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  • Gunwitch 3 key elements for seduction

    I was looking for it... It is a mission to find (took me an hour), so in case you are looking for it, here it is for reference, it is talked about in many posts...

    Gun post it and I delete this one... (so it is easier to find, since i Know you get paranoid with your stuff...)

    Before we gets started on base influence for post immersion,

    I am now going to go in to the latest science and research in female psychology, and human neurology in general. I don't want you questioning how any of this works, I want you to be able to fully understand, without looking in a human brain anyway, how these processes are happening, so you don't doubt them and can apply them more appropriately in an overall synergy.

    And then like I just said, in the later audio sections I am going to explain how this all fits in to the influence mindset, understandings and toolbox a pickup artist should be carrying in 2013.

    Now on to the science of what you will be learning in the influence section.

    Everyone in the pickup scene as of 2013 is all about "fun fun fun" "have fun and girls just fall in your lap" is the order of the day. Women have gotten easier in general to pick up vs say 2001. Not just for me, I am self aware of that, I am talking in general with all hook ups. On the whole "I don't wanna be seen as a slut" mindset, so you get less last minute resistance and objections to going home with you during a heated sexual vibe,. However it isn't all candyland everyone hooking up easy as pie, everyone gets laid world out there.
    This fun fun fun stuff is coming from experienced guys in social frame and sexual arousal , if you just epiphany of the month go out and have fun, great you emotionally stimulate the chick to varied degrees, but if you aren't sub communicating sexual congruence and if the frame gets away from you, your success rate becomes nil. FUN FUN FUN can be great to get attention, and even as deep of attention as you can get in clubs, but then you need to fill in the other 2/3 of the attraction sphere somehow.
    More than that problem though, you need to get her paying further attention to you other than "that fun guy in the club who did that thing with the lighter".
    You have to get her fully focused on you, then later immerse her fully in the interaction with you.

    But what are those other 2/3s?

    Well right now, before I even get in to the science, you need to understand that there is no such thing as attraction.

    I am going to call it influence, because as I said on other items, there is too much knee jerk thought that comes with attraction as a word. You see guys with tans and big white teeth, you see men doing back turn spins in feather hats and women chasing them, you see cave people smelling each others asses, god knows, but lets just say it has too much baggage for most guys at a language to thought level.

    Also attraction DOESN'T EXIST. At a neurological level, there is no such quantifiable thing as attraction. We will get in to the hard science of this later. Again there is no neurological phantom called attraction. There is decision making processes to either fuck, or not fuck you, that is based on 3 components:

    Sexual arousal.

    Social frame.


    Emotional stimulation.

    It is easy enough to see the truth of this if you recall any woman you ever fucked, and see how these 3 things were accomplished, or which were missing as rare as that is.

    About 90% of the game post immersion is the key 3 fighting each other. THIS IS a magic bullet, there IS a magic bullet in the community, the thing is it isn't just some line or technique it is a magic bullet of solid game with all 3 keys in place in every interaction:

    Lets take a look at some examples of 2 keys in place with one missing for example.

    Sexual arousal and emotional stimulation minus social frame.

    you walk up and tell her you think she is the sexiest fuckin woman you have ever seen, and you want to pull her underwear off with your teeth and eat her cunt all night long, with deep eye contact sexual voice and supreme confidence. You just majorly sexually aroused her and emotionally stimulated her, AND TOTALLY fucking RUINED the social frame in to a knee jerk response you won't recover from. Again women don't want to be accountable for the sex happening, or be a "slut", you just put the social frame in to knee jerk territory of "no I can't" mentality.

    Sexual arousal and social frame minus Emotional stimulation.

    You go up and you project masculine sexual dominance, and control the frame, she thinks you are a cool guy, people she knows would really like you, you are socially acceptable and all, and you are the most boring fuckin guy she has ever met, its like James Bond without the wit or charm, right there in the dance club. Some frat boy walks up, sticks his fists up as if to fight, picks her up and runs off with her laughing and screaming, he then sets her down, with everyone clapping and cheering, she is bashfully smiling and he gives her deep eye contact and kisses her.

