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My take on social Media and why i believe is bad for seduction...

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  • My take on social Media and why i believe is bad for seduction...

    Disclaimer.- I know plenty of guys that get laid via facebook, instagram, snapchat... But this is my take and my opinion, based on my experiences...

    Here is a seducer named Habanero, getting heat in this post

    So Justin Biever, just finished a week ago putting his instangram private, after all the drama he was getting for his new girlfriend, especially by his ex Selena Gomez...

    For those of you who don't know Who Justing Biever is, I will give you a mini bio. In a nutshell Justin Biever is a good looking stud, with tons of status, Money and women in their prime lusting and fingering to his pics.

    The dude could not take the drama, just lol, this is a dude that probably has a team of public relations experts handling his every move and social media... And, even him could not handle that shit!.

    Here is from Girls Chase Blog on the article "I don't chase them I replace them":

    Refusing to stay on Facebook when the only value it provides to your life is addictive, obsessive checking on other people's pseudo-lives (i.e., all you really know about them is the stuff they're letting you know on there... you're not getting a realistic picture into their lives, nor do you have any idea all the things they don't want everybody else to know). Close your account, and if you're too tempted to reopen, delete all your pictures, defriend all your friends, and then remove it.

    After the break up with my ex main, first thing I did was delete and block her and delete all the friends and family we have in common, and I stopped checking her facebook...Of course some drama people, kept telling me about her pics (mostly photoshop, just lol) and her silly "positive quotes" that article describe her and most Facebook people to a t. (when we were dating she barely posted in facebook, cause she knew i hated that shit)

    Anyways, I will tell you with examples of my of my life why I advice seducers to keep away from: Facebook, instagram, Snatshap, twitter and the rest of the attention whoring shit...

    #1.- Our bread and butter is COLD APPROACH PICK UP (from meet to lay TOTAL STRANGERS) and/or ONline game (for those of you that get laid online).- NOw in both cases "LESS IS MORE". In other words, you want to keep your life as a MYSTERY, and let the women fantasize in her head and create her own IDEAL definition of the guy she is with. For example, my new main in probation thought "I am this super good looking sweet hot guy that all women want, and she is super lucky to be with me"... Now that i have fucked her multiple times and she is super invested, she realizes that i am a dick and there are tons of things she dislikes about me, but again too late, she is hooked and addicted. She made her own opinion of me HERSELF, no i never sold myself as this sweet, fantastic guy of her dreams, even in the lay report i make fun of myself and her opinion of me, but my point is, she created created me in her reality of the ideal guy.

    #2.- Drama. Again if we have multiple women after the phone, this is the second fastest method of women knowing about other women you are seeing as I explain in this article.

    #3.- It takes too much time and effort that distract you form your FOCUS. Not only the time spend in instagram, facebook, snapchat affects your mission and professional life, but it also fucks with your actual pick up. Let me elaborate, after my break up I put an instagram account(by the way for pipi in vagina instagram and snapchat superior to facebook). I went to the clubs with my cheap as shitty phone to take pics so i can post on Instagram, that shit cause me to fuck up with my fundamenentals on club game instead of picking up women I was trying to fucking take selfies like a faggot, since i was looking at my instagram, trying to take the right pic etc... Worst, is that I never carry my cell, by me carrying my cell i butt dial a bunch of people including my Mom and my ex, fuck my life (the last 2 people on earth i wish to butt dial).

    #4.- this is redundant, but facebook is bullshit!. The most popular facebook people i know are dudes that don't really get laid, beta boys... Now if you look at my facebook, you would think i am an incel that has never gotten laid in his life. I change my profile pic maybe once a year, and i do not engage with ANY community people, and for me to approve anybody is harder than to get my social security info.

    #5.- Facebook, instagram and the likes gives your girls access to the other girls you don't want them to know about... So, your fuck buddy knows everything about your other fuck budddy, and your other fuck buddy knows everything about your main etc... I had once a psycho create a fake myspace profile trying to seduce one of the girl in my rotation, just lol...(so she can have a "gotcha moment" so i can get rid of the competition and she stay the only fuck buddy)

    With that being said if you do social circle game, Facebook, Instagram and snapchat is the shit, you can become a mini celebrity if you do it right, but again, we don't give a fuck about that shit, our bread and butter is cold approach, quick reminder on why we do not do social circle here.

