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    Some notes on bounce game. . .

    As skills360 notes, venue changes or bounce game, is a logistical technique, pioneered by Mystery. There are a number of advantages, that seducers can draw on from this technique, but perhaps the most prominent one is the increased level of comfort that comes with each bounce.

    Another big benefit of this technique, comes from the fact that bounce game, is basically a logistical compliance ladder. So with each bounce, you bring her closer and closer, to a strong state of compliance. Once anyone, gets on a roll of complying, and saying yes to things, it gets very, very hard to stop. Seriously. Something else which is interesting, is as the two of you go from location to location, and her compliance grows. . . so does the amount of ease and comfort that she will associate with following your lead.

    Bring all these things together, and you've set up a very smooth pull. Now, I learned how to use bounce game about 3-4 years ago, from an extremely skilled seducer who used to post here, Thin Man. We discussed a number of the techniques he used via private messages, and bounce game was one of them. He notes, and this coincides with my experience, that the actual number of bounces used, in each seduction should relate to how compliant / comfortable she is with following your lead.

    This means the specific number of bounces used each time should be subjective. Calibrating your bounces to where she's at is an important part of this technique. I've pulled with two bounces, and I've pulled with four. Sometimes I skip it all together and pull straight to mine. It just depends on where she's at.

    Additionally, the location of each bounce, should serve a number purposes for you. They should move things forward logistically. Bringing the two of you closer and closer to your place. They should be close to each other / strategically placed, as skills360 also points out. Meaning it would be a good idea to pre-scope your bounces, picking out possible locations in the area beforehand. These venues should be interesting and attractive. Places you can talk up on the way there.

    Thin Man also used his venues, as an extension of his personal brand, portals into his world if you will. I do the same thing.

    I'm an artist and most of my venues have a very strong creative vibe to them. Low key galleries. Lounges and cafes with local creative work on display. Etc. Plus, I often pull by inviting girls to look at my portraits. After the two of us have already spent time looking at creative work at these venues.

    So it makes the bounce to mine, feel natural, plausibly deniable and somewhat irresistible. And this leads to the last point. The venues you pick, should facilitate your game. I prefer to use verbal game, so my venues are often quiet and peaceful. So I don't have to compete with any noise whatsoever. . .


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      I am lazy lately so instead of writing lay reports, i am bumping what i did to get laid.....

      A girl just finished leaving my place....

      Unfortunately i had to do the 3 bounce method twice (2 dates cause first time was sunday night and we both had to work early in the morning)...

      Now i fucked up big time by not remembering her name, she made a huge deal out of it, and called everything off ( i felt like an afc cause of not knowing her name, remember i save name on google voice with things that made me remember, cute girl from the mall or girl from Ny, or blonde australian etc...

      she could not let go of that, and called it a deal breaker, i totally change the topics but i can see that she could not let go of the disappointment her reasoning was that when she does not remember names is of guys she does not care, so she felt a bit hurt and blah blah....

      again i distracted and change topics, and i knew if i did not find out her name (which this girl refuse to give it to me i would not get laid)...... So i did an intelligent maneuver and here it goes (lesson 1 if you ever get such situation)....

      her: i got a go to the bathroom (we were on to 3rd bounce)

      me: do your heels hurt?

      her: yes

      me: jump in my back let me piggi bag you

      as i grab her hand purse and put it in my back pocket

      as she went to the bathroom i went to men bathroom open her purse and got her name lol.....

      the 3 bounce do to this was a bar, i took over the bar with guys and girls coming up i would introduce her using her name a lot....

      then as she went to the bathroom a girl open me, and she saw it....ha!

      took her to the car, and this is the second lesson i want to teach, she said ok i am going home, and i said "the night is not over yet, follow me to the after party" (i think after party, is julien).....

      so this is a new thing i am doing lately, before i leave my place i have a alexa playing club music and the lights deem, when they walk in, they hear the music it helps with asd and i say "i told you we were going to an after party"