    Social frame and Emotional stimulation minus sexual arousal.

    You approach her and say "hey you know I think I have that very same top at home" she laughs, you rainbow ruse her and she is amazed, wow fuck this guy really is fun, her friend comes over and says "hey are you trying to pick up my friend" and you say "of course not, im trying to pick up the both of you, but im not sure you could handle me two on 1, do you have any more friends?" she laughs and shuts up and leaves you to her friend, you take the friend out to the smoking area, you have a deep conversation about what it means to really be in love, destiny of meeting, how one little thing could change everything in the course of your life and hold you back from true love and fulfillment. You get back to your place to listen to some music , you try to kiss her and and she says "I really like you but I don't think of you like that, I mean you're a really cool guy, and I already have feelings for you, but i'm just not attracted to you, I mean you haven't touched me all night, you talk a million miles an hour, you barely look me in the eye, you make me feel like my kid brother did, he was so much fun" Of course she doesn't say the last part, she is just getting a lack of memory signals that you are a fuckable guy.

    The game is a 3 legged table of attraction phase: social frame, sexual arousal, emotional stimulation. 3 Keys.

    Miss a key you lose a knee. You fall over.

    As we talked about in universal understandings relaxation of course is new guys learning curve before ANY of this, all 3 keys require relaxation of mind and body pace, and outcome. This can be helped along with some method acting and exercises, and some realizations about rejection and the need to be in field etc, but mostly it comes from just approaching lots of women and getting use to it, bottom line. However you can be fully 100% relaxed with hot women, and if you fail to get the big 3 going, you will just be a faceless figure standing there to her psychology. Who then suddenly tries to get sexual and make a move.

    You can have only 2 going and manage a pickup it would seem of course. Like in the case of cavemanning a chick, going up, getting super sexual and trying to close her. You at least have a CHANCE without social frame under right circumstances, as in "cavemanning" etc. They COULD intellectually take your boldness as a vastly superior social frame, actually consciously though that is. as in "wow this guy is so honest and direct and not full of shit, he is the real deal."

    That's 1 in 100 times. So there really is no order of importance for the 3 keys, except in execution first to set the interaction as you want it to end up, sexual not social. So you start projecting the sexual and stimulating the emotional right away, as in attention and immersion.

    Like we talked in universal understandings, The game is not money, that's why she cheats with the limo driver. The game is not looks, that's why the best looking guys aren't all banging 10s, hell some a lot worse than average even. The game is not some massive evolutionary gambit where you merely over and over demonstrate survival and replication value to her social frame. The game is NOT woowoo state projection to the 500th level of bhudist mental control. The game is not conditioning processes like training a dog.

    All of these things are one legged tables, that is why none of these systems of thought or conceptual frameworks or seduction methods yield more than chance levels of success, even when done perfectly.

    The game is these 3 factors, sexual arousal, emotional stimulation, and social frame, combined and influencing her decision making process to fuck you or not, that simple.

    Beyond that just proper venue specific tactics are needed.

    There are about 5 different sexual arousal cycle models and theories in neurology, but they all pretty much agree based on MRI evidence that primarily in women the Amygdala, a part of the brain which in a sense interprets stimulus for our mind, isn't as strongly activated by visual images, but is more stimulated by emotions and memory. Simply, women aren't as turned on by looking at a guys abs, as they are by emotions and memories.

    We should all know this, it isn't insane theory of some sort it is as I said from MRI machines. The insane theories REALLY are for one example some of the material on evolutionary psychology that comes from guys on survival and replication, which is more closely based on Scientology models than current neuroscience. Women DO NOT sit and subconsciously judge "value" survival and replication wise and then once enough threshold has been met, become attracted then aroused, in fact they sit and judge SOCIAL value at a conscious intellectual screening level, and then weigh it against arousal and emotional stimulation to form an overall picture of their attraction to you.

