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    oh and iíll say this about you jack. i expected you to be like a male model. but youíre not like the kind of good looking that doesnít need game. youíre also not just taking the low hanging fruit. the girls you date appear to be in your league not below it. i was wrong about you. i donít know what kind of style of game you use but youíre definitley doing. lot better than most guys with your looks. and this isnít a diss to your looks. i just thought you were one of those guys who uses their looks and had no game. that doesnít appear to be the care. to get girls like that youíre gonna need game. i know i made fun of the oriental, but thatís bexause iím not into asians. if you are and you like the pale chinese/japanese high society look sheís about as hot as they get.


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      Originally posted by allmyfriendsaredead View Post
      yíall realize this thread is three years old. if it werenít for jack and i going off on a tangent not as many people would even be seeing it. for guys like jack and i who can get the hottest girls, im sure it makes sleeping with other hot girls easier. i coulda told you that. i know enough about kink from women iíve been with to write a post this good, despite having no experience. iím not really into cheat codes. using a hot girl to get threesomws is one thing. but paying to get into a sex club no bueno. at least for me. i even said i donít judge where yíall at.

      - When i write a post i do not worry about "who will be see the post, how many views will it get and the likes" i just write a post, most of the time are post of things that have not been recycle a million times... to your "cheat code" none sense, i don't know what does that mean..... How is this a cheat code? convincing a woman to go to a sex party or a swing club or to be in an open relationship is things most guys are unable to accomplish including guys with game... Also when you have a girlfriend, fuck buddy and the likes and you take her to a swingclub you are giving her an EXPERIENCE that she will never forget and is an experience which other guys cough cough you for example, are unable to give her....

      so if i were to seduce your girl and take her to a swingclub among other things i would be in her mind more than you will be due to the secret society experience i gave her... The way you reframe it with your posturing " cheat codes" "paying ot get into a sex club" is just kj reframes... I would rather you to experience it before comming to a post on the subject and derailing it with annoying none sense and again kj since you HAVE NEVER DONE IT...

      anyway jack, regarding sex clubs... will you find the kinda girls we prefer to sleep with there. or will the hot girls there be sevens at best?
      There will be 5s, 6s, 7s, 8s, and 9s and the rare 10 just like in any other game a lot of them will go there with rich sugar daddies.......... Again I am talking about HIGH END SWING CLUBS, no your trashy run of the mill one...

      And again even if there were not you still get an incredible sexual experience....

      ps despite derailing the thread, iíve helped it get exposure. it really doesnít seem like thereís much of a desire here if itís taken three years to get any comments, and still just from one on topic user.
      have never worry about exposure when writing a post, and some of my posts have been the most popular in every forum i ever go to...(well except anti community ones)

      p.s. Jack is good looking and above average and has game too(dress nice, 6 pack etc..), the problem is it does not translate into the way he writes in the forum...he looks somewhat like this:


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        Grodmeister General I would love to come to LA but I have a sick set up where I'm at where I barely have to pay for anything but it's not transferable to another city / I'm not that good at business. It's kinda golden hand cuffs situation because I don't have the emotional leverage to hammer it hard in business because i'm comfortable here. I am trying though lol

        top 3 on my list to live in though would be NYC, Vegas, and/or Moscow. I don't think I'd like LA but I'd like to visit


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          Editing a comment
          I meant to visit for a weekend or a week etc.