from a single source in which you have no ability to use as proof. If your claims arent only valid to the scale you suggest, but are so valid that everyone is to take your word on them, why not use the days upon days of content they have for free as proof.


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          Originally posted by Impulse View Post
          The reason im talking about the hot seat is because tyler positioned the hotseat as his most advanced and best game ever - it was anything but

          True, it could have just been bad marketing on his part, but if he says that was his best game, I really have to wonder.

          Send me the hotseat footage and ill rip it apart for ya

          Im sure the free vids have a lot of good content (its not hard to make content of people talking together) not here to coach you on the ins and outs of RSD im afraid. The free vids arent positioned as advanced content and the best game around. The hotseat is.

          From the hotseat, tyler had to be semi-drunk just to talk to girls in the club, way too high energy to have a meaningful connection and he had no sexual tension with the women he was talking to. Sexual tension was non existent...his eye contact was extremely poor. His body language was off - he didnt have the non verbals down. It was basically "clown" game being happy and cheery and seeing what sticked in the night.

          There was no getting sets to hook, or how to tailor the hook point - something that gunwitch - one of the founders of the community - emphasises hugely - there was no demonstrations or emphasis of this from tyler whatsoever. It tells me tyler doesnt hook as much as you think..the footage he shows to the masses is thin sliced.

          He also didnt pull in the club..he had to do a few laps around the block when the club ended to find a woman who would talk to him. The supposed "lay" he showed lacked congruency, no connection with the girl with poor non verbals and tyler looked like he was "hanging around" with the woman being completely in control. It was classic beta orbiter game from Tyler

          It was really bad footage man..and this was his most advanced stuff. I was expecting to see lots of 5 minute pulls, lots of sexual tension, women throwing themselves at him quickly...quickly taking command of groups of women...there was NONE of that. His game was way way way off.

          The guy sitting next to me walked out at the break

          Everyone take from that what you will
          Thats all I was asking from you. Thats a fair synopsis, and I can see at the very least how you could get that impression on Tyler's game (or lack thereof from your standpoint).

          I have never bought an RSD product and dont forsee myself doing so in the near future. I think you can get 90% of all you need from free stuff.

          My experience at summit was more defined by the actual gaming then the seminars. I attended summit for free other than travel costs though, so I wasnt financially invested into the seminar content either way.

          I still fully disagree with the idea that their approach to seduction is flawed. In fact I would argue its superior and modern. The scientific fact that men are biologically hardwired to seduce is the whole backbone behind RSD philosophy. I think to many theory nerds, they feel comfort in thinking the key to seduction is through cyptic knowledge because factual learning is easy, changing your life is hard. As if out there, there is some holy grail of pickup theory that has cosmic properties when in fact the proof is in our biology.

          As if men are the only factor and women are automatons who have no thoughts and desires of their own, the proper input of techniques being the only language they speak. As if you can be the biggest piece of shit with a billion personality flaws and have the top tier women invest their sexuality in you because you know advanced theory. As if there arent males with hundreds of lays who havent even heard of pickup. Completely illogical in both theory and practice.

          "Advanced game is natural game" -RSD Todd


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            So rsd is 60yoc with nlp dancing monkey and more physical game? Thats my jist from that excahnge.
            In Ictu Oculi


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              Originally posted by cactus eyes View Post
              So rsd is 60yoc with nlp dancing monkey and more physical game? Thats my jist from that excahnge.
              no rsd have many instructors with different styles:

              Todd is very very technical

              jeffy is also very technical but he is extremely funny/witty

              ozzy very physical and in very uncomfortable social pressure

              tyler at this point in his life is a lot dancing monkey/fun/self amuzement

              Julien is a lot of fucking with the girls head (sociopath game) but he is into self help now...

              Nick papa is very knowledgeable and charismatic, extremely amazing social/networking/biz skills

              I will agree with young blaze that i have never paid for rsd stuff, rsd has tons of values...

              The people that get screw are some rsd fan boys, boarderline aspies...

              and in the problem with rsd that they do not manage students expectations properly...

              Second problem is that i saw some clips of hotseat and i have to agree with impulse, basically tyler talks to one girl for example, paused the tape says "see what i saw there" and mentally masturbates with some comboluted theory...

              And yes lately Tyler has increase his dancing monkeyness (post break up), and he is in a different stage of life were he has a lot of amplifiers on his favor and he is not that relatable to newbies and some intermidiates..

              if i want to learn game probably todd and jeffy are the best at this point in time for newbies and intermidiates...

              Tyler is good for the people that are advanced for ephiphanies and shit! my take
              Sexting, my unique natural game, aggressive dance floor seductions, 15-20 minutes hook ups in clubs. Learn the proper way to maximize your results in a club type environment, check out my blog and youtube clubbing channel:



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                I have always felt from videos i have seen here that tyler comes across as a tryhard aggressive dork.


                He has done more cold approach pick up than anyone else on this fucking planet, and runs the most (only?) successful pick up company in the world. He was the most deconstructive/analyric guy when he was on ASF. Dude is also phenomenally smart.

