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My housemate looks like Rachel Weisz. Should fuck her?

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  • My housemate looks like Rachel Weisz. Should fuck her?

    So. I live in a hippie cooperative house. (I'm not a hippie, but shit this place is cheap, which is what I need right now). I have 26 roommates.

    And one of them looks like Rachel Weisz. She wants me. We went out tonight for our first one on one hangout tonight-studying-but oh GOD the IOI's she was giving me were ridiculous.

    I should've gone in for the kiss, right? She wants me. I should bang her.

    Unfortunately, she lives two floors above me. And will live with me until May.

    So, my dilemma:

    I *want* to fuck Rachel Weisz. I *don't* want to see her every day. Let alone live with someone I'm fucking.

    Oh GOD, what do I do?

    PS- Did I mention she was OMFG wow hot?

    EDIT: And...she has a light smattering of freckles. Like, not "in yo' face freckled ginger satan child"...but like...a lil sprinkle. Which I would like to plaster with my...

    ...loving kisses. I am a dirty sumbitch.

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    Dude, do whatever you want, but be prepared to accept the consequences that are possible with it. It's sounds like a pretty fluid living situation so you could always bail if shit got really bad. If you can deal with the fact that at some point you might really piss her off and she might hate you and you'll have to see if every day, then go for it. If you can't, then don't.


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      It doesn't matter what advice you receive, you'll probably end up boning her anyway. In all honesty I don't see the problem. Have you mentioned the fact that you're not into relationships (or looking for a relationship)?


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        You're just looking for reasons to fail, to justify not sleeping with her. You're coop is the size of a small city and you're living situation is probably very fluid as a result, a Z pointed out.

        With that said, I've never had a girl roommate. I was under the impression that the guideline was developed for people who are living in a two bedroom apartment. In that case, having any sort of trouble between the two of you would be much more problematic.

        You obviously posted here because you really want to sleep with her, and want someone to discipline you not to. Just do it or you'll probably regret it. Worst case, you move out. Or get herpes.


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          99% of the time I would say no, do not fuck your roommates/neighbors/coworkers. It will be very nice briefly, but once the drama starts (as it always does) you'll be screwed because there will be nowhere to run. She'll be in your face whether you like it or not.

          There's a very hot chick who lives two houses down from me and I promise you I will NOT fuck her. I don't even want to talk to her. If I move away, then I might call her.

          However if you live in one of those hippy dippy commune type things, fucking each other is sort of par for the course with those things. That free love stuff is part of the culture. So I'm not as adamant as I would normally be in your situation.

          (Just remember women=drama, even peaceful hippy chicks. Go see the movie "Our Idiot Brother" for an example of exactly what I'm talking about.)
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            I actually was a Hippie back in the mid to late 60s, and lived in a "Family" for several years, which was the term for stable groups of Hippies who lived together. Random sex within families almost always led to drama, was frowned upon, and was usually done very discretely, unless you had an excuse like, "we were really high on acid and it just happened, it was like beautiful man." Hippies are just middle class kids who really like to party and dress weird and don't like to work too hard, plus mortifying all their relatives was a major added bonus. But their culture is still middle class, and most of the rules apply.

            And yes, a Hippie Hot Babe is capable of just as much drama and bitchiness as any other when riled up.

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              Hahaha... my parents were hippies and living in a little hippie cooperative house. They were not dating. Ummm....enough said lol!!!

              Seriously though, my baby brother was living in one of those awhile back. He had his own room (with mushrooms painted all over the walls haha) and it was more like an apartment though there were lots of people sharing the living spaces and kitchen areas (several). In a place like that I think you could get away without a lot of drama unless you got attached to each other and she is jealous of seeing other girls come in and out of your room.

              Like the place where my brother was staying no one really batted an eye when his 35 yr old older sister and baby came to visit, though he did introduce me to some people who were sitting around on the couches. So depending on if the people are cool and stay out of your business you might not have any trouble at all.


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                My friend had this same experience (we also went to Wisconsin- he lived in a hippy commune right on that lake). It was 2 years ago, but I gave him the advice to wait until the school year was almost done- you can keep her as a constant fuck buddy, its perfect for a finals study time, but the timeline wont be long enough to have things go bad. He waited until 3 days before he moved out- went for it- said it was great, but he just kept thinking he could have had it the whole semester if he'd gone for it earlier. My advice was wait until there's a month or a month and a half left- and that's what I stand with. Because after waiting so long- he REALLY wanted to fuck her (and vice versa) -the 3 days before they moved apart and he graduated and left was not quite enough time to really get all he wanted out of it. More than a month and a half and there's going to start being those questions of "where is this going- if your'e going to be around this summer maybe we can just keep it going" type thing.

                just out of curiousity- Madison right? (only WI campus I know of with hippy communes!)


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                  The answer is: YES!

                  Alternatively it may also be: 42!

                  Btw, imagining fucking Rachel Weisz was the only way I got through "The Constant Gardener".


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                    Originally posted by Adonis View Post
                    just out of curiousity- Madison right? (only WI campus I know of with hippy communes!)
                    YEP. Friend request me or PM me if you're ever in the area.

                    So many fucking hippies. Someone thought it would be a good idea to talk about the books we're reading.

                    You should've seen the shit fly when I told them I was reading Ayn Rand.

                    Hippies can be just as big of haters to those who don't conform as other prejudiced groups.

                    I think I will probably try and fuck her. I mean's RACHEL WEISZ!


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                      Just googled her. You fuck her and you fuck her hard. Just don't pull a bakchod.


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                        If you are willing to bone her a few times, be prepared to see her with other guys, or hear her getting laid, etc. Will YOU be jealous?