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    Yea I was gonna say, no need for sex talk if you can tell a girl is truly getting hornt from this;
    mine, made her aware I was sexually available (by licking my lips, this is something I do and it works to filter the DTF/sexual girls).
    Honestly, if you are touching a girl after having a five min convo wit her and doing these things, and she is playing with her hair and you cann actually tell she wants to bang.. then why dont you calibrate a kiss there if it was somewhere she wanted to hook up as you say? Grab her hand pull her towards so you are very close and see how she responds to something like this, if she was already green it should be no issue.

    Once I knew she was green, I amped up the sexuality by saying id lost my friend who was probably shagging some girl by now. I also said I told my friend about the good shagging spots in the area around the corner. (those arent the exact words but roughly what I was talking about)

    At this point she got cold feet and her ASD kicked in. So whereas before she was receptive, the stronger sexual talk and increasing the sex talk fucked it up.
    That doesnt sound like sex talk that just kinda sounds weird. It seems you more deflected the sexual energy of the moment to your "roommate shaggong" (which isnt sex talk) and then she probably was like ok this dude cant fully move from point a to point b quickly im gonna bail and find a faster hookup,, er i dunno. Thats normally where I see "cold feet" stem from, because its more a turn off if she doesnt feel an understanding that yiu know properly how your words are makjg her feel.

    "My roommate is shagging over there,' is bad as sex talk. Good funny talking point.

    "Can you imagine the liberation of public sex, somewhere sometime in your life?" Is modt defintely better sex talk, ambiguous so theres no songle entity to focus on directly ie. Roommate, and just immediately gets to the pojnt. Something like thatd be better. If shes green.
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      Thank you for your great questions. I am currently moving and really busy so I hope you find my reply useful. If anything is unclear feel free to let me know, but be aware that I might not respond right away.

      Originally posted by Impulse View Post
      So, I have a few questions for Teevster on sexual game that have mystified me just a little (and other guys are free to chime in as well)

      First of: Why does your sexual game not trigger their ASD? Sure, you can talk sexually to them after you've got to know them a lot better, but extreme sexual talk like your doing can be risky earlier on in the interaction or even down the have to strike a balance so your on the right side and dont blow yourself out.
      About ASD not being triggered... here are some pointers I would like to mention.

      1) I used to face a lot of ASD in my earlier days. Now keep in mind that I have been doing this (using this exact sex talk material) for about 7-8 years now, and without sounding arrogant, my calibration is pretty good. I rarely trigger ASD. That being said it does happen, but I usually see it as a side-effect of fucking up in terms of calibration.

      2) I talk about sex in a way that triggers no to little ASD - and if it does occur it is easy to handle. For example, and this is especially the case for the early phase of the interaction, I talk about sex in a very casual way. I talk about it like if it was just another interesting topic, that most normal people enjoy discussing. "you know what's funny, it turns out some men do not believe women like sex... do you know what I tell these guys?"..... "that women have an organ that serves literally no other purpose than pleasure.... and that's the clit... really serves no other purpose than pleasure"... and women laugh and a "us vs all the useless men" frame occurs. This is just an example. I never tell women what i want from them, what I plan doing to them. The frame is "I love sex and if we hook up, I can provide you good pleasure... but I never said I will" - which keeps the challenging qualifying frame up. This way I increase desire while still keeping an element of mystique over the whole interaction. Also by not stating my intentions directly (I am very indirect - i sometimes don't even touch them, because I don't need to, but I surely should because it makes everything more powerful) I avoid ASD. ASD usually tend to occur when one forces a woman to either a) make a decision related to sex that she is not (yet) comfortable in making and b) when you put in a situation where they have to are behave sexually interested in a guy on a conscious level - that's where the ASD lies and c) by being indirect with my intention they don't feel threatned yet unconsciously feel aroused. Once she is aroused (and hopefully reaching the point of "no return") that's when I make the bold move. Before that, I only show interest relative to her display of interest. By simply talking about sex like any other topic, you bypass her ASD, that is in most cases her conscious mind working, yet the effect still is there, hitting her unconscious.