                I am certainly paying attention to what he is saying. I know from personal exp that what SHOULD work in the field and what wirks in the field are only loosely correlated.


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                  Originally posted by Impulse View Post
                  Also, on the flip side I would say Tyler is confident...he is a confident guy, albeit not in a seductive way

                  Tyler's dancing monkey style game is a certain niche in seduction...its entertaining and fun to watch and women just go along with it because of that, but theres many things missing in his game which the best naturals would do.

                  I would interpret tyler as a fun guy but not a seductive guy per se.

                  Tylers style of game does work..all you have to do get is get in the conversation and your 60% of the way there...and whatever way works for that - including dancing monkey style - is fine. But its going to only rarely generate sexual tension and lacks the other things that make a seduction "efficient".

                  I see a lot of tyler's footage is in vegas and miami....places where seduction is easier too, so again he's thin slicing. Not that is necessarily a bad obviously will maximise your chances in a place where women are more receptive.

                  For standard game though in a standard bar/club, tyler's style of game can be hit or miss. I know for a fact in the UK he would fall flat on his face - I saw 2 american guys run tyler style game in a club here, twirling girls and shit..only to be shot down big time by every girl they approached. Women here would be like "wtf??". In the UK women will think your drunk if you do what tyler does.
                  Again dude you are overstepping your bounds based on what you can provide evidence for. Who are you to say his game doesn't "generate seduction"? Watch the infield compilation I posted earlier - all free content. You can see how the girls react. Your interpretation of how good his game is irrelevant unless you are the one being gamed lmao.

                  As for Vegas and Miami, have you even been there? Game is definitely not easier there, theres more stimulus, more competition, better competition and hotter girls. Vegas and Miami are just better places to develop skill because they generally lack the same social constraints other places have due to relative anonymity, but that being said, much more guys approach and the average dude has to deal with VIPs, celebrities, bottle service, and just infinite stimulus. Dont talk out your ass. Only in places like this will you have 10-20 good looking, decently social guys approaching the same girls a night, the competition is way stiffer and females have way more options. thats the big leagues, anything but Urban metros with huge night scenes are kiddy shit. Its sink or swim, places like that will either crush you or make you.

                  As for UK, ive never been there but I know from opening tons of irish and british tourists that they are some of the easiest opening girls ive ever met. They would almost open themselves lmao. I open one member of the group and even if that one isnt as receptive, another girl of the group with attach herself, essentially volunteer herself to be receptive. I dont recall seeing american girls do that. Aussies and new zealanders too. Thats the extent of my experience on that matter, I think you are making undue assumptions to fit your bias. Tyler is a master whether you like his game or not. He does so much other shit than self amusement...


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                    Originally posted by hangman View Post
                    I know from personal exp that what SHOULD work in the field and what wirks in the field are only loosely correlated.

                    I would also argue vice versa as well, sometimes what shouldnt work does work.


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                      Originally posted by Impulse View Post
                      Yes ive been to Vegas about 5 times..Miami not though..its on my list. I dont agree on your Vegas interpretations..there's plenty of receptive women from out of town and plenty of DTF if your a sociable guy

                      Read what I wrote again...I said it didnt generate sexual tension and his style of game isnt what I see the best naturals do. His style works for the reasons I mentioned, and any form of game which can create a solid hook is fine, including dancing monkey game

                      And yeh, brits+irish are all pretty much easy when abroad...same with americans when they are abroad....back home its a different story
                      Meh. Your analysis on vegas just seems like a false equivalency. You are equating a more pure game environment with a more easy one. As if any scrub is more likely to pull a high value girl in vegas than anywhere else. The difference is the abscence of excessive social boundaries and possibility of future relationship.

                      Basically game in vegas is just pure alpha game, sink or swim. Girls dont want to be bothered with socializing with some possibly platonic randos in vegas. They didnt go to meet friendly sociable guys tbh, they went to go dumb hard.

                      The reason I say its easier in some home town is because

                      1) there is a slightly higher percent of chodes. 90% of guys vs maybe 75% in vegas.

                      2) that beta provider/comfort/social guy type game actually has merit in home towns. One could lack real hardcore beastmode game and still find success by being a guy that a girl finds comfortable (i.e. Docile enough that she thinks she can keep him locked down, but confident enough to be a worthy enough male) girls just dont have time for that in the average 3 day trip in vegas. The hot ones are trying to bang a celebrity

                      3) there is no social circle to lean on (for most guys). Either your cold approach is solid or not. Again, sink or swim.

                      The proof is evident. The average "hot girl" in a home town usually has a mediocre chode as a boyfriend because of a lack of viable options. The alphas are running through girls so she has to settle for locking down some dude with slightly above average looks, mediocre personality, mediocre status, zero real cold approach skills, probably doesnt even talk to anyone outside their social circle etc. These guys for the most part didnt spit fire game, nor do or be anything extraordinary to win her affections, just were a mix of proximal, good enough, and able to be locked down.

                      Smaller towns (anything thats not a major metro with a large night life) is mostly about social circle game, which can get you laid plenty, but is the lazy mans game. Too much worry about social value and repuatation on the girls end muddying up true hardcore game, at least with the majority of the hottest chicks.


