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    Hey All,
    I used to be very shy and "nice guy" few years ago. got crushed by a girl. Lead me to up my game and stop being such a pussy. It was brutal because I did't know anyone good at picking up girls. so I had to do it solo for a while and many rejections and few successes later, my confidence hit the roof.
    Later I was able to find someone I like I got in a relationship for almost a year, and after that I got rusty and my game just got REALLY LIMITED. i'll explain.
    I don't have a problem hooking up with girls but usually they are girls I work with or go to school with or meet through friends in parties or get together. Don't get me wrong, it is not a bad thing because well basically they are still lays, however my game is focused on presenting my alpha male personality in front of everyone and make sure she sees that and then I read her body language and if I get the cues that I need I go in for the kill. I had 100% success in this technique. but it is very limited, i think I had pretty good success through the years that now I get approached by women in bars and clubs and I grew a huge EGO that I feel like "I am the shit" and I am not going to be rejected, but I know I am NOT the shit and it's ok to rejected. however, I am stuck in this zone, and I can't approach girls in a social circle in a bar or a club, I need to expand my field.
    Any Tips??
    Thanks NoRulez

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    You answered your own question. Start approaching. You will suck at it. It's cool. You'll get better.