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How to look more bad boy?

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    Originally posted by Newman301 View Post
    I absolutely wouldn't be able to pull off Teevster's style, because I'm 100% not that guy...but he absolutely is that guy.
    Also he is in Europe and you are in the US. His look is just very good over here, nothing over the top. I saw more scarves on dudes the day I landed in Italy than I have during my entire time in the US. Hehe.


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      Originally posted by Silvertree View Post

      *Melts* Thank you ST... thank you for making my day with this pic. Doesn't get any better... Hahaha who says this is a forum for guys? *swoon*


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        Spiked hair + beard + tight clothes + smirk
        Just some looks I liked
        Some badboyish, some nice

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          Wow, thanks everyone for the replies!! Maniakka's pictures are very useful. Also thanks for Teevster pic's, although I would personally not feel good in those clothes, it will definitely help other guys out here.

          I got some great input that I can use, and will use

          It's true that being a bad boy is also in the inside. Without being a gangster, I break many rules, not just to break them or to act bad boy but it just has been part of me since I was a kid. That's why I said in my intro that girls do notice that after they get to know me, it's just the very first impression where I look sweet from the outside, it's my face i guess.

          This weekend I don't have much time but will experiment in the weekends thereafter. Not only the fashion part, but also the bodylanguage/vocal part. Although the latter is not bad, there is still room for improvement I guess.


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            So, is there any possibility that I could get some success even wearing some metal shirts (I'm not talking about the ones I have that would have me excommunicated by the Pope if he saw me)? I really can't stand the buttoned up shirt or dress shirt with all the flair. Not trying to look like a badass either, just my style.