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QT: Insta number when you get signs of interest

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  • QT: Insta number when you get signs of interest

    Something I've noticed I do, is when a girl goes past a certain level of interest and signals, I don't do a normal approach I just go for the number
    I've found it isn't flakey how I've wound up doing it

    So say you see a girl in the supermarket, you come in the door and the girl shows clear alertness to your presence, does two or three prettty obvious intense looks, lots of adjusting herself.
    You walk up, say a quick "oh hey" pause eye contact, pull out the phone, half smile as she looks at it, "thought I'd ask you for your number", she writes it in and smiles, happy. And thats it.

    I suppose the tip here is, if they are interested enough. Just try a smooth number exchange straight up. Helps avoid the awkwardness of courting her in over exposed spaces where she really is just hoping for some simple quick way to look you up later.

    Signs you shouldnt do it though, are when the girl doesn't know you know shes into you. Like shes just in an ordinary mood and looked you up and down.
    You need her to show actual animation and clear interest, like a mini-crush

    I just thought today, "hey, that is a handy move"
    Super clean and easy in the day time,
    You just need the nerve to walk up and hold your composure really

    The followup should be, hey I got your number today at x, my name is xyz, you looked cool but I didnt want to put you on the spot, thought itd be nice to get to know you better, (inssert a bit about yourself or what you got up to) so tell me something interesting about you (or you can ask a situational thing)

    Super super standard, but good

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    I believe strongly in this type of thing. Not in phone numbers per se, but the whole 'forward skipping' nature of how you did it!