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3 Kino Escalation Rules that work for me

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  • 3 Kino Escalation Rules that work for me

    3 Simple Rules

    1. Never wait until the end of a date to kiss her. It builds up too much awkward tension.

    2. Be touchy-feely with her on a date. Hug her when you meet, caress her arm, hold her hand as you guide her through a crowded room, it gets her familiar with your touch.

    3. Use kino prior to kissing to test if she will kiss you. For example, if she won't hold your hand through a crowded room she won't kiss you.

    If you don't learn how to make her feel physically comfortable with your touch you'll ruin again and again what could've been a wonderful dating experience with a girl.

    -Dr. Valentine

    MOD EDIT Nick: Changed the title. Please don't don't use all caps. Thank you.
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