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Day 2 went ok, how do I continue ?

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    Originally posted by Fenice View Post
    Quick story about that. Few years ago I went clubbing with a group of friends. Among them a cute friend of mine, a HB7 I'd say. We were young and she wasn't used to the clubbing scene. A couple of guys approached her during the night both of them offering her drinks and chatting about some shit.
    While I was driving her home she was talking about them and I realized that she didn't have a clue on what they wanted from her. She thought that they were very sociable and nice guys. When I explained that they were hitting on her she was like: are you kidding?!?

    Moral of the story.

    The guys approached her so non-sexually that her mind wasn't even touched by the thought that they could have been hitting on her.
    Now that you say that, I remember my friend's girlfriend this summer. We were talking about how many guys hit on her this night, and she said "none". I was like, are you serious ? They were lining up to talk to you... And she said, "oh but they just want to meet people". Right. I very rarely have a straight guy come to me and talk, unless I'm with a girl of course.

    This makes me realize that I clearly wasn't direct enough in that club (and later).