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How to Keep Maintenance?

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  • How to Keep Maintenance?

    I travel to meet some ladies and a couple of them have been messaging me along the lines of, "When you get back here, let's see what happens and sex is not guaranteed"

    I wonder if I am talking too much to them in a rapport basis without any sexual frame that is making them too comfortable and seeing me in a Long Term frame, therefore switching off her own Short Term strategies or if I am simply friend-zoning myself by talking to her too much by losing the mysterious frame.

    If I only see them once every month or two, should I disappear and re-appear when I'm about to arrive there again?

    I wonder if anyone of you has experienced something similar.
    THREAD Illuminatus' male episodic memory versus female emotional memory is a great reminder about the premise that women love their feelings and if you associate yourself with these feelings you're in, at least in that particular moment.

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    What has worked well for me is very light texting in between meets. Maybe random photo or event that I'm at but no day to day chit chat.

    Then week or two before I'm going to be in her hood will shoot a text or CALL and say I'm going to be around and give her a rough time frame to see what her logistics are like. I might start from somewhere innocent and then drop that I will be around.

    If she's down she's down. Maybe do some light texting that is heading towards more sexual over the next week or so to build tension and then smash her out. I like to take these girls out for a drink or dinner and draw out the tension even more before taking them back to my spot and going to town.

    If she's like "let's meet up and see" then she's down but you should run through a light date or meet with her like it's a day 2 so she can get used to you again and you can seduce her a bit.

    I travel a lot though so can't run but so many numbers in a city while I am there. Almost always drop to the girl that I'm from out of town but will "be back soon so we should meet up then"