      3) I you have noticed in many of my lay reports... like the one you've read, you can see that I tend to throw in (but not necessarily) a lot of ASD busters before doing discussing anything too juicy related to sex. Now disregard the new discussion on "liminal bubbles" because that's newer concepts I am working with, but in terms of my "old school game" (that i still use... way too much) I tend to bust her ASD by a) framing sex as natural and not a big deal, b) conveying that I am a secret lover, that I am low key and that i understand (and display my understanding) of her and women's current situation in regard to sexuality (a form of "pacing and leading" taking place here: "I understand ASD and this is how i deal with it ladies"), and c) I tend to show understanding that they are actually sexual beings. She can act all A-sexual as she wants, but she knows that I am aware that she is a sexual being and that I not only accepts it, but also appreciates it. Women then tend to give up the whole idea of displaying purity to me.

      4) I don't fear ASD at all. ASD is not a big deal for me. Maybe this is due to the fact that i have been obsessed with the topic and because of that knows how to deal with it very well. Any ASD from her gives me something to work with, something to reframe, something that i can use to push things further - such as reframing it... for example "So you say you are not that type of girl... well I think you are right, but I think when you have..... right guy... right situation... and... ..... right alcohol your inner beast tends to pop out" "don't worry I totally respect that, damn for god sake, you are a woman... you get pleasure from sex for a reason".

      If you reread the LR that you've red, you will see how all of the pointers listed above are applied. You can see how I reframe sex as no big deal and natural, you can see how I frame myself as a secret lover.... and you can see how indirect I am with my sexual intentions. Hope this makes sense.

      I just re-read your swedish 3some report and thats very strong sexually. If a woman is receptive to that from the get go (or even mild sexual gestures), that makes her a don't have to do all the deep sexual prizing talk to have her ready for you. And anything on top of that (sexually) is just overkill..which in many cases should be blowing you out from the interaction instead of helping it along..
      Yes in a way I kind of agree. But there are a few reasons for why I just didn't "escalate and push".

      1) I do not have logistics (will finally get logistics in less than a month wooohoo). This means I have to rely on their logistics and more improvised solutions. Logistics that aren't 100% yours, is something you don't really have too much control off - a lot of wildcards can occur: her losing her keys, her resisting the idea of taking you back home ("my home is messy"), friends popping up wanting to sleep over.... etc ...etc... The reason I keep sex talking is because I want women to want me so badly so that they reach what I call "the point of no return" and in rare situations, they take care of the logistics if the logistics fucks her... and they can become very creative (best one I have from a polish barista heard was "hey let's by some food and have a picnic in the park" - that was at 4 am after the clubs closed). I might overdo it, but it is because I want enough compliance to deal with wildcards if they occur. Also, going home to a girls place means that I will have a bad night of sleep and so forth... so if i go back to her place, I want to be sure the lay is secured... I hate wasting my time.

      2) In this Lr, you will see that I use a lot of ASD busters before pulling. This is to avoid any chances of facing LMR once I have pulled.

      3) In the LR concerning the 2 swedish girls (3some report) the primary intention with my sex talk was not making them interested in me on a sexual level - although additional compliance and sexual attraction does help when pulling a 3way, but the main purpose here was to set a 3some frame. You can see from the examples listed in the lay reports that i tried to put these two girls together rather than making them attracted to me. I made them feel secure and open about the idea of a threesome, while challenging them both on a sexual level.

      In the UK anyway, if you talk too much about sex, she will just think you see her as a piece of meat and blow yourself out. Sure she loves sex, but she doesn't want to be seen low value for a women (credit: Kant). She could feel demeaned from the strong sex talk.
      I have had no problems in the UK. It is all about the way you speak about it. If you speak about it from a frame where you want to use her as a sex toy... then yes... however if you talk about sex in a way that frames it as something beautiful, hot, passionate and adventurous.... then you will get a good response. It is all about the frame.

      Sure, there are women who love the sex talk no matter what ie the super liberal ones, but most women aren't like that overtly and need major warming to be open to you.
      Yes this is why I start of in a rather casual way - the content can be naughty, but the delivery is casual, unless i see they are really hot.

      I came out a club to do some street game and saw a girl sitting by the side under a bridge (its an old part of town, theres lots of clubs and a massive bridge here that goes over the street right next to the clubs) - it was clear she was looking to hook up from her body language - I chatted to her for a few minutes, invited her back to mine, made her aware I was sexually available (by licking my lips, this is something I do and it works to filter the DTF/sexual girls). Once I knew she was green, I amped up the sexuality by saying id lost my friend who was probably shagging some girl by now. I also said I told my friend about the good shagging spots in the area around the corner. (those arent the exact words but roughly what I was talking about)

      At this point she got cold feet and her ASD kicked in. So whereas before she was receptive, the stronger sexual talk and increasing the sex talk fucked it up.
      Again, this is uncalibrated sex talk... displays a frame where you see women as sex toys.... this is not what women want to hear. It is all about the frame....

