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  • weaning her off

    Hey guys,

    So the most recent chick I started banging is becoming addicted to me. We had great sex for the third time last week, each of which ended with her going home. This time though she followed up the next day via txt, asking me if I wanted to go to X event with her over the weekend (sound the alarm bells). I told her I'd let her know, all the while knowing that taking that step will just get me closer to BF territory.

    Anyway, later the same night she drunk-txts me saying "Babe, I'm drunk". I had a laugh about it, told her that's cute, and left it alone. Then again, 3 hrs later, she drunk-txts me reaching out for more conversation. This time I ignored her.

    Come next morning, she txts me again telling me how embarrassed she is with herself for the drunk-txting. I play along, make a bit of small talk, and then move on with my day. What happens next is where it gets painfully obvious and my attraction level drops. She txts me AGAIN late at night, asking me if she might be able "stay over" the next day. Maybe for some guys this obvious invitation for sex would sound appealing, but I immediately had an "oh fuck" instinct when I saw the txt. I told her I had a thing I would doing with my buddy that evening so it wouldn't be possible, but suggested possibly the following week. She said "hmm maybe".

    At this point I'm happy with her response because it puts the ball back in my court so I can continue chasing her for the next hook-up. I don't like it the other way around. It's too easy and kills the attraction.

    How do you guys handle this? How do you keep women in your rotation when they want more than they can have?

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    I have an FB like this. Its winter here, its 'cuffing season' so I did some things out of character nice to her. You have to meter it though. I'll stay over once in a blue moon (like I did on her birthday)

    But 90% of my interaction with her is showing up to her house late at night, banging her, leaving at 1 am or so. After like 6 months or so of this she gets it, I sleep with other women.

    The way I've been doing it is indeed a source of drama though. I've gone radio silence for a month with her prior. Gives me the stink eye and gets super pouty as I leave. Treat with soft next.

    I mean I like this girl, she is good to be, but this is about the level of commitment I want.

    Its actually kinda awesome, knowing I make myself a tiny bit available and it totally makes her day / week.
    "A human life gains luster and strength only when it is polished and tempered."


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      I told her from the beginning that I wasn't looking for a relationship and she said those were exactly her expectations. I'm not surprised that she's changing her mind so early. It's to be expected. I want to be completely honest this time around though, meaning if I have to and the drama gets too hot, I'll reaffirm my position and soft next as you suggested.