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  • Practical Technique The Lap Caress

    There are certain moves that I have found to be effective and profound, and almost always elicit a response. One of them is neck smelling (powerful!) Another that I find I use quite often is the lap caress.

    What is the lap caress? It’s simply the act of you walking past a woman, and in the brief moment you’re in front of her, you drag your finger across the crotch of her lap as you keep walking.

    It’s such a simple move, yet if calibrated correctly it accomplishes so much.

    The Premise

    Ideally, you want to have some rapport with the girl. At the very least you should have non-verbal rapport via eye contact and open body language. She should be touching you if not at least allowing you to touch her (e.g. her arm, her hip).

    You can also use this as a non-verbal pre-approach in a more sexual atmosphere like a club. Walking past a girl on your way to the bar (using the lap caress as a pre-approach screening tool to see how she responds), then actually opening her after you’ve gotten your drink.

    The Execution

    When the moment is right, you need to go somewhere else. To the bathroom, the bar, to the other side of the pool table, to look at something shiny four feet away, anywhere that at least temporarily withdraws you from her.

    As you walk past her, go slow and put your hand on her hip. Allow it to be dragged across the front of her lap, as you relax your fingers so that just the index or middle is being drawn across her lap, kind of like finger painting. As you do that, either look down slightly to acknowledge what you’re doing (maybe bite your lip), then as you pass her, look back up and give her bedroom eyes, or just keep eye contact the entire time. The second is more discreet. Then you break eye contact and walk away, acting like nothing happened.


    It’s a beautifully playful and sexual form of push/pull. You give her a massive pull by basically touching her pussy, then push as you walk away. If she’s even remotely into you, this will make her wet not only by the physical touch but the pure mind fuck of the push.

    It’s really a super simple move that can be used to sub-communicate discretion, to pump buying temp, and elicit a sexual state from her (and you). You can also use it for screening.

    So there it is. Simple, playful, sexual, effective. Put this in your bag of kino tricks tonight and see how she reacts. You'll be glad you did.
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