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Some cheesy banter lines and routines that work for me constantly!

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    The tarzan routine (author skills):

    So this weekend i watch Tarzan on my crib with the new main in training:

    I proceeded to fuck her and bust a nut... As i was busting a nut in her face and body i started to yell like Tarzan "oah oah oah oah" which is the sound tarzan yells in the jungle...


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      Originally posted by Impulse View Post
      Man, this is hardcore cheese! If it works for you then fair play....not really my style but each to their own I guess

      Tarzan though is legendary

      yes! not for everybody my personality is fun, Busting balls, happy... If is not your personality or style you will come across weird, very true...did you see the video:


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        Originally posted by Skills360 View Post
        ... As i was busting a nut in her face and body i started to yell like Tarzan "oah oah oah oah" which is the sound tarzan yells in the jungle...
        Bwaaahahahaha!!! Yo are a sick man! I love it.
        I never taught of Tarzan But I did do the WW:


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          the funny sexting collection (the live texts part 1)
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            The growling routine ( i learn from my pit that was overprotective of my main) author skills' dog:

            Disclaimer.- if you do not look alpha, big frame, muscular, intimidating etc... be careful aka if you are a twink just calibrate....

            so you are walking or hanging with your fuck buddy, main etc...and some creeper, or dude or ________ in the blank person comes close (stranger of course)

            you will growl like a dog (see the video)

            the driving and breaking routine (author skills)

            so you are driving with a girl in the car and you break you will extend your hand like protecting her from hitting the dashboard, but the hands will cover directly both tits....

            The i am on a diet routine:

            So you are ordering lets say something healthy or ________ fill in the blank, for example if i go to subway and i order a turkey soundwitch, then you ask 3 chocolate cockies then you say "for my diet"..

            or let say you are at chilis and you order a steak and rice, then you order ice cream with chocolate fudge then you say "for my diet"


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              the robbery(jackie howard stern):

              A mask dude goes into a "sperm bank" to commit a rubbery...
              Mask robber: "open the safe"
              Hot girl: "you know this is sperm bank there is not money or jewelry in the safe, just semen"
              Mask robber: "shut the fuck up, open it"
              Hot girl: proceeds to open the safe
              Mask robber: "drink it"
              Hot girl: grabs the sperm and drinks it
              Mask robber as he takes off the mask, turns out to be her husband: "see i told you it was not big deal"

              The end!


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                the "Is he not answering you" from Bazoom who learned it from swingcat .- To be used when women are on the phone or texting etc...(opener)

                This girl didn't warm up so well to it, other girl last week did:
                "Later after coming from toilet, the band is taking a break, I see HBspontaneous checking her phone. I walk up to her and stand next to her, she immediately looks up before I open, noticing my presence.
                Me: *opening from shoulder* Is he not answering you?
                Her: haha, that’s not the case, I’m just checking my messages like *maniacly puts finger on phone like it’s some obsession*, there’s not a guy *cheerful that she’s single or something*
                Me: Good. That means you’re not the needy girlfriend [said quite deadpan]"


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                  A lot of this has been used and willl be used in my videos intros (as you guys may have notice how i do them live)..... Here is a new one i want to share....

                  hb (with a 5 or 10 dollar bill needing change for a vending machine).- Excuse me! do you have change for 5 dollars.

                  me: actually i do

                  hb: gives me the 5 dollars.

                  me: stay right here i will be right back since is in my car....

                  and you pretend you are hurrying up....

                  ^ of course don't steal the money give it back to her.....

                  ^ similar when she drops the i phone or expensive phone/ or purse at the clubs

                  Pick it up and pretend you will run with it...

                  again then give it back,....

                  ^ acting and calibration crucial...

                  Then introduce yourself and run game...