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Sex and Death: What it means to be a seducer, and my story

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  • Sex and Death: What it means to be a seducer, and my story

    Ok, it has taken me a long while to understand this, but today I have, and I will share it here rather than sculpt it into a book or something.

    Sex and Death...

    Ok, so starting out as a kid I was a bit of a charmer, happy go lucky is a good word for it
    Women often describe me as having a ready smile, and a depth of masculinity, which of course only developed during my late teens
    I have some strong features, like my strong/chiselled jaw, and my dreamy eyes
    But mostly I have a confident stride to me, and a kind of inner drive

    That inner drive, alongside my other traits, allowed me early on to create a lot of interest in women
    And the women I was with before PU were astoundingly beautiful
    I didn't NEED pu to be my own man or anything, I was already into things with a decent amount of momentum

    At the time though, I was a talented martial artist, working security in night clubs, and breaking up fights on the regular
    I socialised, I chatted with the girls who hung around me, and standing on a podium I looked down on everything going on and had thoughts about it
    My thoughts never included "I want more!" or "I need more!", cuz if a girl was stunning, I went up to her. And I didn't delay, because I knew that those chances were rare and slipped away easily.

    ... sure I had frustrations... just like anyone else...
    But I was in a good position for a guy who "didn't know any better".
    Though, no matter how good my position was, I was still "just another guy" and was vulnerable to the sting of truth coming from a world outside of my own

    My first serious GF one day stopped contacting me, and through her friends I found out that she had gotten married to a childhood friend of hers.
    Being the everyday guy that I was, I was shocked. First by the fact it was over without a word, and secondly by the fact that I wasn't the one cheated on, but was "the other man".
    It was a royal mindfuck, and due to my ONEITIS, I fell into a hole of dispair for a while... until I deleted her number several months later and knew I'd never contact her or see her again.

    My view of the world as delivered to me by my parents and society, had imploded... My parents are still married, and they were each others first relationship. Their view was that you find someone and stick with it, and that appeared to be my view too until things blew up. In the smoke and debree afterwards I started to see parts of myself that were being IGNORED by my previous attitude towards women
    - I wasn't seeing their side of things and how they think differently
    - I wasn't seeing that I wasn't ONLY this faithful, honorable guy that only wanted to get married... that when I looked back on myself I was actually really flirtatious and had hit on and been with maaaany women already
    - My entire idea of marriage was built on ignoring not only who I was, but who women were, and it was a crock of shit. No offence to my parents, but I wasn't them, and I also wasn't ready to accept that I was a failure cuz I didn't get a disney prince ending to my first foray into a deep relationship

    After this point I accepted that there was much I didn't know, things that eluded me, and indeed, even a mystery out there to uncover about sex and relationships
    My mine sharpened, my wits became more on the ball, and I was no longer the Elephant in the room when I was amongst a group of girls talking about sex.
    I just, calmed down, talked about things, had fun. And yeah girls digged my new, and more observant and casual style.

    It was around this point I found the community, and HA, man how I didn't agree with some things
    When Mystery talked about how he would cut off from a girl, I thought
    "this guy is bitter! Don't ever be bitter, or bitch out with women"
    Playfully do a take away, sometimes even do it seriously, but never BITCH OUT in your heart

    I saw him as a nervous guy, a guy who was unsteady and sort of poking at the edges of women, where I felt proud and unwavering and knew womens sexual side.
    So I just ignored him, and others
    And started on "figuring out the mystery" (no pun intended)

    And, not long after entering the community my results were boisterous and cool. As I was the first to put down 5 min lay reports, and be like "yeah of course its possible, forget the rules of it being hours later or dates". I started talking about sexual tension, and was where the term came from. My reasoning for using the term was, at the time there were some people who wanted to talk about auras and shit and I just wanted our discussions to be based in real phenomenons. So I took tension and popularised it, and then other guys used it in the vernacular. I wasn't the first to use sexual intent in my method though, certainly gun had his horny thoughts thing going on too, but I wasn't all that much into it cuz I wasn't really into approaching lone wolves or anything and tbh, I didn't understand at the time what he meant by his method.

    Shortly after my awareness of sexual tension flourished I began to see the ART and BEAUTY in seducing a woman, and how it was even richer in many ways than the woman herself.
    I began to play with tension like a musician plays with notes of music, and I immersed myself utterly into the role... My words lingered, my voice was sensual and flowed like a brook of water, and my transitions with women were smooth like silk.
    Women, would gasp, and be filled with immeasureable pleasure, and I would carve it into ever more perfect forms... alluring, and tugging on desires until I could evoke her most devilish and sexually expressive side.

