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    I was out on Friday night for a few drinks and something happened that reminded me of a previous outing from way back. I just thought I'd share these two stories with you cos I think there's something interesting here... but being honest, I don't know exactly what that something is.

    Firstly - Ancient History
    I was out at a bar having a few drinks when I got talking to girl I knew in passing. There was never anything between us, no sexual chemistry or anything. Now, I have a pretty low boredom threshold in bars and clubs and somewhere during the course of what she was saying I found myself zoning out entirely. Eventually, I grew so fed up with her I said, "Your chatter is boring the shit out of me. Want to come back to my place and fuck?"

    Her immediate reaction was utter shock. She opened her mouth and said nothing. It was like throwing a bucket of water over a cat. Then... something happened. She looked me up and down and her expression turned from shock to that of a woman eating chocolate in a TV commercial. Like... Mmmm... this feels good. It was as though in that moment I could actually sense her pussy getting wet. She said, "Let me finish my drink," and then she downed her drink in one. Amazing.

    Friday Night
    Again, I was out at a bar. I was talking to a group (3 girls, 1 guy) and the usual pleasantries were being exchanged. I asked how everyone knew each other and found the guy was dating one of the girls. Anyway, one of the other two girls was chatting away and asked me what I liked to do for fun and for some reason I really couldn't be bothered to answer her properly so I said, "I like to fuck lots of different women and never call them back so... what you up to later?" Her jaw dropped open and her eyes got wide. And do you know what happened next? The chocolate commercial face! This could all be in my imagination but again, I sensed that in that moment her panties were suddenly wet. She started quick-firing logistical questions at me. "Where do you live? Is it far from here?" etc etc. She was doing all the work.

    On both of these occasions I pretty much said the worst thing I could possibly think of, and it's not like I make a habit of that. I was wondering if there were any similar experiences out there?
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      Funniest thread so far


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        This is actually very good stuff!

        The ONLY risk I can see is that you call her out in front of her boyfriend, which could lead to violence, or in front of her girlfriends, which can cause them to hate her, especially if they haven't been laid lately and/or are in provider-seeking mode.

        One night I was at a bar and a girl I knew from way back, who had always had the same nice guy boyfriend, was acting drunk and hugging on me. I gently pushed her away and said come and see me tomorrow for some hugs, I am about to leave with that girl over there >>> pointing to another girl.

        She replies, "whaddya mean?". I pulled her close, put her head so her ear was next to my mouth, where my fingers were in her hair and I could pull her hair a little bit, and whispered in her ear, "shut the fuck up :-) ... we are gonna close the blinds and lock the doors for 2-3 hours and watch TV... :-) What do you think? ;-) " then pushed her away, then reached out and put my business card in her hand, pulled her close again, kissed her, then walked out the front door with girl number one.

        Seriously, if a woman is at a bar and would like to get laid, do you think she will go with the attractive man who is in a sexual state, or the nice guy who wants to discuss to see what hobbies they share in common? Sometimes women DO want that rapport-type conversation, but that should not be mistaken for a "when is this man going to take me and fuck me?" emotion within her. Two very different feelings for her.


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          fascinating... but how do we replicate this since you acted randomly??? i think the randomness was part of the effectiveness, a bolt from the blue. and i do believe you when u say u felt the girl's puss get wet. fascinating post.


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            I tried something just like this once. Little did I know, the group I was talking to was a bunch of sociology feminists. (I found this out later) They didn't get outwardly mad or anything, but the one of was showing IOIs turned pretty cold and the rest just kind of ignored it like they were "better" or "morally superior" to my comment.


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              I've made similar experiments before. What I found was, even though I may have disgusted some of the women, typically another woman who was up for it overheard what I was saying to all the women, came over and made herself known to me.... and then I took her back to mine and fucked her.
              I've had a number of lays like that. That's why I never fear rejection. You throw enough shit around, some of it is going to stick!

              It pays to advertise... but essentially you don't have to be so drastic. It's all about being suggestive in your conversation and then driving home the logistics on a crash course.


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                This reminds me of the Shock and Awe idea that went the rounds a few years ago. Some guys had success with it and so a bunch of others jumped on board. They would mistakenly believe that being blunt was all they needed. It's not that being blunt is a bad idea but I think it's going to work a lot better if you have some game to back it up.

                Can you handle the shit test that may follow?
                If she turns you down but stays in the convo can you stay with her?
                Can you handle it if you get told hell no or starts giving you bad press?
                Can you back it up?


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                  A natural friend of mine once told me a similar tactic. If you have a decent rapport/comfort going, and she's into you, at any random point in the conversation ask her, "you know what... can I be completely honest with you". (When you ask that she'll totally shut up and become completely focused on you). Then look her straight in the eye and tell her very matter of factly and slowly, "I would really... make love to you... tonight." The times I tried it something came over them, it's hard to describe. It was like they were shocked a man was being this direct, yet they became incredibly attracted. This goes against the "community rules" of never actually verbalizing intentions. They tested me somewhat, but it made things easier since after that they were totally on board with logistics. I've used this 4 times that led to SNL's. They were 6's / 7's, 25ish -early 30's, but still. (Come to think of it, 8's, 9's etc are probably even more used to guys beating around the bush so maybe it would even be more effective with them?).

                  Edit: I just remembered-- make it 5 times, and she was a cutie. I had gamed her a few weeks earlier at a different bar, so this was the 2nd time I ran into her out at night, used this tactic and left the bar together.
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