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Phenibut vs. Kratom - What does this stuff do?

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  • Phenibut vs. Kratom - What does this stuff do?

    Obviously this Happy Hippo Herbals company has been advertising here for more than a few months, specifically they've been advertising "Phenibut - A Social Anxiety Supplement That ACTUALLY Works!!"

    They also sell Kratom (and something called Kava/More which I've never heard about).

    What exactly does this stuff do?

    Has anyone tried it?

    My understanding is that these supplements were introduced to the community by Good Looking Loser -

    "... Kratom is potentially the #1 thing I can offer you.
    It may do more for your life than any legitimate male enhancement device. More for your life than every single page of dating/sex advice on this webiset. And more for your life than any sort of diet or lifestyle change.
    Kratom will be absolutely life-changing for many."
    - Good Looking Loser
    And here is GLL's reviews for Phenibut -,

    It's called 'Phenibut'.Unlike most anti-anxiety prescription drugs, Phenibut will both make you want to socialize and kill your anxiety without leaving you feeling like an introverted, indifferent, unmotivated, antisocial zombie.
    And Unlike other dietary supplements and 'natural' compounds - Phenibut actually works.
    Enjoy. But don't take it everyday.
    So what exactly is all of the Kratom/Phenibut "Happy Hippo Herbals" stuff? How are they different?

    Do they just make you calm down and let you focus and not be so anxious so you can approach girls and get shit done?

    If it actually works, that'd be pretty awesome. I go out a lot and I approach a lot but I still have nights where I deal with anxiety in the field.

    This stuff is being advertised here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Has anyone bought it and used it? Any positive or negative reviews?

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    I searched this up through NextASFs fantastic search function:


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      I saw that thread, but it's a review from 2.5 years ago. I assumed that one guy had a horrible exeperience, but that doesn't mean that the majority of people will have the same experience. Plus I figured if it's being advertised here, maybe there's something to it.

      If Phenibut is that terrible, why are they guys that run NextASF still advertising this stuff?


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        There were also guys that spoke well of it in that thread. Ancestor apparently took too much of it. Just be careful, don't take too much and read about potential side-effects is my recommendation. And make sure to update this thread if you decide to experiment with it, I'll be interested to hear about it.


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          Why don't you guys just approach, approach, and approach, until the anxiety is reduced to a bare minimum? It's worked for me over the past 6 months.


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            Originally posted by hey_lover View Post
            Why don't you guys just approach, approach, and approach, until the anxiety is reduced to a bare minimum? It's worked for me over the past 6 months.
            1. I'm not asking if people should take it, I'm asking has anyone taken it and has it worked for them.

            2. I already do approach consistently and frequently and I still have nights where I'm not 100%.

            3. Phenibut and Happy Hippo Herbals are being advertised here a lot. I don't think it's out of line asking about other users experiences with a product and a company that's being advertised on here 24/7.

            4. I want to know if people have benefited from Kratom and Phenibut in ways outside of pua stuff. GLL has said that Kratom helped him build his successful business and helped his life in general. I want to know if anyone else has experienced the productivity benefits that GLL has talked about.


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              with drugs that are not relatively healthy as a lifestyle (coffee & wine)

              they should be used as an event. Meaning once a month at most.

              Thinking of using phenibut for a party trip next year would have to try it once before though.


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                I tried it. There was a recent post on Phenibut where I gave my experience with it. Can't seem to find it now, did it get deleted? @Silvertree


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                  I've taken phenibut many times. I definitely don't recommend it. It is almost a guaranteed blackout if you drink with it, and the hangovers suck


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                    GLL has great reviews on his site that detail all the questions you ask plus more.

                    I've taken both Phenibut and Kratom (purchased from Happy Hippo) and followed their directions - both with great results. I enjoyed both products for completely different purposes, the only thing I would say is any second dose of Kratom is never as hard hitting as the first. I would only do 1 dose a day of Kratom.

                    Read everything he talks about in his reviews. Mostly everything people do that fuck themselves up, GLL warns about and says not to do. Use your brain guys.

                    I used both products for a month, enjoyed the results, I no longer use them.


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                      Remember, ads are for money, not to help people


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                        I have a lot of experience with both of these substances. Big fan of GLL, when he so highly recommended Kratom I had to check it out. Started with a few strains and worked my way up to having enough for the "Kratom Lifestyle" he recommends.

                        Here are my thoughts...

                        Kratom and phenibut are both awesome. HOWEVER... I think there's more to all this than GLL is willing to let on to.

