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    Hey BD,

    I finally started reading through your BBDS Volume One, which is fantastic by the way... I'm wondering if you can comment on this video by Brent Smith, who recommends giving out one's phone number instead of getting phone numbers from women. Thoughts?

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    I'm shocked but I agree with every word he said in that video. Which is rare. Damn I'm still shocked.

    A few points:
    • I would bet money the guy who asked him the question is hitting up women over age 33. I've almost never had women under age 33 force the "dinner first date" issue with me, but women over 33 often do.
    • Guys have this thing in their heads about "getting phone numbers", and then they try it online and it doesn't work. I have never gotten laid online by asking for a chick's phone number. Never.
    • I have said many times before that if you want a chick's phone number, offer your phone number first. About 90% of the time, she'll give you her phone number in reciproctaion. However! Read the next point...
    • I schedule a first meet before I even discuss phone numbers. I think this is one of the big differences between me and everyone else who talks about online game. The goal is to schedule dates. Not talk. Not exchange phone numbers. Schedule dates. Email a bit, pitch the meet, get agreement, THEN offer your phone number, and get hers. Or, email a bit, good smartass comfort-buliding IM convo, pitch the meet, get agreement, THEN offer your phone number, and get hers. Comfort bombardment follow-up 2 - 3 days before the first date, then have the first date. I have fucked bazillions of chicks online with those two exact procedures.
    But bottom line, yes, stop asking for fucking phone numbers with chicks online!!!
    How to have 3 hour meet-to-lays and nonmonogamous relationships with any type of woman:
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      BD, JWS, etc.

      Interesting. I may start getting more into this "Online" thing all you kids are doing. Hehe.

      So I got my buddy to take a few pics of me against a white wall. I'm not doing anything, just standing chin up, smiling eyes, not really smiling with my mouth.

      I put it on hot or not and after 150 ratings I got a "7.8." The nerve! Don't they know I banged a nine last week! Haha.

      Anyway, I also noticed that hot or not is not like the hot or not of old. As I was rating women I noticed even the nastiest frumps were rated 7.5. This really hit my self esteem haha.

      I remember back in the day rating a chick 4, and them feeling bad, only to notice her over all rating was a 3!

      I had a pic back then that got me an 8.9. It was a black and white beauty taken by a pro with from down looking up and a skyscraper in the background.

      So shit, I suppose I need an epic pic again? Or is 7.8 just not good enough?


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        I never ask for a phone number, instead i say, "how are we going to coordinate?". i don't know if you should use the word coordinate i have a bad habit of sometimes using too technical sounding language. i use idiomatic expressions too, but anyways...yeah.


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          Totally agree. In fact, women I've met online complain men ask for their phone number too quickly, and seem impressed and intrigued that I do not bother. Usually they will offer it when a meet is scheduled. If not, I will offer mine in case a conflict happens (being stood-up sucks).

          But, really, killing a bunch of my time talking to some chick on the phone is worse that too much text. It's just... old-fashioned. I'd rather learn everything I need to learn in person.


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            Woah. Game changing thread for me.

            I've been in the habit of building rapport over 2-3 messages then getting straight to the point and asking for a meet with a number to coordinate details. That will usually blow out at least 1/4 of the girls I have a conversation going with. I had always chalked it up to a difficult woman (expecting a $$$ dinner or long drawn out chat sessions) which still may be the case but I had never even considered the fact I may be painting myself as a typical AFC in her eyes. Excited to get out there and see how the results change from taking a different approach in the next few weeks.