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Say "I'm not at all interested in a relationship" and they'll love you!

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  • Say "I'm not at all interested in a relationship" and they'll love you!

    We have to stop cross posting and take down cross posted stuff from MASF - Now

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    I have to take those posts down now.

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    I'm Sorry, I hate doing this, but it has to be done.

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    Haha great. Just watch out for them still trying to rope you in afterwards. Their underlying motivations seldom change.

    I'm working on a similar pattern/sound bite right now.

    Gonna write about it in my next LR.

    Congratz on having the time of your life, Nick


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      Sometimes the genuine truth is a powerful thing and you're instantly in the lover box?

      Or they don't necessarily take what you say literally?

      Like -
      • OMG he's trying to tell me he's not that into me! Abort hard to get strategy! Go to DEFCON slut mode!
      • If we start having sex, we'll start hanging out all the time, then before long he'll be my de facto BF!
      • He's called me on my MPS. Shit!


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        First off: tryhard, could you elaborate on engaging this DEFCON slut mode, lololol

        Anyway, great tip. Also just weeds out those with ulterior motives for hanging out with you pretty fast. Basically the verbalized equivalent of cavemaning. Haha

        I wonder how much you are seeing these girls without fucking them if they're getting Boyfriend-y vibes from you. The best way to cement 100% Lover perception is banging them fast and hard after all.


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          Sorry about that.

          Anyway, as you said, here's the link to the original post which I posted over at


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            Originally posted by insurgent View Post
            First off: tryhard, could you elaborate on engaging this DEFCON slut mode, lololol

            Anyway, great tip. Also just weeds out those with ulterior motives for hanging out with you pretty fast. Basically the verbalized equivalent of cavemaning. Haha

            I wonder how much you are seeing these girls without fucking them if they're getting Boyfriend-y vibes from you. The best way to cement 100% Lover perception is banging them fast and hard after all.
            Like I said, I've done this so far with 6 total girls. 4 of them, I gave them the talk AFTER fucking them, but that made me feel like a dick, so now I decided to tell them before. I've told the last 2 of them BEFORE I fucked them. Each of them I had 1 date/hangout with and some basic texting back and forth. The first date for both ended in making out and trying to fuck them....then texting back and forth for a little bit, which is where I threw the "talk" in there....then I fucked both on the second date EASILY, like there were absolutely no question in my mind that I wasn't going to seal the deal. The second of the two of them, I just fucked last night.

            Unfortunately, I'm 100% honest when I give them that talk, and they seem to get upset once they find out that I really am not interested in a relationship with them.


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              Newman! Long time no see.

              I've used this a couple times. I found it as a routine to try at one point, and it worked really well in one particular situation where I found the attraction stalling over the phone. And, I just flat out said "I could never be in a relationship with you." and it completely changed the dynamic.

              Talk about how you brought up the subject. Was it more a statement of your intent, or did you use it more as a way of teasing them? I'm more interested in the manner in which you expressed this to them.


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                Hey bud, what's up! Ya man, I took a few months off from the forums so I could clear my head of all the "theory" shit that has the tendency to make me a little weird. But we all know, everyone always comes back !

                I tell them this simply for my own conscience. I don't tell them because I'm trying to tease them or anything. I don't use it as a 'technique' or anything either. I really don't look forward to having this talk with them, but I feel as if I should at least let them know what I'm all about before sticking my dick in them. I mean, they probably can already tell, because girls know these things, but many times girls seem to have 'our' whole week planned out together after they decide that they like me.

                I simply want to get the message across to them that "I'm only interested in sex, and there WILL be other women", without actually saying those words. I don't at all want to lead them into believing that I'm trying to be her boyfriend.

                When I first became single again, I wasn't sure what the hell I wanted. I thought I wanted another girlfriend, I thought I wanted to be a player-master super PUA, I thought I wanted to have girls chasing me left and right, etc... I didn't know what I wanted, or anything about how I'm supposed to go through life as a single guy (an long LTR will do that to ya!).

                But I have come to find that I really just want to take my band as far as possible, and get my black belt in Jiu-jitsu before I turn 40. Dating-wise, I enjoy having a few STR's here and there, and a random here and there as well. Maybe if the girl turns out to be cool, it may lead to something more, but I can't guarantee that.

                The whole point of this "talk" is to be upfront and honest with them right from the start, and I do it before sex because I want them to make the decision as to whether or not they want to fuck me knowing what I'm all about.

                I have come to find that saying this is actually one hell of a 'technique' though, although I never intended it that way.