                        The reason I say that is because I once took Kratom before going to the Doctor's office. I got blood work done. When it came back, they reported higher than average levels of liver enzymes being produced. At first I was puzzled and worried, thinking I may have a serious problem. However, I put 2 and 2 together and googled something like "Kratom Liver Enzymes". I found that this is actually a pretty common issue. And the more Kratom you take, the more the liver has to work.

                        I took very small doses of Kratom. However others have taken more, and reported much higher liver issues. I haven't taken Kratom since, as I'm concerned that it could be doing real longterm damage, despite what GLL says.

                        This being said, I don't want to shine too much doubt on GLL. Because it may be the case that when Kratom is in the system, the liver produces more enzymes to help filter it out. Maybe when I drink alcohol my liver produces more enzymes as well. Meaning it probably isn't doing real longterm damage, and is just a temporary effect. Again I'm going to ask my doctor about this, and will report back when I learn more.

                        Now, with that warning, here are the benefits.

                        Kratom is very subtle. Happy Hippo 1 was my favorite. It mainly just made me feel good. Basically just that baseline feeling of "it's a nice day today". It also helped ease my anxiety. I tend to have a lot of anxiety and it really did take the edge off. Honestly I really miss taking Happy Hippo 1. I've considered taking it again rarely. I need to discuss it with my doctor. It was also really, really good around girls too. Helped me maintain that steady state of positive emotion that's so magnetic.

                        The other strains were good as well. It honestly does help with depression too, as you can simply take a dose when you're feeling down, and it can turn you around. Dosing is a tricky subject though, and you need to find what works for you. When I first got it I followed GLL's dosing advice and felt anxious as fuck. I had picked a fast strain for my first go (not recommended), and took way too much. Eventually I brought it down to 1/2 teaspoon, which was perfect for me with all strains.

                        I do give Kratom a glowing recommendation, although I'm worried about its overall safety. To sum it up, if I could take Kratom every day and know my health was going to be in good shape, I would.

                        Now, Phenibut.

                        This is an amazing substance as well. It can almost totally eliminate anxiety. It enhances the effects of alcohol, and can really turn you into a social god. When I was going out alone at my old place, I would take Kratom, Phenibut, and drink a few redbull/vodkas. I feel like this is probably not that healthy. But it virtually eliminated all my anxiety, and I had an absolute blast going out alone. This is coming from an "introverted" guy with a decent amount of social anxiety.

                        Phenibut will last all night as well. The one downside with Phenibut is it can make you feel a little numb, and with all your inhibitions gone, you can act like an asshole more easily. It's not a guaranteed effect, but it is something to watch for. I'll be ordering Phenibut again soon, as my stash has run out.

                        Overall, both substances are really great. I took them for extended periods of time (almost an entire year) and never struggled with addiction. However, I've been pretty good with not getting addicted to substances. I'm very careful about how much I take and how often. If you are too, you should be able to use these substances no problem. The liver issue is still a major concern of mine though, so until I get more information I'm holding off.
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                          I would not mix phenibut with alcohol.

                          That could very well cause organ collapse.

                          One or the other.


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                            Originally posted by Jack Gignac View Post
                            I would not mix phenibut with alcohol.

                            That could very well cause organ collapse.

                            One or the other.
                            come on, JC, didn't expect FUD coming from you

                            as pretty much everyone who has actually tried Phenibut will tell you, the risks are pretty negligible and you can mix it with alcohol - I've done it every single time without any side effects

                            Of course, you need to be smart about it but most people just do retarded stuff when it comes to any kind of supplementation (incl. body building). Just stick to the safe dosage (2-3g IIRC) and pay attention to your body. If something is even slightly wrong, you'll notice it long before your organs collapse and you burst into flames and turn into a pile of ash, as some people seem to believe...



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                              Originally posted by Pyro View Post
                              4. I want to know if people have benefited from Kratom and Phenibut in ways outside of pua stuff. GLL has said that Kratom helped him build his successful business and helped his life in general. I want to know if anyone else has experienced the productivity benefits that GLL has talked about.
                              I was using Phenibut when going out clubbing for almost an year. All within the safe limit (not sure if it was 2 or 3g, but it's always indicated on the package). Can't say I got visible benefits from it, maybe just a very small relaxation effect, which I don't really miss nowadays, when I'm not using Phenibut anymore

                              as for using it outside of clubbing/nightlife context - for a while I used to take a couple of pills (basically 1/3 of the safe daily dosage) before "stressful" events like public speaking at big events. I think it made me more relaxed and less anxious, but it may as well have been just a backward raitonalisaiton on my side

                              I definitely won't recommend it for daily use for "successful business and [] life in general" because of the addiction that will build up over time - there's much safer "brain candy" supplements which have a positive effect on your mental focus and energy, and which can be used on a daily basis for small improvements of your performance