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Video on how to quikcly make people feel at ease with you (Beijing Scams)

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  • Practical Technique Video on how to quikcly make people feel at ease with you (Beijing Scams)

    Sorry for posting another travel video that isn't really about pickup per se, but I think there is a lot to take away from this video that is very pertinent to pickup, and especially the first phase of daygame on streets where you're looking to break the ice and get an insta-date. While this video is about a scam I couldn't help thinking about how the same social and conversational tricks used by the scammers might also work very well for attracting women.

    It shows some principles on how to make people feel at ease with you very quickly, and how you can use that to get a mini-date with them very fast. Of course I hope you won't use this to lure victims into your friends tea house, but that you instead use the techniques to get to know women. All kinds of women, of course, and not just Chinese.

    Enough talk! Here it is:

    You can start from the beginning if you also want to learn a few things about how to make successful business deals. But if you're only interested in pickup, then just skip to 3m27s. ^^

    Some things to take away from this:

    Body Language
    They walk side-by-side next to their mark, shoulder-by-shoulder. The body language is relaxed and not threatening. For instance they would never do things like trying to stop the mark, or stand in front of them, and especially not front-to-front. At least not in the beginning...

    They talk about commonalities; a thing supported by psychologists and rhetoricians alike. They already know something about the place their mark is from, and they suggest to the mark that they're from a place the mark knows something about. While you can use similar techiques, you will not need to lie as long as you get the conversation over on something that you have in common, or something you both know about. Notice however how the whole situation is tailored so they're both tourists, and thus already have that in common.

    Common Cause
    Lastly, they talk about common activities; about how they're also looking for a nice place to sit down, and then they invite the mark to come with them, if not straight away, then later that day. This builds a common cause, and again helps the mark feel more at ease with the scammer. They're in the same boat, so to speak, so it might be cool to discover something together.

    The caveat is of course that this is tailored to a very special mark: that of a newly arrived tourist. However, if you know of such a place in your town, that would be the best spot to practice these techniques. If you do, I'd love to hear how it went! (But if you scammed somebody with it, I'd be more than happy to report you to popo )