    The second big advantage is that you can seduce by causing "a bidding war". I actually did this once (but it caused tons of drama), so let me tell you how you can do this. Back in the days when "myspace" was facebook, i had girls posting on my wall saying sweet shit! but it was them competing with each other, it did help me with my seductions (but the drama and stress not worth it).

    The third big advantage is that if a girl pms you first in facebook, instagram or write stuff like "shit looking good", you know you probably can fuck her. I put 4 ridiculous pics on instangram and i get pms and a following from so much hot pussy (of course some are fake, but still it goes down on the dm)...

    In conclusion, keep your life as a mystery and minimize or eliminate the access women have to you... A good way is never to give your full name or real name, another trick is to keep people in "pending status" for ever, and of course make your profile private..

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    Mostly agree. If my life was different I might try the no internet thing. But I use it as a travel journal which helps me keep in touch with loved ones and make money too so...

    I like Instagram for posting 1-3 photos per day of my travels. It's a mini journal with only the best 1% of my photos. Mostly not of me but of cool places I visit. It makes it easy for me or anyone to quickly get an idea of what I'm doing. This helps me bc most people can't fathom my life even when I tell them. They're skeptical of think I'm lying. This is helpful in countries where I don't speak the language and I need to build comfort before a scheduled date. Insta shows on tinder so it's instant verification of lifestyle. But it's bad bc some women get jealous of my lifestyle, realize I'm dating others, or just to cultural for the "I'm so hot I take selfies at the one cool local place I go each week" crowd.

    2 I like Facebook for posting my journal, itineraries, long videos, mini photo blog entries, etc. again it's for family friends and fans. It's free storage and public forum which mostly people are already looking at. When I blogged very few people clicked links to view my hard work entries. FB is way easier.

    3 snapchat is fun but vapid. The appeal is nothing is permanent so it's great for having most pluses of social media without the drawback. It's just too much to manage a third account. Also seems like a waste of time to post and have shit disappear esp when I'm using YouTube to throw up permanent shit that makes money.

    The biggest problem for me is MLTRs seeing social media and getting jealous. They either get jealous of me traveling alone or jealous of they see even a hint that I'm with someone. It's tough. I have to take photos of me alone in front of waterfall and with the girl then decide which I'd rather post. I never post the pics of us together bc that really spikes jealousy. If they see a few of the girl alone then me alone I can just say she was a friend from hostel or part of a group etc. thanks fully in China it's all blocked hehe. But there I post pics to my wechat timeline which has the same problems bc usually 10-20 girls leave comments, hearts, etc on my photos. I've lost ass because of that.

    One reason i hate having women wth me daytime is bc when I make a video the chick will get in it (despite my best efforts). Even just her hand or back of head or her saying a few words in comment creates an unusable video for Facebook. I can usually bury it on YouTube where women are too lazy to dig through thousands of videos unless they're already so invested it doesn't matter. Then the video still progresses my art and makes money.

    Its a delicae tap dance but manageable if you do it right. If you have no reason to keep a journal then it's probably north worth being on it besides having a boring standard profile.


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      Skills, good post.

      One of the takeaways is that cold approach/discreet online game prevents one of the biggest downsides of playing social circle game, which is fallout from "breaking society norms" and fallout from a breakup when friends have to pick one side or the other.
      THREAD Illuminatus' male episodic memory versus female emotional memory is a great reminder about the premise that women love their feelings and if you associate yourself with these feelings you're in, at least in that particular moment.


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        Cant read so long, but Soc.M. is basically free attention for girls, making them chase that instead of chasing dick a large % of their time.

        So sex is down-trending according to statistics.


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          I definitely agree. I haven't had any social media for about 4 years. It's amazing how much unnecessary bullshit your brain soaks up... And it tends to fuck with my ego in a negative way. I start to feel a false sense of inferiority/superiority regarding others. Like 360 said it's not real life... I assume it does go down on the dm though and I have created a fake FB so i can use Tinder!


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            solid points throughout. I don't think it's black and white for sure.

            I think we should take advantage of privacy settings and tweak to find the amount of openness we are willing to tolerate cost/benefit analysis.


