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Returning to Pickup after Long Hiatus

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  • Returning to Pickup after Long Hiatus

    So I found the pickup community my junior year of high school (2007), and it literally changed the course of my life for the next few years in a great way. I was really into David D and David Shade stuff specifically at the time, as well as many of the guides and posts on the old forum.

    Despite appearing to be able to attract women I was interested in, I remained a virgin until my fourth year of college. My first kiss was as a freshman in college, and I probably "slept with" (read: platonically) about 12 different girls before one actually took the initiative and while we were both drunk ended up hopping on me. I think I was 20 at the time. The very next day I began a long-term FwB for about a year with a girl I'd been fooling around with prior to that.

    When that relationship ended, I was crushed. I figured that her sex with me was good enough for her to stick with me no matter who else she hooked up with. And that was mostly the case for that year. However what crushed me more was that as I tried calling a mutual friend sometime when things were weird, she told me that she didn't want to be friends with a rapist. I know for a fact that nothing that happened would've constituted as rape or sexual assault, but just being accused of it fucked with my mind nonetheless.

    Fast forward four years and a few casual hookups with less than satisfactory sexual performance for both of us and now I'm interested in getting back into this community and revitalizing myself again. During the FwB time I had a practically unlimited sex drive; I had sex once or twice a day for most days of the week. Now I've had to deal with not being able to climax and/or keep it up in situations where I should've had every right to be aroused.

    I don't know exactly what's causing that, but I would say that living without going out and hooking up much since leaving college had led me to develop a slight scarcity mindset. Not sure if this is enough to go on for someone to offer help, but if someone has some ideas of where to devote my energy that'd be awesome. If you need more information I can elaborate as well.

    Anyway, thanks for the accepting me back into this community.

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    Sounds like not much happening lately. Get out there, have fun, make stupid mistakes, post them here, grow... You're 27. That's awesome. Sounds like you're a little too attached to what happened when you were 20 and 21. That's not so good. Thats a lifetime ago. Let it go.


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      Thanks. Sounds like a plan.