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JWS 0011 Franco's Early Frame Announcement Part I (YouTube audio only)

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  • JWS 0011 Franco's Early Frame Announcement Part I (YouTube audio only)

    My discussion of Franco's classic work on The Early Frame Announcement. Women will discuss their needs, desires, and EXPECTATIONS for ALL their relationships, very early on in any interaction. In order to perceive her Early Frame Announcement, you need to practice three things:

    1. Be non-judgmental! Ask questions in a non-judgmental way. It's not that you won't judge whether or not she's right for you, it's that if you come at her from a moralistic standpoint, she won't feel comfortable opening up to you.

    2. Know what to listen for! Women have all sorts of relationships with all sorts of people. If you know what to listen for, you'll quickly see what category she puts you in as a man.

    3. Know how to interpret what she says! Women are very skilled in the art of SUBcommunication. Understand how to interpret female language by knowing how it serves a different purpose than male language.

    This Episode 0011 is the FIRST in a two-part series. Due to YouTube file size limitations, this episode is broken down into a further two parts. This is the FIRST of two parts to Episode 0011.

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