      Sure, the way I came across sexually is different from yours, but it was calibrated in the conversation and genuine, and she liked my sexual approach (with the licking lips etc..I could see her reaction and getting turned on). So in my case, increasing the sex talk and being stronger sexually fucked the seduction up...ASD kicked in.
      Maybe, and that is a big maybe she liked it on an unconscious level, but her conscious mind blocked it (ASD).

      In your situations, why is this not happening for you? I would personally say you could improve your results if you reduced the sex talk..surely some women must be getting ASD???
      - Delivery - how you I deliver it
      - Calibration - When and why I say what i say
      - Frame - from which frame do I discuss sex.

      EDIT: Ok I see why your approach might not work for me...because im generally showing sexual intent directly from the get go. The eye contact is there, the licking lips/body language sexual innuendos are there + lots of touching and verbal sexual lines (eg I tell her she's a trouble maker and needs a good spanking) - this normally lets women know im a lover, so then going into hardcore sex talk would be overkill and blow me out...
      Yes... I also barely touch them... and I have a baby face so I might come accross as not so threatening. I talk to them about sex like she would with her girlfriend (at first) and then ramp it up to more intense stuff.

      Whereas in your approach, because your coming in so indirectly and "under the radar" you can seep the sex talk in without hitting on her...

      The difference here is im hitting on her from the get go...
      I don't hit on women, instead I:
      - Check if we are sexually compatible
      - If yes, i want to liberate her sexually
      - If that works, I want to take her on an adventure

      This is what i was able to write in 30 minutes. Sorry i have to get going. Let me know if you need any additional info.

      Teevster (TVA_Oslo) AKA. Alek Rolstad

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      - Still Rocking
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        Hi Impulse. Sorry for the waiting... I am moving out today. So as you can tell I have been busy.

        Originally posted by Impulse View Post

        I get the feeling you come across as very genuine (as in casual genuine) when talking about the theyre automatically open to talking to you about it and they can see that your "normal" and that you have social calibration (ie you "get it"..your not some creepy guy that's trying to subtley hit on her)...this is absolutely key....
        Exactly... and before she knows it, she is horny - or curious about me in bed. I don't show interest per se - at least not before she does (very inspired by the old school MM model). What I do is display value 8also inspired by MM) but instead of displaying social value, I am displaying sexual value - or sexual prizing as I like to call it - namely convey that I am good lover. And once she perceives me as one, if everything goes according to the plan she will be curious and willing to fuck me.

        I also think when you talk about the sex indirectly they already know your interested in them anyway (even if its very indirect) because in a club/bar, any guy who talks to them is interested..if they're clued in the women know this. But because your being very indirect about the sex talk and casual/genuine, the casual indirectness and the interesting nature of the topic makes it very comfortable for the woman to keep talking to you and not feeling under pressure to make a decision, being conscious of it etc etc like you said....I really like this and get it...
        Yes intuitively they know I am interested in a way - but it is subtle. Women, as you mention knows that when men approaches them, they are somewhat interested in them sexually. Now, women are aware of this on an unconscious level, but on a conscious level, they are not sure yet, as you haven't (yet) shown any direct sign of interest. Add in the fact that you talk about sex in a rather hot way and you will find yourself in a situation where you create a lot of tension. She has a feeling you are into, but isn't really sure yet. Again you are only displaying that you "can" fuck her, if she plays her card well, without making it clear that you "will". So by talking about sex, I create compliance but while doing that I also send mixed signals, creating even more compliance... and the more compliance I get, the stronger and the naughtier the sexual frame will get. The (sexual) frame itself is not only an attraction trigger, but a way to push things forward and make sure the interaction goes into the right direction.
        I believe what you're saying comes down to being genuine/casual talking to her, seeing her situation as a sexual women for what it really is and being able to communicate that to her.