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              Yeah I've never mixed social media and seduction, it's definitely not necessary and there are no major drawbacks to not using it IME. If anything "I don't do social media" adds to your attractive and seductive value in the form of intrigue and mystery (assuming you come off like a cool guy in general).

              Though a well done and well maintained social media presense will also add attractive and seductive value to you, I know guys for whom it's a cornerstone of their game. Social media presence can both help and hurt, depending. To me it comes down to whatever your lifestyle preference is. If you love social media, no need to scrap it. If you're not into it, no need to waste your time with it to try to pull more girls.


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                As somebody who uses social media for seduction, I agree with this post entirely. It's pretty ineffective for the most part, and detrimental in many ways (time wasting, is the main way). I only use social media mainly for 2 reasons, to slow track girls (if I can't get their number for some reason or I feel too much like a pussy that day to ask) and to make sure the girl is normal or let her see I'm cool (not a psycho). Not sure how important it is. My social media looks pretty cool, and I log on less than once a week typically. Most guys who spend a lot of time on it (or anyone who does) is really just spamming whiney shit or posting random ass shit like sharing other pics quotes and videos, lots of instant gratification and overstimulation due to today's technology dependency.

                It's definitely true, all it is is pseudo-lives, even mine. I intentionally don't post about negative shit because I think that's being a whiney bitch, but that has the additional effect of making my life look awesome, which is totally unrealistic. I use it to my advantage, but it's not really necessary, and not the main reason I use it. I've been thinking about expanding my social media presence and testing how that affects my seductions, if at all. I guess when I have more time I'll test that out and see if it works.

                I think you can still use social media and remain a mystery. Not sure how much compared to not having social media. The guys I know who are absolute masters at seduction don't use it as a cornerstone of their game. They have it for other reasons, keeping in touch with people or the occasional time wasting amusement.

                Grind them to pieces, Pantera!


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                  I hate the fact that I think you're right. I am considering reducing my facebook contactlist to only family and good friends/buddies. Kinda removing everyone else so I can get that mystery-thing working for me (which is a lot harder when you are friends on facebook with your targets).


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                    about 80% of my lays I did without social media influence. there's about 20% where the social media influenced the lay.

                    although I'm not huge into it. I don't use insta/snapchat and some people have reported volanic results from snapchat? not sure


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                      Many normal people below 25 seem to be meeting partners through social media, specifically Instagram. I have a friend who only ever meets them through that. Another friend who I spoke to yesterday whose last lay on the weekend was an Insta girl who he DMed. I also know a group of girls who got into relationships when guys messaged them on Instagram.


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                        I use fb only for keeping in contact with distand friends who live in other countries and such, or to relay some links that might interest people (although mostly through the chat function again). I also use it to off-handedly promote my blog-posts, some people prefer to see them in fb rather than go to the actual blog site so that helps.

                        What really helps with handling any kind of impulses to "check fb" or whatever is limiting yourself to certain rituals, for me it's a morning ritual to check if there are any messages for me, any emails, any news from bigger newspapers that interest me, any posts on this forum and on another teacher forum that look interesting. That's the only time a day I allow myself to check this stuff, and that way I keep up with the world without getting lost in it.



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                          Originally posted by hey_lover View Post
                          Many normal people below 25 seem to be meeting partners through social media, specifically Instagram. I have a friend who only ever meets them through that. Another friend who I spoke to yesterday whose last lay on the weekend was an Insta girl who he DMed. I also know a group of girls who got into relationships when guys messaged them on Instagram.
                          It can be a lot of effort (taking a lot of pictures with hot girls and fun), but it has the potential to pay off big. Take Dan Blitzerian for example. He first started posting pics of hot girls on there just so that he could get more hot girls and not have to work for them. If you are willing to put in the effort, do it.


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                            Update: I am changing my mind about this... Instagram, has been a source of great leads, i am projecting player/party boy lifestyle, with pictures and comments and i am getting leads(girls asking me to hang out)


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                              Originally posted by Skills360 View Post
                              Update: I am changing my mind about this... Instagram, has been a source of great leads, i am projecting player/party boy lifestyle, with pictures and comments and i am getting leads(girls asking me to hang out)
                              uhmmm nah i was right all alone....

                              I need to revisit my own self to follow my own advice...... Social media a waste of time... My op is totally correct!


                              • SargeMaximus


                                Editing a comment
                                I feel you Skills.