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Additional Posting Guidelines -Read this before you post.

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  • Additional Posting Guidelines -Read this before you post.

    This post was pasted together from several older posts written by NiccoloDaVinci, Silvertree, and Blackdragon.

    The Newbie Guide To Being A Good Member:

    This is Sedfast, the biggest Independent Thinking Man's Seduction Board in existence. While the name is quite new, we've have a rich and storied history. Most of the membership on Sedfast is made up of refugees from the legendary mASF board of fame. When our old home was sold and subsequently shut down in 2011 we simply decided to take matters into our own hands. And here we are, growing and thriving. But enough about the board. This post will cover the details of how to post on Sedfast and how to pick a username and a profile picture.

    How to post on Sedfast to get the best possible advice

    There are multiple components to getting the best advice on Sedfast, here are the most important ones.

    1. Be courteous and be humble.

    Consider Sedfast a cocktail reception. You get there and the first two things you notice is that everybody is very well dressed and that there are no women around. Then you notice everybody is talking about seduction. You are a little overwhelmed. “Who do I listen to first,” you might ask yourself. Some of it makes sense, some of it you disagree with and some of it just sounds like a foreign language to you.

    “Confusing isn't it,” a man in a suit seemingly made of glitter with a “Moderator” name-tag remarks over his shoulder. “Yes,” you agree. “I'm not surprised. Seduction isn't a hard science after all. There are many different ways to approach a problem and even more to attain the desired result,” the handsome devil notes. “But how do you I know who to listen to then?” “You stick around,” your mysterious friend replies. “You stick around and use your critical thinking skills. After a while you will be able distinguish those that are worth your time and those that only preach empty opinions. Listening to the right people will get you far in this world.” “And after? What do I do once I find a few people that seem to make sense?” “That's where most people fuck up,” your new friend concedes. “You need to take that newly won knowledge and apply it in the real world with real women. If it works, awesome. If it does not, come back and ask for advice. Then apply it once more. And so on. Keep those things that work for you, discard those that don't,” the moderator tells you with a smirk. “Now, if you will excuse me, I see another new member has just arrived. Good luck. I really hope you make it.” The man in the glitter suit vanishes into the crowd and you once more listen in on the fascinating conversations that fill your head with an overwhelming amount of new knowledge.

    2. Ask precise questions and provide enough details.

    Alright, this is pretty easy but people keep making the same mistake. If you want good advice, ask precise questions and give us enough details to efficiently judge your situation. More details are always better than a lack of them. Include your age, how you met, what you said and did, what she said and did and everything else that happened. Then ask a precise question. You'd be surprised how obvious some answers are if you just provide enough details and ask the right questions.

    3. Be patient.

    Once you have asked your question, be patient. Sometimes it takes a while for people to answer, sometimes you won't get a good answer. That's just how it is. Don't get discouraged when your favorite poster does not answer your question or you don't get any viable answers. Often all it takes is bumping the same thread with a more precise question.

    Speaking of “favorite posters”, don't idolize or worship them. They are imperfect like the rest of us and have good days and bad days. Never stop using your critical thinking skills.

    4. You may ask stupid questions.

    There are no stupid questions as long as you put enough effort in them.

    Don't ask “What is X?” or "Why does Z happen?"

    Do ask “After having researched X and having learned A, B and C about it, I still don't understand D and E about it. Can somebody please tell me more about how X works, especially in regards to D and E?”

    These can be very basic questions that may sound stupid, but really aren't as long as you put enough effort in them.

    5. You may not give stupid advice.

    What we can and will not allow is you giving stupid advice. This is a mistake a lot of new guys make. They see another new guy asking the same questions that they themselves only asked a few weeks/months ago and feel compelled to share their “newly acquired wisdom.” Please, do not make that mistake. We even have our own term "KJ" [Keyboard Jockeys] for these people. Do not make the mistake of giving advice on a topic you have not mastered yourself. Notice that I said “mastered” not “pretty good at”. By giving "stupid" advice like that you are actually harming the new guys. And we can't have that.

    Matter of fact, the guys that improve the fastest are always those that just keep asking questions and applying the advice gained from those questions with women. These are the ones that come back a year or two later and can genuinely give good advice because they know what they are talking about. Aspire to be one of those guys.

