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  • Daygame In-field Video: Instant Sex-Talk, Bounce, # Close...

    It's a skill to be able to pull off Asshole Game without seeming like a genuine asshole.

    A huge part of my pickup repertoire is to approach girls with openers which are very rude, forward, unkind and sexual.

    Those are situational openers by the way.

    In this day game in-field video (in documentary format), I displayed such a vibe.

    I approached the young girl (a grade-school teacher) who was sheltering beneath a building from the rain, and I seeking shelter also, said to her:

    "Did I give you permission to stand here"?

    Now, the average guy who isn't this bold, would see such an opener as suicide and backwards.

    What the average guy doesn't realize however, is that once you own your shit and don't back down from a woman; she immediately becomes attracted to you...even if she wasn't before.

    Her pussy begins to ooze vaginal juices when in the presence of a dominant male who possesses balls of steel to approach her and not give a shit whether she likes him or not.

    You will notice in the video that after I said to her "Did I give you permission to stand here", she immediately tries to congruence test me with rebuttals. But as any master Pick-Up Artist would, I instantly passed her congruence test with flying colors by standing my grounds with confidence and balls...which in effect, caused her to relent and take the submissive role while ceding me the dominant role.

    Therefore, whenever I approach a girl (as in this day-game video), my mindset is, "I'm the man and I'm a real man at that, so when I lead, you as the woman follow".

    At the end of the pickup segment, you'll see me lead her (physically) into action without an ounce of objection [Make her comply via Compliance Tests].

    Another point I wanted to raise is getting sexual and sex talk.

    I'd only been talking to this chick for under a minute and a half and I was able to transition to sex without seeming weird and perverted.

    There will come a point in your development as a seducer that you'll be able to spot a specific hook point in the interaction which gives you an indicator of when you can talk sex, ask her something sexual or attempt to k-close her on the spot.

    This can only come with much experience and practice in the field and in the pussies of women.

    You cannot just sit home and read theories on how to get women and chat with women on Facebook all day and then think you'll become a master at interacting with women in real time and the real world.

    As you'll see in the video, I went as far as asking her when was the last time she had some cock, and I also went into a Cold-Reading Routine where I told her how I can tell she isn't getting good sex.

    Overall, the message I wanted to leave with you guys (as I mentioned on the video), is this:

    * Don't be afraid to be forward.

    * Don't be afraid to be an asshole.

    * You can get away with almost anything with women (verbally and physically).

    * Women are just women. They don't bite!

    Check out the documentary form day-game video which I'd compiled Friday just for you guys with less skills to learn a thing or 2.

    Note: in the Easter Caribbean, they speak both standard English and a local dialect of English, so you'll notice at certain points of the interaction, you may not grasp exactly what she said, so I included sub-text to troubleshoot this for you.