        Few other questions for ya:

        - your sex talk seems to be aimed at sophisticated women who can hold an intellectual conversation (unless im mistaken..all the women you talked to seemed to have a brain lol). A lot of younger women ie 18-21 aren't that deep thinkers though and cant think/talk that well about sex. So how well are you fairing with those? Im just using 18-21 as a stereotypical example but any age group or type of women in a club/bar, and especially in clubs/bars where its going crazy and alcohol is flying, sex talk might end up too "left-brain" for her and ruin her emotional state...
        It really depends. Remember that I have picked up chicks in Magaluf and Sunny Beach (which has its own weird dynamic... sure). Girls there are not the smartest - or at least are all acting pretty dumb. Now obviously, more fancy stuff such as liminal bubbles has not really been that much field tested on such girls - I haven't really had the chance to really field test it on such girls. But when I think of it, I might not need it. I have had really great success with old school textbook sex talk game (pretty much an enhanced version of my old 2009 sex talk). Remember that I came up with my sex talk when I was 16... and I was hitting on on girls my age.... and the sex talk works like a charm on these women - for two reasons:
        - Young girls especially are extremely curious when it comes to sexuality.... experimenting sexually with a lowkey, non-judgemental guy who has experience is... pretty much their dream.
        - Young girls cares a lot about their reputation. Hence why displaying low-keynes/secrecy works even better on these girls. Reframing sex as natural and not a big deal is so refreshing to them. Remember that those girls are surrounded by stupid men, who are judgemental and pretty douchey.

        That being said, these days, most of my pulls are with girls who are between 22-30. I happen to like that age-range. That being said, I have had my fair share of teens - girls even younger than 18 (when I myself was under-aged too), and I did use sex talk - my system was developed as a result of dealing with high school girls. Now the sophisticated talk and so on is just me calibrating to older women (as I grow older myself). But again seduction is an art of calibration.

        Of course I avoid using too fancy language on young and dumb girls. I will avoid words like "transcend" and avoid being too abstract. But even young and dumb girls knows what a clit, g-spot, dominant sex (with a man who takes control), tension (between two people before having sex) and knows exactly what sounds like potentially good oral sex. This is the beauty of sex talk - everybody finds sexuality interesting and everybody is interested in it... and young girls might know little about culture, philosophy, politics, history, arts, music... but hey they surely know quite a bit about sex.

        As a matter of fact I banged a 19 year old blonde chick on Friday. I used some textbook sex talk - talked about what i found hot, went into deep details, then framed myself as a guy who doesn't make too much of a big deal when it comes to sex - displaying a laidback attitude in regard to sexuality, displaying understanding in female sexuality.... after a while I create some strong sexual rapport by setting up an "use vs them frame" - "we are both sexually liberated/freaks.." and then went even more explicit with the details on how I fuck, telling her what I like and how I tease girls. Then we made out and she stopped me "you better leave with me now". Then we fucked for a very long time. So yes it does work on young chicks - might even work better. Older women (24 +) likes to connect more on a deeper level, but hey that's what I got value elicitation and liminal bubbles for.

        Are you somehow screening women before you approach them for their sexualness? Any patterns youve noticed here? I filter for sexualness by showing im sexual (in a sober, controlled way) - and women notice this e.g through lick of lips, wagging tongue, fuck thrusts, deep eye contact, being lose/free (ie non rigid)..women notice these and its these I tend to concentrate on
        No. There was a time I liked to do that - where I looked out for approach invitations. The main reason I did that was because, even though my seduction skills were good, my approaching skills where pretty bad. Last summer in Bulgaria, I worked on that and now it is pretty damn tight.

        Looking for approach invitation is by many considered a shortcut, but i disagree. Looking (and triggering) approach invitation is an art in itself - it requires patience, awareness of your surroundings and knowledge of what to look for - definitely an art itself. Looking for approach invitation takes time and is a very passive form of game. That being said, once you get a good things tend to go really smoothly.

        To be honest, I discovered that this form of game was way too passive. Also, doing nightgame in a country where clubs closes at 3 am, I did not always have time to wait to wait for approach invitation. Another issue was that it removes a lot of freedom because you technically have to choose the girls who first chooses you. That was fine in my earlier days when I was just looking for a bang but lately I am more selective - I want to bang girls I find really hot. I want quality girls - girls I enjoy being with. Waiting for her to choose me is a bit too passive and boring, plus I like to pick the girl - "she is hot, she is the one I want".

        So the answer is, these days (and it has been like that since last summer), I approach what I find attractive and I don't screen for horniness I never really screened for horniness, because that was something I could trigger easily) or interest. That being said, i screen for logistics. For example, I will not approach a girl who sits in a corner surrounded by her friends. I will either find a new target or wait till she moves (which she will eventually). Also If I see a girl talking to her crying friend, I will not approach. Technically I screen "out" girls that seem logistically difficulty to deal with right away. That being said, I approach the majority of the girls I find attractive, irrelevant of their level of interest. I actually kind of like turning a girl from being "neutral" or even disinterested into turning super hot to the point where she desperatyl wants me... like in this lay report - where the girl pretty much ignored me at first.... but then truly wanted to enjoy what I had to offer. Such situations allows me to really see the power of this sexual game.