    How to pick a username and a profile picture / avatar

    Most new guys severely underestimate the importance of picking a good user name / profile picture. Which is a mistake that might influence the advice they are getting.

    Pick a username that relates to who your are or one of your interests. Other users subconsciously react to your username. Even if they don't do so consciously, their brains will give slightly altered advice to two different users, one named “GeorgeWashingtonFan” the other “LMFAOgr0up!e”, one tailored to a slightly older person, the other tailored to a slightly younger person. Guess which one gets which? This can of course be countered by setting your birthday to “display age only” in the settings, but it's only one example of how the advice can differ based on your username.

    Also, do yourself a favor and pick something that is unique and not irritating. Avoid names like xPlaya1x and ObamaBinTitties.

    As for your profile picture, the same rules apply. Pick one that is in unison with your name and portraits something you'd like to be associated with. People tend to subconsciously attribute a lot of different things based on ones profile picture and name, so pick wisely.

    One more thing, and this never gets mentioned anywhere, but I know it's important. Once you pick a profile picture, stick with it until people get to know you. Consistency is important, especially in the beginning. I'm a moderator and I read a lot of posts each day. If you're new and keep changing your picture I won't remember who you are. Now imagine how long it will take for people who spend less time than me on this board to remember you. Stick with one picture and over time people will learn who you are and remember your name.

    Alright, that's it. Unfortunately we don't have a “How do I start” guide yet, but you can't go wrong by reading through the threads in the Hall of Fame board or by reading a bunch of Sex Reports in the Actions Reports board. Please also don't forget to read the Posting Guidelines before you post. A violation will net you an official warning from the moderators. Multiple official warnings will get you banned. Pretty straightforward.

    If you have any questions feel free to post them here or to send a private message to one of the moderators.

    Welcome to Sedfast. We hope you like it here.

    Mission Statement:

    It has become apparent that we have to make it clear to some posters why this forum is here, what types of posts are acceptable and what types of posts are not acceptable.

    Our Mission:

    As the name implies, Faster Seduction exists to teach men how to seduce women quickly.

    To put it clearly in plain English, we are here to teach men how to fuck more, better women, faster, with less effort and expense, while reducing or eliminating women's demands for anything other than sex in exchange for sex.

    The following types of posts are acceptable:

    Those that teach seduction.

    Those seeking to learn seduction.

    Informational items that are useful to those practicing the art of seduction.

    Posting lifestyle information, in the Lifestyle Forum, that is related to living the life of a seducer.

    Off topic items that are somehow related to seduction, in the off topic forum.

    Relationship questions and discussions in the relationship forums.

    The following types of posts are not acceptable:

    Playing devil's advocate, forcing us to defend what we are teaching.

    Defending the old order, meaning the traditional system of courtship involving dates and a log drawn out process that only leads to sex in a relationship.

    Any and all variants of; giving a woman's view of what we teach, the feminist perspective on what we teach, or demanding that we justify what we teach.

    Monologues about your life that have little to do with seduction or attempt to divert a seduction thread away from its original topic and onto your personal situation.

    Women are welcome, but...

    Like men, they have to be here either to teach seduction or to learn how to improve their ability to seduce men. Everything else is off topic.

    We are not here to provide male attention for lonely or bored women. If you are in serious need of male attention and are a 7 or better, contact a Moderator. (Include a recent full body picture in skimpy attire.) If the Moderators judge you worthy, we will attempt to set up a booty call with the nearest member.

    Forum Decorum:

    A number of incidents here lately have made the management realize that the tone of many of our discussions is getting out of hand. In some cases people are calling each other names and in other threads the debate goes beyond what could be called spirited and develops a nasty edge.

    We want to make it clear. We expect civil and polite behavior from everyone here. Nastiness, in all its forms, reduces the quality of the discussion and proves nothing other than that you don’t have a more cogent argument to make. Please try and write in the polite manner you would use when discussing things with a friend. It is too easy when operating behind the shield of the internet to let fly zingers that sound less clever and more nasty than you realize. Please think about what your words will sound like on the other end before you post.

    Another problem we have noticed is those who seem to post only to contradict others. This does not make you appear smart; it makes you appear to be a borderline troll. We are going to be calling people out on such behavior, and if that is all you seem to do, you will be shown the door. We have no need for devil’s advocates, and being a constant contrarian is viewed by the staff as low level trolling.

