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PDA vs. building tension

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  • PDA vs. building tension

    This has happened to me 3 or 4 times in the last few months.

    Out at a club or a show, open, escalate. Now I'm making out with the girl and probably significantly twisted (alcohol, x, yay). I probably get too into it, but don't get anything but positive reaction/encouragement--in two of these instances she says something like "you're perfect." Things might get out of hand, say finger-banging on the dancefloor or something. By the end of the night, the girl disappears. A couple times I saw them with another dude--ok, it happens. I wouldn't be surprised if that was the end result in all of these examples.

    So tell me what I'm doing wrong here:

    - How to handle the PDA? Is it good to go at it in public with a girl, get really passionate and stuff, within that first hour? How do you walk the line and build tension? Also, how do you control yourself (probably related to #3)?

    - The second issue here is extraction and logistics. In 3 of these situations I was traveling, not in my own city, staying with friends or family. Is it a bad move to push going back to her place? How do you extract at the right moment when she is hot for you if you are traveling without dropping cash on a hotel room? Is paying for a hotel for a one-night stand AFC-ish?

    - Third issue is drugs/alcohol and night game. When I was in college I would just get as wasted as possible and that would attract women, funny how that works. A lot of the "naturals" I know also just get wasted and always end up bringing home chicks. E is also weird because making out is awesome when you are rolling and it's probably easy to get carried away.

    Help me sages of the PUA world.

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    First of all i dont think is healthy to use drugs as a cltuch to loose yourself and immerse yourself in pick up, one because high quality women dont like that and two because you cannot think you tell your story it seems you can get intimate with a girl all you need to work on is following through...if it gets as intimate as you describe...just find a dark corner and show her your disco stick...if your place is close by just take her home.......FOLLOW THROUGH....


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      Ya i think you are coming in too hot and maybe she gets bored? Build some anticipation, change venues then bounce to your place for the f.close. I find that when i tease its more affective... push and pull all night long.