        I love what you said about not seeing women as sex toys...very important for me....I am highly sexual and women know this so I need to make sure im on the right side of the line and master this ASD shit....

        Have you checked out this post - where I cover ASD? I have also written more about it in the past and there are probably some mentions on dealing with ASD in many of my other posts as well.


        I kinda do a very mild form of sexual talk but it works when im just casual about it and just add it into a conversation. Casualness is key. For example I was talking to a female friend recently and talking about holidays...I then talked about how Bali was great for getting laid and she lit up and laughed..and then later I switched topic completely (my arm still around her waist) - just dropping in the sexual comments here and there to first see how she responds before going just totally casual and interwoven in conversation....and this casual nature of what I said was where the power was....
        Yes exactly, you went casual with it. You added in some escalation to it and you can see how this works well in synergy with each other. your sex talk was way milder than what i talk about in terms of content, but you compensated with escalation, which is good too - sparxx likes to do it thsi way and pulls a lot from it. I also know how to escalate and play the physical game (i have LR's where I do dance floor game and have written extensively about it in the past) but i happen toI prefer talking and my sex talk is loaded with very naughty content - it is so intense that I sometimes drop the physical escalation altogether. It is of course not recommended as things would be (even) more powerful with touching added to it ... but I like it that way for some weird reason. That being said I have started touching women again and now that my sex talk is intense and my escalation is on point... well things get very naughty very fast.

        For me personally I dont have a baby face..I can come across as sexually intimidating (in a good way), I have bulk/muscle too and facial hair..its a masculine if I did what you did, itd be to make the seduction secure more than anything else...but generally im impatient haha..I like to fuck quickly. So for me I think mild sex talk in a calibrated way, plus not seeing women as sex toys (or conveying that in anyway) would work well for me
        Yes... well i used to dislike my baby face, but it allows me to get away with much. add in the fact that I am not muscular at all (have a little beergut) and not very tall, it gives me a free card to get pretty naughty - that being said I have a very strong eye contact and girls says my voice is hypnotic "you are talking right into my brain". But if you have a more sexual presence based on your physical look, you might consider toning it down until you become calibrated enough (and once you reach that point, you can get away with almost everything

        Teevster (TVA_Oslo) AKA. Alek Rolstad

        Projects 2017:

        - Still Rocking
        - Flipping Lesbians (have sex with lesbians)
        - 10 year in PU anniversary!


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          lol such long texts but one of the biggest lessons I got from tva over the years distilled is this 'don't make it about her sexuality, make it about YOUR sexuality'. ASD is triggered mainly by the girl thinking your perceiving her as low value. by presenting yourself as sexual, it gives her bait to bite on that she won't be stigmatized etc.

          there's this one natural guy I know who is insanely openly sexual. he makes public facebook posts on being sexual. he for sure gets laid but no one likes his posts because of the stigma. I definitely do better than him because I'm more discreet. If you're TOO out there with it, you become a stigma too imo. it's like a hollywood actress being seen with a male porn star... we all know what's going down.

          would you say that's wassup teevz?


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            Originally posted by Impulse View Post
            Have read everything again (and thanks for the reply) - just revisiting this thread to help my own understanding of sexual game:
            You are welcome.

            So Teevster, what do you think of this basic approach for social circle girls (but me not in the friends zone) or girls ive just met. The reason for social circle girls is because im finding it easy to meet women through circles as of late, and I dont know these girls that well, so im not in the "friend zone". These types of girl are generally open/friendly and interested in other guys, and to try and seduce them I need to do a warming up approach for the sex talk.
            Sorry, I cannot answer you here, because I do not pick up girls from my social circle. I have a very small social circle of close friends, and that's basically it. When I go out hunting I usually go out alone or with a good friend. all of my lays (almost) are from cold approach. all my replies from now on will be based on how I use sex talk during a cold approach. Wether my points hold true for social circles is something you have to find out for yourself.

