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  • Daygame with dayjob?


    I finally moved, so I suddenly find myself with an opportunity to be out a whole lot more for cold approaches. I also work at a bank full-time. A lot of times I see guys post that they just meet women in their day to day life. I do not have such opportunity with my job, and I don't feel like restricting myself to only those times when I'm out on some random errand.

    So to the people who cold approach during the day, setting aside all excuses. Where do you go? Do you find certain times or days of the week are better? Obviously I'll be learning this myself as I go out more, but any head start would be appreciated.

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    Coffee shops that have lots of turnover, like one close to downtown or a college, bring something to do (work, reading, writing) while you wait between sets.

    Lakefronts/Riverwalks are good, so are fancy malls, around dinner/evening time.


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      In the AM: coffee shops
      Public transit to and from work is great for mtg women.
      Also, when I worked downtown, I'd eat lunch while working, then take my 1 hr lunch break and do cold approaches.
      I often pick out a few clothing items I want/need, and take my time hitting various shops/sales and chat up girls while doing this....women looooove clothes shopping; especially sales.
      In general, the 2 places that have the most women are: the shopping district/area, and most populous area of the city.


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        During the day, weekends perhaps, find a mall with good traffic. In my experience 12-3pm is prime time.

        For week days since you're working, I'll assume 9-5, the best moments to pull a girl home start once you get off.

        If you want an extra challenge... leave your phone at home so you can't take any numbers.