    Again the arousal mechanism can be measured in their limbic system on an MRI machine. What does this tell us about sexual arousal then and what we can do to stimulate sexual arousal? Well simply put stop working your abs, again, women aren't men, start being congruent to her memory with someone she would be aroused by, AND emotionally stimulate her sexually.

    Aside from that as well, the corpus callosum, pretty much the tissue that separates the left from right brain and sends signals between the two has differences in men and women.

    A womans corpus callosum in most cases and most research, shows vast differences in how strongly women get signals between the left and right brain. Again we didn't need scientific backing to say that women experience emotion and associative memory stronger than men, and even enjoy experiencing negative emotions fully, rather than repressing them.

    Feminists would of course say this is all because of evil men, with the same exact brains, telling women they have to be emotional, yadayadayada. The truth is though that in any culture these neurological differences are there, and significant. Men are crazy for boobies, and women are fuckin nutts. In simplest terms. We wants physical traits, they also want physical traits, but they are also massively susceptible to emotional and memory based influence that we aren't to near the same degree. This is why we don't understand how to do it naturally.

    Again emotion and this associative memory are what cause more arousal in women than visual cues alone. If you bore her sexually, and aren't congruent in her memory with a man she would have sex with, and have the body of a Greek god, you will probably still strike out in seducing her. To illustrate this two blind dates:

    Man A arrives and looks like a male celebrity, cut abs, chiseled face, she becomes instantly mildly sexually aroused, as women do from this level of visual stimulus. Over the course of the date he remains totally neutral emotional stimulation wise and social frame wise. At the end of the night she just isn't attracted, and he doesn't do much to make things happen, they go their separate ways.

    Man B arrives and looks like an average guy, she isn't knee jerk put off social frame wise, I mean she wouldn't be embarrassed to be seen with him kissing her in public, but she also isn't knee jerk visually aroused or anything. Over the course of the night he gives her deep eye contact, he speaks to her slow and low, almost as if they are already lovers, he tells her things about herself that are spot on, its like he already knows her, he describes how his female friend once fell in love with a man on vacation in Spain, he makes a sexual joke so no one else can hear it, that is just spot on and funny, and he doesn't even realize it gets her thinking about sex, he is a really good listener too, they have really connected, she feels there is something really there and she is working towards it. Ok lets get star trek geek here, her Amygdala is taking in memory of sexual arousal, via his eye contact and sexual tone, and touching of her hand, the memory is, SOMEONE SHE HAS ALREADY FUCKED practically, he is "as if" he is already a lover to her memory, this starts sending arousal signals out which increase sex hormone levels.

    All this congruency of association in her memory, coupled with her language processing centers strongly converting the story and the joke in to FELT emotions of love and sex via the difference in the corpus callosum, and it's the same as if you or I were sitting there staring at a bikini models thighs in the sun. This is all verifiable science. Again, learn to influence women with behavior and words, stop working on your abs or the paint job on your car.

    Differences in how her limbic system is processing all of this information, and how ours would process visual stimulation are fairly reversed. The difference in the corpus callosum, allows her amygdala to send out signals via stored associated memory and emotional stimulation that end up in the nucleus accumbens, the pleasure center of the brain. This is how choice making is done, this is what "motivation" and "attraction" are at a neurological level. Combined with the fact that this new interaction is stressful on some levels, her body has started to release what are called Glucocorticoids as a reaction. These prime the nucleus accumbens to receive and be sensitive to dopamine, the main neurotrasmitter responsible for feeling good and having desires.

    What I will show you in a bit is how to do this and then how to short circuit her good sense and social frame so she acts on it instead of fighting it intellectually.

