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Got kicked out of a bar for "preying" on women. Made a video.

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    Yeah I write about fight club. Got banned from a cafe last week too. Shit happens. I don't even do pickup around my neighbourhood too many hipsters. I go downtown. But I'm moving in spring to a new hood.
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      If the money's good, or you're ending up more laid, it's worth it. Juts add up the cost/benefit and try to land on the benefit side of the equation.


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        Originally posted by DJ_Z View Post
        Gun's a bad apple? Lol he almost spent life in jail defending himself from a psycho bitch with a kitchen knife. Hate to break it to you guys, but people may not know you personally as a member of the pickup community, but people are mostly aware of this, if only tangentially.
        Thanks DJ,

        Late in the thread (just searched my name) but just to clarify It wasn't even a kitchen knife! She fuckin was carrying her own. She didn't get it off the rack. Amber Tripp (the girl) is in an Oregon prison for assault as I type this. Go figure. It wasn't some hijinx between an arguing couple or some pickup related shit like Juliens. There was dudes runnin around with hatchets and "bring your own knife night" going on. Shit went all "The hills have eyes" on me for telling someone to stop smoking meth in my brothers house. I hadn't been armed id have been stabbed/hacked/fucked fighting with 3 armed people. It didn't end there! Thats how nutts these people were, it was chaos, the entire house was covered in fuckin blood wall to wall as was everyone. Everyone was all fucked up (well not me) not just her. It wasn't some pickup gone bad, it was a horror show blood bath over nothing/simple manners/tranced out meth headery. But they run with two facts only to sell papers "girl shot by pua" "let the assumptions flow".

        In fact I got railroaded because OF the pickup stuff. My attorney blatantly said "the only reason this is even happening is the media stuff/online image". It's the only reason I had to take the firearms charge to get the attempted murder dropped. If not they woulda tried to get me 10 to life just to appease the media hounding. Walk free today, or face 10-life at a trial is sort of a no brainer. My being railroaded was a no brainer too... who gets probation for shooting someone in the face with a 357 magnum? No ones thinking about me or the case though to realize that, it isn't their life, it' just a passing thought after seeing the initial news story. All perception.

        So Ironic, get in a crazy situation and it happens to involve a woman who just happens to be the closest mutant involved and you're a fuckin pickup guru. One who at the time has a video up (the current thing on youtube isn't me) where ya are sporting an ironic mullet and straw hat, showing off your guns and shooting technique, and flailing your penis around. Lesson learned there, always think/dress class, because even if ironic, you will be judged on a fucked up appearance.

        Voyagerrrr is right though about the perception. Hell he went along with it on me without knowing the facts. Believe you me 6 months in jail waiting for trial/outcome and digesting all of the above I gained a very clear perspective of how perception of the public and media portrayals are the same thing. Right when I got out Casey Anthony got released almost the same week. Everyone was calling for her head and everything. All I could think was she probably was innocent, people don't even know the facts just what the media puts out there. Look at the OJ thing, that was a confused mess if you watch any documentaries on it. That's reasonable doubt for a jury. Everyone just assumed he was guilty though without even seeing the confused time lines and shit.

        How I cold approach pickup women