    There is also the problem of criticizing posts for being too low level or basic stuff everyone knows. The reason that you are an expert now is because you read and absorbed a lot of basic and low level posts years ago when you were a rookie. New rookies arrive all the time; our tracking shows that 25% of our views are by first time viewers. They need these posts. This forum is for everyone who is interested, not just the experts. If it is something you already know, please leave it be, do not derail a rookie thread by saying this is basic, everyone knows that, etc. Every expert may know that but beginners need to read it somewhere. If you can’t help rookies, just read the posts you find helpful and comment on those if you have anything constructive to add.

    Lastly, people from all over the world read and post on this forum. This is a rare thing; men from a wide range of cultures joining together to deal with a common problem. Different cultures have different standards for almost everything. It does not make them weird or bad or anything negative. Realize that you are just as strange to them as they are to you and try and get along. The posts here are not just words on the Internet, there are real people making these posts and they can be offended and possibly leave because of what you say. That hurts this place because more participants and more viewpoints widens our knowledge and brings us that much closer to wisdom.

    Understand that this is a work in progress. We do not do everything perfectly, nor do we claim to. We just do our best and are learning by doing. We are always making adjustments as we learn what does and doesn’t work.

    We try and foster open and free debate on a topic that few places are willing to allow. This is easiest to do if the members behave responsibly and politely. Irresponsible abuse of freedom is the surest way to lose it. Please be civil and polite when you post here. It is the only way to keep this a good place to be.

    Keep in mind, there is no right to post here and it is not a democracy. It is a benevolent dictatorship run by Libertarians who believe in free speech and the free exchange of ideas, and we do insist that you play by our rules, because it is our sandbox. The rules are not onerous; but they are the rules.

    In a nutshell the rules are, stay on topic and be nice.

    Anyone is more than welcome to disagree vehemently with any mod or anyone else on this forum, as long as you do your best to keep the discussion at least somewhat civil.

    Example One

    If you say something like "I have a method that is unlike what you're teaching here and I really think it works, for these reasons..." that's totally fine and we welcome your input.

    If instead you say something like "You fuckers need to shut the fuck up and listen to me because I'm better than you and I'm doing you a favor by even posting here", THAT may get you suspended or banned.

    But realize if you are suspended or banned, it's not because we disagreed with you or don't like to hear dissenting views, it's because you purposely chose to not keep the conversation civil. Our Posting Rules are very clear about that.

    Example Two

    If you say something like "I disagree with why <specific name of Mod> locked my thread or deleted my post or whatever and here's why..." that is completely fine. No one is going to have any problem with that, I promise.

    If instead you say something like "OMG this forum sucks! / The Mods here suck! / I'm being persecuted here! / Other forums are better!" that's just going to waste everyone's time and you're likely not going to be taken very seriously. Nor should you be. The mods here tend to pay attention to adult behavior, and tend to ignore, blow off, or ban childlike behavior. As they should.

    Example Three

    If you say something like "I really disagree with what <specific name of Mod> said about what I said over in <thread> and here's why..." that's totally fine.

    If instead you say something like "Fuck you this is faggot shit!", you may be suspended or banned.

    But again! Realize if you are suspended or banned, it's not because we disagreed with you or don't like to hear dissenting views, it's because again you purposely chose to not keep the conversation civil.

    One last thing. Emotional control is a key skill not only in life, but in seduction and very much in relationships. If you're REALLY FUCKING PISSED OFF, that's fine, but I would strongly suggest you back away from the computer for at least two hours and then resume posting once you've cooled off. I myself have had to do this once or twice before, and it's really no big deal. It's a very masculine, adult thing to do. If you're really fucking angry or have been drinking, posting here is not a good idea. Just wait a little and post later.

    If everyone followed that simple little piece of advice, this place would be even more awesome than it already is. So give it a shot.

    As always, if you have any questions the Moderators and Administrators are at your service. Send one of us a Private Message.

    Banning Members:

    You should also know that bannings are only ever done with moderator consensus. If you get banned it's not because one moderator hates you; if it is temporary, it is because we feel you need some time away from here to consider your behavior and posting style; if it is permanent it's because the moderators agreed that you were simply not a good fit for this board.
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