    Of course an average looking woman could seduce us with the same sequence. It would have to look different though. Because of the difference in the corpus callosum, as the typical male, our ingrained memories of what is sexually arousing behavior wise, and our processing of language or behavior that is emotionally simulating don't effect our pleasure centers to near the same degree as they do hers. However we are told that we are, and conditioned that we are in sexual scarcity vs abundance, so we would with the minimal emotional stimulation and sexual arousal, still have sex with this boring looking average woman, out of pure perceived lack of abundance. On the same token she wouldn't likely even try to seduce us, because she is told by society at an intellectual social frame level she doesn't have to, and to do so would make her an outcasted slut, so that's fairly unusual for a woman to use influence techniques like this.

    All that said of course the actor looking guy could on the blind date, could have just engaged in fairly interesting chumpy conversation, and made a strong effort to close her at the end of the night and banged her. I mean women do enjoy sex, and if she is mildly aroused by his look, and not bored to death by the conversation, and he is socially acceptable for just being a neutral non weird or chumpy guy, she wants some dick, if he also takes accountability for the sex happening, the ultimate social frame, he just turned in to a prize for the night.

    Hey what do you want from me, I just explained how you can as an average guy bang hot women here, with no state pumping, no positive thinking, this is all science, all verifiable. That is the best I can do for you haha. A really socially ideal, handsome man can fuck hot women if he makes a little effort. An average guy can fuck really hot women if he uses the proper influence skills. I can't make it harder for a great looking guy to get a woman aroused easier using his looks as one of his gambits. Some solace can be taken though in the fact that the arousal plateau phase will always be a problem for great looking guys who can turn a woman on initially, but then if they aren't aware that they need to keep escalating physically the woman will lose the arousal. Where we knowing what we are doing can amp it and keep it burning longer and more on demand. That is as you get experienced with the techniques anyway, at first you will just throw them out there and hit or miss get them to work.

    Lets look at if from the other side. You being knee jerk ugly to her social criteria will also fuck you up, but not arousal wise, more at a social frame level. You being knee jerk ugly is almost the same as if say the Channing Tatum looking model guy from the first date started farting all through dinner, loudly and chewin with his mouth open. Even though he has her aroused mildly via his looks, and mildly emotionally stimulated by interesting chump talk, he just blew the social frame so far to the left that to correct it and get the sphere of attraction working on his side again, he would have to probably run all the material you would, plus probably claim the farts and chewing with his mouth open were a joke and he wouldn't do it again, aka "I wont embarrass you in front of your friends and family, that was a one time misguided thing."

    So in a nutt shell it isn't either or, good looking guys, or guys with game who get the girl, who vs style match up! Both do, both don't. You can see this just by taking a look around without the science. Misguided pickup methods fail to recognize all 3 factors and the students suck. Good looking men have no influence skills and don't make effort to escalate and end up with average or even ugly women who choose them.

    On a side note of some amusement is that women report the same level of arousal from visual stimulation as men, but it isn't measurable. In these studies the researchers are baffled by this of course, because they aren't sexist enough to realize that girls just wanna play in the tree fort with the boys too. They are lying for social frame purposes. The same as they will hoot and yell at a male stripper taking his clothes off, but let him run off stage and try to suck on her tits ahahahah. Now imagine if a female stripper comes off stage and starts blowing a guy? Big duh there. We don't need strong science to see the social frame at play at all.

    Arousal isn't fully achieved by visual stimulation or full turned off by lack of visual stimulation in women, and CAN be fully achieved by congruent behavior/memory anchors, for lack of a better term, and emotional stimulation. That is the golden rule. Repeat that sentence 20 times until it is burned in to your brain, it is THE golden role of seducing women and being a PUA, ALL successful pickups and seductions must have arousal as the FIRST tier of influence, and then and only then is controlling the social frame, and emotionally stimulating her even a factor. Yep you can if you are a bona fide man hottie use social frame only style methods that are out there and have success, sure enough, but then you get entire forums full of guys who aren't good looking, attempting to get hot women in bed using these ONLY social frame methods, which can bore her, and can leave her totally unaroused sexually, in which the woman is supposed to be made to chase them. ANGRY forums full of men exist because of this, some for good reason, they wasted a lot of their time leaving out important factors of attraction.

