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Had a fuck buddy fuck a guy at the club. Important psychology. Women STILL can't handle cognitive dissonance.

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  • Had a fuck buddy fuck a guy at the club. Important psychology. Women STILL can't handle cognitive dissonance.

    Short story, picked this chick up last summer. Was fucking her. Moved. Came back started fucking her again. She had expressed some ideas about wanting to be an escort/whore etc.

    We are out at the club and very long story short/everything was free consensual sex between adults with nothing illegal happening at all......

    I ask her to, and she fucks this guy in the bathroom for me.

    After, we get back home and she says "that's so crazy i've never done anything like that I am freaking out"

    I question what she means, again some stuff I have to redact here for legal reasons. Suffice to say nothing illegal happened ever every ever ever ever!

    Now to game stuff,

    She in addition (more important to influence purposes) says "i've never had sex with a stranger before".

    I go "you fucked me the first day we met" she says "yeah but we had an INSTANT CONNECTION" "I knew you were a person like me, I felt like you were a best friend from grade school or something"

    Fuckin Ross Jeffries had an old school pattern called 'the instant connection"!

    But there ya go, long story short, chicks will do the "with a condom doesn't count" all the way to "never fucked a stranger" if "I felt something for him" etc.

    That's even with the whole liberated sexually millenial type girls. They will compartmentalize a lay in their head as "not a stranger, we had a connection".

    ASD is alive and well, just weaker than say 5 years ago even.

    Other lesson, listening to a chick you are fucking get banged by a gross old guy in a bathroom stall is hot in a way haha!

    Just don't tell her that, it's a dominance thang! Has to be at your command, not your pleasure. I am figuring that out more and more in the hyper advanced/total dominance stages of this game.


    How I cold approach pickup women. - How I control women in relationships.
    How I cold approach pickup women

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    Interesting story, definitely a lot of insights here I see to be true over and over again. Love the Ross Jeffries "Incredible Connection" pattern too.


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      Awesome on multiple levels!!!

      My practical things on instant connect:
      -Magic hands kino from start.
      -Repeatedly verbalizing that Im floored by her first impression on me.
      -Quickly into spamming 'deep' reads, and brief *enchanted* meeting of eyes.