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  • Question for photographers

    Is the following correct:

    Wide angle lens tend to make close object relatively bigger than a short focal lens. Hence, if you have a big nose, pictures taken with a smartphone camera will typically not be flattering. Better use a short focal camera and take a picture from far away. This will tend to make your jaw larger compared to your nose.
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    Yeah, zoom in from far away and your nose will look smaller.


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      Smartphone cameras have the equivalent of a 35-40 mm lens on a 35 mm camera, that is wide angle but not extremely so. Portrait lenses were typically 85-100 mm in the age of the 35 mm SLR.

      It really is about the distance from the camera, not the angle of the lens. If a camera is close to you, your nose is a substantial amount closer than the rest of your face, so it takes up more space in the photo. If someone else took the pic from 6 feet away with a phone and you cropped the pic, you'd get the same perspective as with a portrait lens, but cropping it would lower the resolution. Most phones these days have high resolution sensors and can be cropped quite a bit and still give a passable result.
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