            1. To bring the topic of sex up, ask her what type of guys she likes or point out some suitable candidates that she could fuck (just some way to introduce the topic basically)
            First part is good, about asking her about what type of guys she likes. However the second part can in many cases come off as uncalibrated (unless you frame it as a "funny routine" such as the "Fuck marry kill"). I would rather do something like:
            - How does it feel when you meet that amazing guy who just happen to turn you on so much that you transcend into a ... totally new world?
            - How does he make you feel when he is around you? Passionate? Desired?
            - How do you know that you have met this type of guy? what do you feel?

            And then reflect back her answers. This is called value elicitation.

            2. Tell her she definitely should get laid tonight and get cock from some of the guys/say a few vulgar things (just teasing and testing the waters, other times ive done this it gets her laughing and loosened up, and plus she isn't associating this sex talk with me directly because im talking about her and other guys getting together, being part of her circle im just helping her along)
            Not my style. I think it sounds too try hard and too vulgar.But if it works for you, then do it. I think this might trigger unnecessary amounts of potential ASD, while at the same time not really turn them on. This is not, according to my experience, how women like to talk about sex (but rather how we men would like to talk about it). Maybe you get away with it, because she is in your social circle? You have way less leverage during a cold approach.

            3. Subtley talk about some girls in there that you are interested in too and talk about some female candidates (again, giving deniability that the sex talk isnt aimed at her)
            Not my style either. For many reasons:
            - Can force auto-rejection
            - Can start frame battles
            - Breaks any liminoid bubbles you two may have (read: "you and her against the world")

            Using jealousy and stuff to make her more attracted does work, as we have seen Mystery and many others use it with great success. however it changes the dynamic completely. I personally do not like doing it this way. I also think the way you are doing in can come across as "try hard" - the fact that you have to mention that you want to speak to other girls can be seen as try hard and even needy. Mystery and co. never used jealousy that way.

            4. Then talk about what kind of things you'd like some of these girls to do (or what you like sexually basically, and go into details). If you've fucked a girl in that club/bar already, talk about the graphic sexual experience etc
            Sure, sounds ok, but again a bit try hard and braggish. If you feel like sharing a story, you are always at risque of coming across as bragging. I would instead just stick to discussing sex, without telling her about girls i have fucked.

            I might share stories if rapport is good. The way I share stories without coming across as breaking is:
            - Start off with a fuck up story (a funny one), before following it up with a very... very intriguing... hot sex story, that is not only exciting, the also full of passion... and excitement.
            - Force her to ask me about the story. This is done by using open loops: "Oh my god you remind me of this girl"... "who?" she might ask.. "well I can't tell you really, I think the story is a bit too intense for you" (now you bait her)... "oh please tell me" she will usually respond.. if you got at least some compliance.
            - I might ask her to share a story first, if the vibe is right. If I share a story first, i usually ask her to share on of her's as well.
            So basically, im talking about her hooking up with other guys to introduce the sex talk, and me hooking up with other girls. And then amp up the sexuality from there.

            I wouldn't do it. First of all, she might actually end up hooking up with some other dudes right infront of your face. Secondly, from the way you lay this out, something seems off (no offence). This is not the way women prefers to speak about sex... i.e. that whole "go fuck that guy" type of vibe...

            Women prefer it when it is more "emotional"... i.e. you discuss process and what feelings and sensations it triggers. Women are more sensitive than men (usually). The way you deliver it can work, of course, but I think it is a bit too vulgar and not sensual enough for most women. But maybe it works better for you because of the context in which you meet girls (social circles)?

            And plus, there is plausible deniability because we are already on a night out together so she has to be social with me
            Yes might be.

            I think the important thing is for me to talk about sex REFERRING TO SOMEBODY ELSE so she never thinks im hitting on her. This way I can talk about anything sexually and never get her getting cold feet. It should specifically always be about a third party girl.
            yes Quotation is a powerful tool. Drexel Scott, is an expert on this. But usually what you do is that you talk about this girl, who happened to be a good friend of yours, a fantastic girl... who find herself in a situation.... where she met this guy... who just happened to be the type of guy she likes... the type of guy who turned her on... the type of guy that would make her forget about the world. One day they met up... (add in a hot sex story).

            And then if I just keep this up, eventually she'll be getting horny enough and associate that horniness with me?
            If done right yes.

            Or is there another step I need to do to get the association with me? I didnt think I had to do anything for that
            Depends on:
            - How many embedded commands there are in your stories
            - How many anchors you trigger
            - The amount of rapport you two have (not much is required).
            - How horny you make her.
            Another thing is that I think its important to be VERY INDIRECT, which is why this type of approach can be better because im talking about me and other girls.

