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    The New Forum Rules for NextASF

    1. Say whatever you want, about any topic, in any thread you want, with the following exceptions:

    A. Don't post anything that can get the managers or posters of this forum into legal trouble (doxxing, promoting or linking to illegal activities, posting copyrighted material, etc). Do that, and you'll be banned and your posts will be deleted. Also, don't post material from other sites unless you wrote it and have the right to post it where you please. Linking to other sites and/or posting a brief quote from a different page with your thoughts is okay.

    B. Don't sell anything here. Don't post spam or marketing crap. Do that, and you'll be banned and your posts will be deleted. If you wish to advertise here, we're happy to help you; just click the Advertise Here button at the very top of this site.

    C. You can say whatever you want, but freedom always comes with a price. Realize that if you derail threads with crap or off-topic garbage, other posters will take you apart, down-rate your poster status, one-star your posts, and publicly mark your thread SHIT FOR BRAINS, KJ, or TROLL. Posters will start blocking you and everyone will start ignoring you. If you really want to be an asshole, it's allowed, but you will pay the price.

    2. There is no right to membership on this site. You are here at our discretion. We reserve the right to terminate the membership of any member at any time for any reason we want, without any warnings or explanations.

    3. If you create a thread in the incorrect forum, we will move your thread to the correct one. Please try to stay on-topic within each forum and each thread. It's not required, but please try to keep conversations on-topic. If you keep repeatedly posting threads in correct forums and creating work for the mods, we'll ban you.

    4. You can put anything you want in your signature, BUT, if you are selling anything or promoting anything (even if the thing you're promoting is free, like a blog), you MUST limit your signature to two lines of text and one HTML link. If you go beyond that in your signature you're going to get a nasty warning from a mod, so don't do it. Also, if you have a ridiculously large signature, a huge graphic, or use end of the world headline size text, we will tell you to edit it. Be reasonable with us and we'll be reasonable with you.

    The above rules supersede any other rules you've read any other place on this forum at any other time.

    Instructions For Flagging or Rating Threads, Posts, and People

    To rate a person, click the tiny dark star symbol at the lower-right of that person's post and choose "disapprove" to lower that person's reputation, or "approve" to boost it.

    To rate an individual post
    , click the 1-10 rating in the upper right corner of any post. It will display the average rating other posters have rated the same post.

    To rate a thread, go to the top post in a thread, and click Rate This Thread. The stars you rate will appear on the main thread list.

    To assign a public flag a thread, click the tiny triangle at the lower-left corner of the top post in the thread, and inform the mods how you would like the thread flagged and why. Please note which of the following flags you would like from the five allowed flags:


    If any other posters also flag the same post (or other posts in the same thread) with the same flag, we will assign the flag publicly to the thread. If you're the only one who flags a post a particular way, the mods will decide whether to assign your flag or not.

    Last updated October 1st, 2015
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