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  • Practical Technique Nudie Gambit


    I am a fan of keeping nude photos of hot girls I have fucked that I may never see again. These provide for endless pleasure in the shower after they're gone.

    In the past I used to get resistance from the girl and only get my nudies sometimes. Additionally, they were done hastily and wouldn't always come out well.

    As of this weekend I have developed what so far appears to be a bulletproof way of getting hot girls to let you take 1 or 2 nudies of them the first time you bang them.

    This is how I got the best nudies I have gotten so far, from a girl who, on top of that, afterwards told me I'm the first person ever to get nude photos of her.

    Now keep in mind I am assuming you have a rudimentary knowledge of how to lay down the proper non-judgmental sex frames with the girl. You should do this before you fuck her the first time. If not, DAFS. I'm also assuming you know how to give her prolonged pleasure, not just a quickie which leaves her hanging.

    The Gambit

    As you are fucking her, during a moment of pause, you say: "when I was 15 I used to masturbate a lot, like 5/6 times a day. Even two years ago I was still horny, thinking about sex all the time!"

    She will express shock, then chime in with her own experience - either her own rate of masturbation in the past or in the present.

    Then you can add, "when I used to watch porn, I used to prefer girl-on-girl. Nowadays I don't watch porn anymore. I want to make my own films."

    And, "I have a secret folder where I keep photos, but only of girls I've been with. It's a good way to remember them."

    + "Pictures have the power to take us back to certain places or states. They are a good aid to memory. Otherwise one easily forgets."

    Then while you're fucking her well, at a climax point, you pull out and say: "don't move"

    Grab your cell and photograph her without seeking permission. She will comply. You can even tell her where she should go for the photos by moving her legs or arms or whatever.

    Props go to...

    Credits for the gambit go to inspiration from something i read by PE, but also in general the influence of some of the best among you and the literature you have thrown my way.

    Final notes

    It is important to make it seem like you are thinking and saying these things for the first time, and that they are spontaneously coming to you as you say them. As such, add pauses in certain points to give it a more stream of consciousness look.

    The proper frames don't just smoothen out the kinks regarding how the girl treats you, they also allow you to relax and not feel nervous doing things which are like you around her.

    Please try this out and let the rest of us know if it worked for you!!
    In pussy we trust