            Thing is, I am indirect, but you do not need to talk about other girl. You do not need to be explicit about it. It can come accross as try hard and create other difficulties (as mentioned above). The way I do it, is by talking about sex in general. I am thus implicitly talking about my experiences with other girls. This way I create more tension and avoid the potential pitfalls of being explicit.

            Because I have muscle and that might come across as hitting on her if I just start talking about the clit etc..i dont have a baby face and almost all girls know whats up when im talking to it has to be SUPER INDIRECT
            Maybe. That being, I might not have big muscles, but my vibe has become a serious player vibe. Long brown hair, with a bun (occasionally), black leather jacket, red t-shirt, tight black jeans, chelsea boots, facial hair... so I do not think the muscle thing is in the way at this point. When I referred to the baby face being a good thing, I was reffering to the fact that you can get away with being uncalibrated and saying inappropriate things. Non of which is the case right here.


            This is in contrast to this type of approach here:, from your philosophy lay report..I think this type of approach would be a bit strong for me as its full-on and not enough indirectness in my opinion.
            I have been using my "sex talk game" for about 7-8 years. So yes I am very calibrated with it, but i got to this point by trying and failing. Again, it seems like you fear ASD and resistance. I another post that I responded to, i mentioned that I do not fear ASD, and that I see it as an opportunity. If you manage to really master ASD busters, you will not fear it. And then, chances are, you will not hold back on the goodies.

            i was speaking to a fiesty russian blonde last night and told her I liked peeing with girls (to introduce sex talk), she was all over me but then started saying how she wasn't easy and Id need to court her like every russian girl LOL LOL, and she's had ONS before and regretted it because there was no courting
            Well maybe the first thing you said (peeing with girl) might have been a bit too vulgar and unclassy to her? There is nothing wrong with fucking up, just change the conversation and calibrate better from the point.

            Her response is AMAZING because it gives you sooooo much to play with.

            For example her bad one night stand experience.... there you can talk about how and why most people just have shitty sex and then discuss how you see it:

            Teev: Do you know what I find so funny these days?
            Her: No, tell me
            Teev: Most guys just want to fuck....
            Teev: I don’t want just sex... I am not looking for just sex...
            Her: Really? (confused)
            Teev: No... I am looking for GOOD sex... the kind that takes your mind to a different space, the type that makes you forget the world around you, the type that makes you feel spontaneous, adventurous, and passionate....
            Her: Me too

            Another example:

            Teev People these days just want to have what I refer to as McDonald’s sex....
            Her: McDonald’s sex?
            Teev: Yeah, it happens quickly. You know the process... he touches you, you touch him back, you kiss... he invites you home, you resist but leave with him anyway. Then, at his place, you have a drink... make out... then you have a smoke, make out again, he tries to go for the kill, you resist, and in the end you have sex with him anyway....
            Her: Haha... yeah, I have had situations like this....
            Teev: You know the process, you know the taste – tastes neither good nor bad, and you know what you get....
            Her: True, and it is not that good after all.
            Teev: No, it isn’t.
            Teev: I prefer having a four-star meal... I want my sex to be more intriguing.... You know the food will be good, but you surely do not know what it will taste like... it is... interesting... making you feel... adventurous... and you are open-minded to try out new things, making you feel so liberated... and open.
            Her: Yeah....
            Teev: And I have a friend who happens to view the female body... as a seven-course meal... because, after all, women can get up to four types of orgasms....
            Her: Oh, really? Which ones?
            Teev: Well... (describe each type of orgasm)...

            When it comes down to her desire to be "courted", you can easily tell her that even classy girls needs to be naughty occasionally and that you will help her find a gentleman for her tomorrow. Or i'd might start courting her in a sarcastic way in order to make fun of her and then get back to the juicy stuff. But I would probably just go with an easy solution: "I always court women... with orgasms". If she gets an ASD kick, so be it, then I will use some more fancy ASD busters.

            Some ways I could have played it (let me know what you think of these ASD busters please):

            1. I could say that in the right situation with the right guy, she would be a nympho...but I understand she's a good girl otherwise and its ok to be like that? Then say "Im only a sexual freak with the right girl..especially if something subtle/subconscious stands out about if she has a hidden sexuality that needs to be let go."
            This is something I would typically say back in the days, and it does work.

