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Offering to meetup in specific examples (Soft meetup)

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  • Offering to meetup in specific examples (Soft meetup)

    I'm going to lightly go against Ijjjji's HOF post about 100% meetups in specific cases.

    When I'm traveling or when a girl lives far away and is traveling to my place, I usually tell them to meetup 1-2 months in advance.

    Since the timing of the meet has to be pretty precise because one or both people are traveling, it is worth it to plan a soft meet.

    "Hey let's meet at this city and I'll be here from this day to this day. I'd be happy to meet up with you"

    You do this once you built up a lot of rapport and attraction.

    The frame is aimed towards knowing you have a lot of girls lined up so if she decides to flake then you're still going there for other girls.

    After you offer this soft meet, you disappear off the girl's radar for at least a couple of weeks. The reason why you disappear is to retain the image of a novelty.

    How can a girl feel negative thoughts and feelings when you are a novelty that is passing by? If you feel she may gain negative thoughts and feelings, you chat with her one or two more times to regain the positive high point you left her on to reinforce that as a novelty, you will be extremely exciting compared to whatever else is going on in her life.

    When there is about 2-3 days left before the "time limit" you plan the rest of the logistical details to actually meetup.

    My flake rate is low because the soft meetup at 1-2 months in advance gives a tell tale sign of their interest. If they say "we'll see or maybe" then you can next them. If they ask "what cites will you be at? where are you staying?" the interest is higher because she wants to fit her logistics to match yours.

    You are a novelty that has a time limit. If she doesn't come through, then she missed the only chance to meet you.

    The motivational pull to meet you is higher because the remorse on missing the opportunity becomes elevated. She has to meet you now because if not now, it may never happen.