    What preceded was NOT a conceptual framework or model of the world, or map of the territory etc etc etc. It WAS THE territory and is neuro science as of 2013. Enough with the weird survival and replication theories, enough with the "all women care about is looks" crapola, and enough with the woo woo "if you feel it they will come!" mind jobs.

    Lets get to work on post immersion.

    Once we have her sitting there waiting to be "attracted" "influenced" "seduced" "swept off her feet" "taken for a ride" whatever you wanna call it.

    We of course get to work on the 3 key factors right away as much as we can in the interaction with her.

    A caveat, sometimes you will just be talking back and forth like normal people!

    Again sometimes you will just be talking back and forth like normal people!

    Don't be a weirdo, don't start squirming and making weird nerd noises anytime the interaction isn't allowing for you to be using influence techniques, calm down, relax, enjoy her company, and slip in the following influence techniques to 1. Keep her immersed and 2. emotionally stimulate, sexually arouse, and socially frame yourself as desirable.

    Now before we start a quick word the word rapport as is commonly used in the seduction community.

    There really is no rapport phase, there is continued vibe, then more in depth conversation that you can emotionally stimulate inside of AS a further attraction technique, but mostly you just keep social frame, and sexually vibe strong and stronger. Unless you've never fucked a woman, or are a psychopath or something you know how to do this, 4 and 5 hours or explanation of this is absurd in some programs.

    Rapport is just you talking for a prolonged amount of time until you both become comfortable, actual techniques for this are a waste of time. This is better achieved in the immersion stage of the cold approach at a base level like we already have done, and then allowed to come naturally from basic conversation in between your influence techniques. A specific focus on rapport is like using a chainsaw to cut a toothpick in half, we aren't selling her a car she doesn't wanna buy, we are having a conversation and trying to get her wanting to fuck us. We are making friends with her and making sure she is also sexually turned on by us. A simple test of if you have a problem with "rapport" is to ask a person make or female you work with out for a drink, then assume there is a rapport, and talk to them and get to know them over the course of the night. If you end up in rapport, no problem, this will probably be 90% of people you would go out with if you are at all normal.

    See it's only the immersion and initial sexual sub communication, and getting her fixed and speaking to you that is a problem and barrier to rapport. Rapport without the "cold aspect" of the approach is just making friends with people. Even though people are more and more socially disconnected, and have less and less real life friends, everyone has had a few, or at least met a new family member and ended up talking to them and getting to know them for the first time and building a rapport. There is nothing to building rapport, but just assuming it will happen and acting as if it is already there. The same applied post immersion, just relax, and talk to her, and let her talk back, chew with your mouth closed and run your seduction game.

    Ok some of you I know are saying "well I can't talk I don't know what to talk about, what if she doesn't talk back!" Well I am going to give you about 20 things to talk about as you do your 3 influence keys. Just hold on.

    Now on to the 3 keys and how to work them in to conversations and interactions without her noticing it.
    __________________________________________________ __


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    I've been wondering what would be a good way to stack the patterns. Would you typically do Social Frame > Emotional Stimulation > Sexual Arousal > Social Frame > and so on. Fractionate out of each key.


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      What I tend to do (1= soc, 2=stimul 3= arousal)

      1) Hello hello my name is (shake everyone's hand) Nice to meet you.
      2) Wow your style is very interesting! Are you from UK?
      3) I LOOVE that perfume! (Sniff her neck)
      -From here I mostly stack '2' stuff over and over, combined with kino which increases '3'.
      -Backtracking to '1' can backfire, so I never do that. (Just me, or others seen it backfire too?)