            Im adding in a bit of purity with this selectivity to not come too strong on her - the Russian said I was moving too fast and it was just basic sexual chat.
            Ah the moving too fast line... well in this case I would just start using Ross Jeffries "slow motion" routine... where basically start talking very slow and move very slow... "Youuuuuu thiiiiink Iiiiiii aaaaaaam.... beeeeeeeeing.... tooooooo faaaaaaaaaast.... hooooooow aaaaaboooooouuut noooooooow..."

            EDIT: Is it a bad idea to show any purity yourself? I could tell her im a good boy and it could make her think im a beta but it has advantages of coming under the radar. It will diffuse her so you can talk about more juicy things. It sounds like the ultimate ASD buster by saying you're a good boy but a sexual freak with the right type of girl
            Now you are overthinking. Fuck purity. You get to talk about juicy things by:
            -Being calibrated
            - When able to deal with her ASD

            2. That I don't just sleep with anyone... "I like to get to know someone too but cant apologise for being a sexual being at the same time..its biological and natural instinct." (Im unsure of this could be more risky and not genuine enough to say your a sexual being. Its better to allude at it than say it directly? I dont think any woman is dumb enough to think guys arent sexual beings)

            I just tell women that I am not after sex.... but after good sex

            Maybe I could say something like:
            "I don't just sleep with anyone... I like to get to know someone too, because I can have a deeper sexual experience with someone I know versus a random one night stand where I don't know them that well") And if she's an ONS type e.g she's from out of town.....I can say "if I have a connection with a girl, a ONS can be exciting"

            Well this is a terrible idea if you actually want to have an ONS. You just feed her with reasons to not have a one night stand with you.

            Question: If she says: Is sex all you think about? Then what would you say?

            If she says that... I would say something like "i occasionally think about food when I am hungry too".

            Or I might tell her "Spot on! Yes is there really anything that is more exciting than sex? it makes us feel good, it makes us feel human, it gives meaning to our life. In addition to that, it is soooo interesting, isn't it? Think about it, a lot of our behaviour is dictated by our sexuality and in order to real understand humans, one needs to understand sexuality. Hence this is why I am genuinely interested by sex. So let me ask you, are you not interested in the thing in lie that makes you feel the most good? the thing in life that explain most of human behaviour?"

            As I said, any resistance is an opportunity.

            But maybe something like (and taking this from you):

            "Well, I think society judges us about sex too much. Its something natural that can't be judged.....we become free when we just be ourselves biologically"

            Or something like that?

            Yes this always work, but it usually not enough to make a girl horny.


            Im also going to look through your sex reports and get some other pointers here..its the specific examples/lines I need so I can frame things correctly....and then ill just calibrate those to my style :P
            Sure do that

            Sex talk game from my understanding now is: basically about having an intelligent sexual discussion. When you give her intelligent answers about sex too (in response to her ASD), she opens up even more and doesnt have any more've led her to where she wants to go..and it just gets her horny.

            Sure some conversations can be interesting, but I prefer seeing it as an intriguing, exciting, yet casual conversation about sex.

            Thanks man, your replies are awesome!

            Glad you liked them.

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              Originally posted by Jack Gignac View Post
              lol such long texts but one of the biggest lessons I got from tva over the years distilled is this 'don't make it about her sexuality, make it about YOUR sexuality'. ASD is triggered mainly by the girl thinking your perceiving her as low value. by presenting yourself as sexual, it gives her bait to bite on that she won't be stigmatized etc.

              there's this one natural guy I know who is insanely openly sexual. he makes public facebook posts on being sexual. he for sure gets laid but no one likes his posts because of the stigma. I definitely do better than him because I'm more discreet. If you're TOO out there with it, you become a stigma too imo. it's like a hollywood actress being seen with a male porn star... we all know what's going down.

              would you say that's wassup teevz?
              Interesting. I never really though of it that way. I usually make the conversation about my sexuality because most women have a rahter boring sexual life (which is why I am here, to change that ) but if the girl is an experienced libertine, i have discovered that letting her talk more is key. So it really depends on the interaction. If she is not-so experienced girl, then you do the talk. If she has tasted a lot of dick, you can let her talk more. That being said, asking a girl about stuff and making the conversation about her can be useful:
              - To get an idea of what she is into, so that you can calibrate
              - Value elicitation
              - Rapport

              So I would say that I usually do 70% of the talking, while letting her do 30% of it. Of course this is not set in stone.

              Teevster (TVA_Oslo) AKA. Alek Rolstad

              Projects 2017:

              - Still Rocking
              - Flipping Lesbians (have sex with lesbians)
              - 10 year in PU anniversary!