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Calling out sedfast members what are we going to do...

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    i haven't read the drama being referenced.

    just saying this drama is why public forums were left for a while by good posters.

    theres quite a few who will never post publicly because of this kind of drama.

    signal to to noise ratio. etc.

    edit: not referring to the posters mentioned here. i've seen quite a bit of drama and crap on this forum over the years.


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      Though I have always been around in varying degrees, I am an infrequent poster so I won't overstep my bounds by speaking about things other than what I have personally seen. Frankly the issue is egos, and that has been an issue (again in varying degrees) since just a little while after this forum was created. Too many people who are insecure or deluded in their own knowledge trying to shove their opinions down others' throats as if it is fact. Too many people who are certain that they have it all figured out, but don't realize that geniuses ask the most questions. They don't realize that what they know is such a small fraction of what there IS to be KNOWN, that it is negligible. They don't realize that you can learn something from everyone. The majority of any forum often turns into a vicious circle of egoistic seeking of validation as opposed to a true offering of value, and that is where the issue lies. If one truly had all the answers, why would they insist when another refuses to open their mind? Again the core issue is ego. Wanting to believe you know everything as opposed to accepting that you know nothing and attempting to learn. I can't say that I have never had this mindset nor can I say I never will have this mindset again so I am not exempt. The true master is an eternal student, and unless you go through life with the attitude of a student, your ego will rear it's ugly head no matter how great you are.

      -Too much name dropping. Any good point will stand on it's own two legs and ignorance compounds in groups. Evoking someone else's name to argue a point when they are not centrally relevant to the point is a sign of a weak argument.

      -Too many opinions being presented as facts and shoved down others' throats. Unless you are presenting empirical evidence or quoting someone, you are stating your own personal opinion. Some will agree, some will disagree, but no opinion can ever be right or wrong.

      -Too much fraudulence and grandiosity. This is human nature to try to be more than truly are, but it seems to be more prevalent in internet forums where the burden of evidence is negligible. Then others feel the need to also seem grandiose lest they fall into the shadow of the first man. This is why 90%+ male bodybuilders are on steroids. How can they compete when everyone else is on steroids?

      -Too little sense of purpose. Are you here to learn and improve/help others do so, or are you here to prove you know everything? If your purpose in life or anything is to show that you are already perfect, you have no purpose.

      -Too much projecting. Though we are all similar in that we are human, and even more similar in that we all are posting in this forum, no two humans are identical. It is human nature to project, as what you have experienced is all you know. Personal experiences are infinite sources of knowledge when used positively, but if the shoe doesn't fit, don't force it. Understand that every human is infinitely different. Each moment that goes by in their lives is another factor in which makes them different from you and every other human, so respect and honor that.

      -Too little fresh air. In many forums people spend their whole day posting and commenting rather than actually participating in the object of said forum. Quite ironic. People on Reddit spend all day talking about video games when they could be professionals had they spent half that time actually playing the game.

      I could go on but this just seems to be a comprehensive list of things that I have witnessed afflicting THIS forum and forums in general. Be the change you seek.


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        Originally posted by Groundhog View Post
        Maybe a couple of folks could volunteer to be moderators.
        history has shown that becoming a mod is the most efficient and effective way to lose that poster


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          Originally posted by CrassMoFuggah View Post
          history has shown that becoming a mod is the most efficient and effective way to lose that poster
          There's our solution right there. Every three months, we vote on who the biggest KJ is, and make him a mod.

          Also...sup guys, long time no see.


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            that's so true. some of the best members
            who were mods seem to disproportionately dip
            blackdragon, nicolo, tubaroo, Z I think?


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              Originally posted by Faust View Post
              There's our solution right there. Every three months, we vote on who the biggest KJ is, and make him a mod.

              Also...sup guys, long time no see.
              Well, well, well. Look who's back from the dead!


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                Come on man we don't want you to go.

                I feel everyone here should learn how to co-exist for the benefit of the group.

                Do we really not have any moderators here? Maybe we can change this?


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                  fuck my life! i got troll baited again by impulse...

                  this is only for you impulse since no matter how many posters, times etc... people try to help you and clarify shit to you, you still don't get it...

                  I have been talking about look maxing for 5 years, i look like vin diesel... And I am 1000% sure that i probably i am in better shape and look better than you...(vibe, presence, height,swag, frame etc...) I am a better looking version that vin diesel at his prime...

                  My problem with you is that you water down subjects and strawman the subject to convert them into comical levels and shit post...Then you troll bait, and derail topics... (ex. your goodby post, above this one)

                  Let me give you an example with what i am talking about, I would make a post such as which is polirizing enough you would jump in, a day or 2 later grabbing my point, and water down and fuck up my point by posting a parallel shit post fucking up, watering down and crapping down the point .... Just like the Saturday night live will have a mock version of donald trump or obama or bill clinton you were doing that with some of the points i was trying to make..... If you read my post is practical you come days later with some crap shit about some 6 pack allianating the posters with this crap polirazing the point to uncalibrated levels and fucking everything up...