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                        Originally posted by Impulse View Post
                        ^This is a good point, Ive seen a lot of alphas in vegas just go gung ho on chicks..there's a lot of players and alphas in vegas for sure and a lot of women want that. Ive seen women literally be dragged out of clubs by alphas who didnt give a fuck.

                        However being social also works..have seen it many many times, and seen many many pulls in vegas to know its not all alpha game.

                        By being social I meant that generally...being conversation with others instead of just staying with your group. A lot of people are in vegas for business and events (which is why I go) - you can stay with your group the whole time or you can socialise with others and bring people into it.
                        Fair enough. In that way I can see how it may be "easier" in vegas because the average dude is more likely to get laid just by branching out, assuming he has some level of confidence and social skills. I wouldnt argue that the hottest girls would bother, but I can definitely see this scenario.

                        Either way, the average dude needs to grab some bottle service lmao. The basic bitches will go nuts over that shit. Easiest opener/pull line ever


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                          I was always jealous of skills doing those long post intermissions... so here's my chance:

                          Keep calm and carry on guys.
                          “You know I cant hear none of that spend the night shit... that kumbaya shit”


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                            I've been thinking plenty about becoming more aggressive, and taking more risks through daygame. I had a daygame approach the other day where I interlocked her hand and slapped her ass in less a than 15 minute interaction. I almost never physically kino outside of casual touches, but this was a different approach.

                            One of my best daygame number closes was having a girl touching me up in the middle of the street in broad daylight whilst I had a direct, and charming sexual vibe. I've not really ever managed to, or even thought about trying to do it again. I just saw this video which got me thinking more about it.


                            Hugging, high-five and holding, holding her in by her waist, kiss closing in a very short time, picking her up.

                            I wonder if he has a lot of buyers remorse from this type of game.


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                              Originally posted by hey_lover View Post
                              I've been thinking plenty about becoming more aggressive, and taking more risks through daygame. I had a daygame approach the other day where I interlocked her hand and slapped her ass in less a than 15 minute interaction. I almost never physically kino outside of casual touches, but this was a different approach.

                              One of my best daygame number closes was having a girl touching me up in the middle of the street in broad daylight whilst I had a direct, and charming sexual vibe. I've not really ever managed to, or even thought about trying to do it again. I just saw this video which got me thinking more about it.


                              Hugging, high-five and holding, holding her in by her waist, kiss closing in a very short time, picking her up.

                              I wonder if he has a lot of buyers remorse from this type of game.
                              Yeah I did similar stuff a few times over the years. The girl has to be VERY receptive to you from the start, and somewhat open-minded / in a "fun" mood for you to pull this off..When I did that kind of stuff, it often happened in "holiday" type situations - say when I happened to be abroad, and so was the girl... Then she is a "hook up" mode, so buyers remorse is less...

                              The problem is actually finding such girls in the first place - there are not many of them, especially given the current weather and hectic pace of life here. The last time I pulled off such strong/fast moves was about 6 weeks ago. I tried to schedule the date directly at my place after...She agreed to it, but flaked one hour before. Never managed to see her again.

                              I don't really see much reason to get that physical on the street unless you are planning to pull her there and then...That's not really what I meant anyway in my original post...I meant more of a subcommunication / vibe, rather than overt physical moves.


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                                So I left my house today heading for the gym, and I did almost exactly the same approach as the dude in the video.

                                I spot a hot girl across the road walking the opposite way. I cross the road and open her from the front. -Opening from the front immediately stops her, and you can engage her completely.-
                                I use the Drexel opener, but this time I said it with a cheeky smile and an exaggerated tilted head. -I tend to tilt my head much later in interactions, but now I'm going to do it as part of the opener-
                                She took the bait, which most girls don't. I responded "me too", and asked her to give me a compliment. She said I had really nice skin I asked her if she wanted to touch it. She touched my face.
                                I introduced myself and kept a hold of her hand for the rest of the interaction. I then fluffed and then twirled her around two times. I then pitched a meet for tomorrow, exchanged numbers, kissed each other on the cheeks and departed.

                                My biggest regret was not holding her by the waist and pulling her in, and also not going for the kiss. I should have tried insta-date her there and then, but she was on the way to meet someone.

                                The reason why this approach worked -
                                Opened from front, and had her stop.
                                I immediately stood within 5 inches of her. Invading her space. (I'm starting to think, this is the best screening method)
                                I tilted my head and smiled whilst saying the opener, to display my vibe.
                                I kept hold of her hand after the introduction.
                                I twirled her around twice.

                                Now, my thoughts are this chick is going to flake. I sent her a nice to meet you message an hour later, but no reply. I will see how it pans out tomorrow. My thoughts are this is buyers remorse game, but at the same time, I 'm sure it gets you laid and it's just a case of playing the numbers. Like every other fucking game.

                                V-Man, I have always wondered why some interactions have a sexual flirty vibe, and some just don't. Is it her? Am I responding to her reactions? Is it me? Is she responding to my actions? Why does it only happen a few times a year? Why not most of the time?