    I was, the fantasy

    And over time I began to understand that to women I had become the perfect archetype of that romance novel guy.
    And... it... made me think "and I give it to you for free? why..."

    I stopped simply indulging in my own ability and asked of myself why I was doing it all. I quickly concluded that to find out I needed to find the perfect woman who was worth my time.
    So I started searching for her, until one day, out of nowhere she appeared. She gazed at me furiously, a corona, almost like the fiery ring around a solar eclipse spilled forth from her and shot directly at me.
    It was like everything else around us slowed to a stop, and I walked over to meet her, and whispered my first words into her ear.

    A game of cat and mouse ensued until finally we were outside, and as we sat to talk, she began to cry to me...
    Saying I was the only man in years to even SEE her and notice her, no matter how hard she tried.
    And in that moment I realised something... Nobody is the ULTIMATE prize, worth your effort... nobody...
    We all have flaws, weaknesses, insecurities, and she stood before me unfinished as a woman, unready, and I guess so was I.

    Nothing came from that relationship cuz I cut it off early. Which was something that kind of haunted me a bit and made me realise how much of a dick I was. Just valuing women on their sexual worth to me alone and not even considering friendships or giving women the opportunity to grow.

    A few years later, I met an even more perfect woman... and we fell madly in love...
    Madly madly madly...
    To a point of insanity
    And to feelings so deep it was unfathomable to me at the time that I could feel so much for someone
    It was like in the movie vicky cristina barcelona or whatever it is called, where eventually her love became a madness, a sickness
    And mine too perhaps

    It was the single most heart wrenching thing in my life when it ended... sending me into a dispair I cannot even begin to describe.
    It was as if my very soul itself had blended with hers, and we both died...
    It was as if we both could see our whole lives go by, and then, death...

    Death stared us both in the eyes... and it ended, as passion, either reignites in the presence of death or whithers away, and our passion whithered away.

    Many years later, I've recovered... I am stronger infact...
    But refuse to use passion as a musical instrument like I once did. Having seen its uses in sex and having seen its eventual performance up against mortality itself... I could not bring myself to just use it again like I once did. So began on a path of rediscovering seduction and its meaning, by locating these women more often tracking them down and studying them. At first from afar and then up closer and closer until before their lips again and entangled in their lives.
    I learned to live again, learned to seduce again, learned a new language of how relationships work and can work if we know how.

    And my discovery after it all is this

    Sex and death...

    At first, tension allows you to foresee the sexual encounter that will occur between you and a woman
    You describe to her the encounter in plausibly deniable ways until she can see the sex with her own minds eye and can feel it calling to her
    You seduce her

    But later on, tension becomes so strong that it reveals to the woman the idea of her own death
    The plausible reality that by spending her life with you, her soul, and all her emotions, that one day she will DIE
    And the seduction ceases to be about the sex and becomes about the quality of her life, and the question of how she ought to live
    How we all ought to live in fact
    And it exposes the illusion of our desires for what they truly are

    That against death, passion fades
    And freedom to choose becomes paramount
    Necessary even in order to DEFY its very call to your soul

    And finally now... I can not only experience sex with women in my minds eye, but look at a woman so deeply that I can witness our lives together, until death.
    Its an imposing ability I did not expect to develop...
    However it is the truth of my story.

    I have come to the final ability, that when I look at a woman I not only know what she feels like strewn across my chest in post coital bliss, but I can see her very life play out, as if I was by her side, until we pass on.

    My new understanding of what it means to be a seducer is this...
    To follow a path no other man is willing to take
    To dare to gaze into the abyss beyond sex, love, and life itself
    Until you know the meaning, of love, of life, of mortality, and pursue it all now with open eyes and knowing heart

    But there it is
    My story
    And the nature of

    Sex and death

    So, I guess, I went from lil charmer to dude who sees life for what it could be and probably is
    And now am trying to seduce again knowing that

    But yeah, GIRLS see both sex and death as I do... so just being sure you all know
    And are kind of warned of the deep shit that might come your way

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    Once you learn to accept that everything in life is temporary , it will set you free beyond your imagination. The resulting beauty is that each moment count, each word , each encounter take on immense value as you may not be there tomorrow to cherish.

    Live like there is no tomorrow