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                  I can completely relate to what to what you're saying. And, I just read your LR to get the whole context of how you expressed that. I could definitely sense a shift in your interest levels and how that changed how you approached her.

                  At the time I used it, it was kind of out of my element to say a line like that. So, I was pretty surprised to see her interest level peak so hard. I guess at the end of the day, we all want something fun, interesting and challenging. At least those of us who have at least tasted the goods a few times. I'm also less interested in the drama, and just looking forward to enjoying life on my terms. I believe having good relationships comes as a by-product of that. Something I really understand better now that I'm close to entering my 30s.

                  Cheers, buddy!


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                    I have a question about this concept. Has it been field tested with anyone that's not a groupie? Like some random girl you met at a bar or day game.

                    It seems that this approach would be perfect for the rock star/sex symbol type, but maybe not when meeting girls in the day time. Social conditioning may give them different expectations, and therefore different reactions.


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                      Many people have preconceived notions about guys in a band. I'm in a cover band, that has a small following of friends and we play at mostly small, local bars. I'm not a rockstar by any means. There aren't groupies or any of that either.

                      Being in this band has it's pro's and con's regarding meeting girls. The pro's are that it's a good place to bring girls as a first or second date. Also, it's cool because girls seem to have these same preconceived notions as well about the fact that I'm a "guy in a band", which obviously is good social proof.

                      The MAIN con is that WE ARE WORKING ALL NIGHT. Say we play a club or something, and all the girls are dancing and staring at us, but then last call comes around and by the time we get done playing the bar is almost 95% emptied out, and all the girls are gone. There have been COUNTLESS times where I have been hitting it off with a chick during one of my 15 minute breaks between sets, and she ends up either leaving with her friends, or with another guy before the night is over. I have a total of 30 minutes to try and meet girls at gigs, and that's my two fifteen minute breaks of the night.

                      Basically, my point is that the band thing helps me meet girls social circle style, because I meet a lot of friends of friends....but it's far from many people's idea about what it's all about. It's really just a fun job in all honesty.

                      That said, of these 6 girls that I'm referring to with this post, here's how I met each one of them:

                      1. - old roommates ex-fuckbuddy
                      2. - A friend of a friend that has seen the band before
                      3. - A random girl I met at a bar one time on the dancefloor not at a gig
                      4. - My singer's, brother's, wife's, friend
                      5. - A girl that works with my bass player at his day job
                      6. - A girl that I knew from back in the day that I hit up on facebook

                      The band thing helps, mainly as a means to meet girls through my social circle though. I can attract girls perfectly fine without it too though. Once I have them attracted, and I know that they are into me, I can tell them what the deal is with me. My singer (my natural buddy, that I talk about) told me that he used to do this with girls ALL THE TIME with girls years ago when he was single (way before he was in the band). He used to juggle multiple women around at all times, while constantly meeting/fucking randoms....he always maintained the attitude of "they can have him, but not actually HAVE him".

                      Basically, that's the attitude I have, and tell them - We can have our fun together, but I'm not interested in getting serious.


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                        Newman, I have read this post and your recent LR and I must say, I feel like you aren't giving yourself enough credit for your social proof, and the perceived value of being in a band. I feel like, even if you aren't meeting these girls from your band, it still has an impact, especially with them coming to see your shows. Since you are playing most of the time, you are more inaccessible, and therefore more scarce, and therefore higher value. Don't you think this plays at lease some role in their attraction, and therefore their acceptance of the SOI?


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                          Honestly man, you're probably right, but I don't feel any different because of the band at all. Confidence and the right attitude is essential to attract women, whether in a band or not. I have been in bands for most of my life, and only when I started to have the right attitude did I start to get more girls. I was LTRed up for a very long time, and it took me a long time (a couple years) to get my head straight again. I struggled with women when first got single, because I had a shitty, needy attitude. Now, I do much better because I have a much better, care-free attitude. I was in the band the entire time too. I know for a fact that pussy just doesn't fall in my lap. I still have to pursue them, and do it in the right manner.

                          Point being, I think the band thing surely helps a little bit to gain attention...but then again so would being an MMA fighter....or a biker....or being able to dance really well. All those things attract women, but none are much good with a shitty attitude. Having the right mindset down is the important part. At least, that's what my experience tells me.

                          BTW, nice avatar!


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                            Yeah, I hear you. I'm not suggesting that it's doing all the work for you. Just that it does give you a higher value and social proof by default. In no way am I saying it removes the need to do any legwork.

                            BTW, nice avatar!
                            That's my baby! Fender OTM Thinskin Jazzmaster Looks like your into LPs. I'm in the market for one.