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    For the first time in my life, I will be leaving the United States.

    For 3-6 months I will be on such a thing as a business retreat in Bali, Indonesia and Cheng Mei, Thailand. For these few months I will primarily be focused on business, but I imagine I will be getting some foreign girls here and there. I have been told that dating apps such as Badoo are huge over there, but I'm thinking I'll also be able to do some cold approach as well. It's been said that just being American is a huge advantage there.

    After this I will be traveling wherever. My thoughts are to go and explore these countries around South East Asia. What I really like is the low-cost of living and how much these foreign girls like Americans.

    I'm writing this post because of some of our travelers here. Part of the reason is to share some of my experiences with you all, since I've been told how different life can be in foreign lands.

    Other than that I would be open to any and all suggestions here. I think I probably gotta be extra careful of STDs right? And girls trying to get pregnant? Massages are $5 USD over there, I'm not sure if they have happy endings too.

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    Also dont forget to make a trip to Europe at some point - you ain't seen nothing if you havent been outside the US - the US is a totally fake airy fairy world if im honest.....its not reality
    Got a friend that is traveling there right now. He says it is so much better than U.S. and I've seen him with hotter girls than I have even been with and he was a virgin just a few months ago. Plus he says that guys in Europe suck way worse at game.


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      I am looking forward for a post for Mediterranean girls seduction according to country. The dude who will be able to figure out this game will be a champion.


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        I'll be over there too this winter.


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          I've been to Chiang Mai, via Bangkok and Pattaya Beach (had to see what the hubub was about).

          It's not as hookerish as the latter two places, but ... you're still in Thailand. There are many, many hookers there.

          I have no interest in prostitutes, but in Thailand: some really try to pretend they're not pros, at first. It's unusual. They run a long-con "I love you but need $$" con.

          Unfortunately, after two weeks there (and the street vendors/ salesmen are worse than any country, period, end of story) ... I was so jaded, when a non-prostitute cute Thai girl in a student uniform came up to talk to me, I assumed she was a pro looking for a sale, so I entertained her normal conversation (They all start that way) but was pretty aloof. Looking back she probably WASN'T a prostitute, and even the normal women there like presumably "wealthy" foreign white man.

          Just remember, you can find true North by asking one of those Tuk-Tuk drivers where South is. Maybe with all the 'apps' these days it's easier to find non-pro women.


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            I've done a bit of travel there, and make sure you double/triple up your dates, some of them will admit they're hookers just before you meet them. Lots of hookers in general, which can be really annoying. Girls will be seeing you as a meal-pass to the "blue passport" and some will fall in love at first sight, be careful. Bring shitloads of condoms and put them in all of your luggage, carryons, daypacks, suit jackets, pants...