                  Another example is this then you come down with a shit post water down version with this

                  ^ this is just some of the many examples... if you really wanted to see what is that you are doing wrong... Go over all the interactions were cosy 10000000000000000000% correct give you the right diagnosis to your problems which you ignore, troll bait, strawman, of course downgraded and mock cosy= WHICH IS YOUR MAIN PROBLEM... Then you proceed to apologize and play the victim, follow by more shit post, polirazation and on and on...

                  Pming me about banning circulator, pming me about sargemaximus

                  Troll baiting over and over

                  downvoting posters, stalking downvoting

                  Playing the victim with downvoting

                  Talking kj shit about dance floor game

                  talking kj about a whole of subjects

                  victim that uk is different than everywhere else to justify your kj...

                  Strawmaning "hey you do not need a 6 pack to be good at this shit" with "women find a belly disgusting"

                  Impulse you inspire discussion AWESOME, (which is why ijjjji likes you).... Those discussion never practical, turn into bickering, alienate posters, and you totally spam the forum...

                  Ignoring you is not even enough, cause you troll bait like Karl rove of fox news...

                  As circulator says, you are a fucking cancer... And remember i was fighting circulator, and i once liked you but your are insane, circulator in this one is totally right, YOU WERE DESTROYING THE FORUM...

                  In before you think i am angry, and i know you know that my style of posting is polarizing and fake angry (which most people know) and you do piss ass job as imitating,...

                  p.s. For the 100000 time i am not the one downvoting you, stop projecting..
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                    Originally posted by Faust View Post
                    There's our solution right there. Every three months, we vote on who the biggest KJ is, and make him a mod.

                    Also...sup guys, long time no see.

                    Aaah i see, the same reason why we made Trump president.

                    I am all for it.

                    Ps: good to see you back!!


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                      Originally posted by Impulse View Post
                      Alright, i'll try and give a level headed response now:

                      I think the main issue with me is that I can come across direct and "biting" of sorts in a lot of posts with too much obsession for certain topics, which isnt respecting etiquette boundaries for a lot of guys. Im an outspoken person thats normally pretty direct in business all the time - you have to be - so thats probably why im direct and speak my mind even if it walks all over other people's conceptions/beliefs and doesn't respect the emotional state they're in. And being obsessed about something can come across the wrong way.

                      I actually didnt grow up like that - At school I used to be a shy guy. But ive always been excellent in person - I was a public speaking champion at my school, and also an athletics champion on the track - I was the muthafuckin champion dude that everyone had to beat! Damn! Somehow ive gotten off track......I did have a shitty upbringing and was always late for school LMAO.

                      I talk to everyone when im out - people introduce themselves to me, I have a fun, relaxed and happy vibe about not overtly assertive or steamroller people. I listen to them and what their world is about. And obviously nobody can see that from here..what they do see is a type of "directness" and overt obsession that can come across strong and biting and "too much thinking" with the occasional dubious topic peppered in of sorts

                      Last, a lot of what some may say is brain diarrhoea (credit: ijji, I like that phrase, I'll use that more often instead of mental masturbation lol lol) is I believe just me being taken out of context or people not understanding what im saying, coupled with being obsessed about certain things (especially things to do with the mind and brain programming). For example the 6 pack stuff...thats honestly been taken totally out of context and wasnt aimed at most was a continuation of a discussion I was having with skills and came across the wrong way and people misunderstood it so I regret posting it actually

                      That men better than women thing was a totally stupid thread though, it was just something that happened in the moment and I got carried away...Ive deleted it all. Maybe a few other threads that worked people up too (the BS exposed for instance) - think it got taken the wrong way, as if I was criticising specific posters..again another direct and biting thing happening there

                      Anyway, if ive pissed guys off from posting too much I'll apologise again...think it would be a good idea to take a few steps from here..but...I do believe it is based primarily on obsession and addiction for this stuff more than anything else, which is causing me to get into some topics unnecessarily

                      EDIT: Ok, im aware its an energy flow thing...I need to use my energy more effectively instead of a deer smashing through the windscreen all the energy is obviously powerful, I need to use it more effectively and direct it better
                      I read this and the first thing I think is.. Big ego, no consciousness regarding selfreflection and reflection on others.. In no position to put himself into other peoples shoes. It's stupid his surroundings enabled them.. but then again a lot of people are idiots

                      then I think: shit am I in any position to judge him? and then I am like: let other people and himself read and decide for themselves