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Going to Tokyo in 2 weeks...any tips?

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    Originally posted by Deelow View Post
    Ok, i've been searching for hotels i could afford in or around Shibuya and the best i could come up with according to price and location is this hotel in "Minato, Akasaka 8-10-32". Would this be better than "Ueno" in terms of logistics/pu?
    You can walk from Roppongi so it's definitely better. The location is fairly central, there's no mistake about that. No need to worry too much. Ueno would be a far worse option.


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      I'll be going to Tokyo in a couple of months or so... any newer tips on what to do and not do there in order to make the best use of my time? I'll be there for 4 days, incl. a weekend, mostly interested in night venues, bars, clubs, cool things to do


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        Tokyo is a nice city, just browse through trip advisor and find some cool place. I would honestly recommend to take a business or 1st class ticket, since it is a long trip, and you'll be extremely tired! Thus, spend some money on the ticket in order to feel refreshed and relaxed after a long flight. I know, it might be expensive, but there are constant sales going on online for such tickets.
        Just check how beautiful it is inside.