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  • Read This Before Posting

    This thread containerizes the stickies in General.

    This forum is a general forum for topics that do not have a specific topic forum, yet pertain to seduction and the attendant attitudes and skills it requires. Other topics should be posted in the appropriate dedicated forum or in the Off Topic or Community Bulletin Board forums.

    All posts in all forums are required to adhere to the Rules for this site, which can be read below.
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    NextASF Rules

    Mission: The NextASF forum exists for one purpose and one purpose only; improving men's abilities in the areas of seduction, sex, and managing sexual and romantic relationships. Our purpose is to discuss, improve, and teach practices and mindsets than allow men to maximize the pleasure and satisfaction they derive from relationships with women, while reducing the effort, drama, and expense associated with these relationships. All other topics are out of order.


    1) Management:

    This is a privately financed and operated site that does not charge its members to participate. This means the following.

    a) We have the right to set rules for membership, content, and behavior and, to discipline or remove members who are causing problems.

    b) We have the right to change the following rules at any time, without prior notice.

    c) Constructive criticism of this site is welcome; we are always looking to improve. Repeatedly criticizing the same issue, especially after we have explained why something is the way it is, or after the issue has been addressed, is not acceptable.

    d) We have the right to advertise here.

    2) Membership:

    There is no right to membership or to post here. Members are here at our pleasure. We can remove any member for any cause, and are not required to offer a justification. We expect all members to show due courtesy and respect to their fellow members and the management of this site.

    Membership on this forum is for adults only. No one under the age of 18 years is allowed to be a member.

    3) Allowable Topics:

    a) The allowed topics for discussion are, seduction, sex, and relationships; these discussions may be either technical or theoretical. Topics tangential to the primary mission are also allowed, such as fashion, grooming, entertaining, health, personal safety, and lifestyle, as long as they relate to the primary focus of seduction, sex, and relationships, and are in the appropriate forum.

    b) All other topics are out of order and threads and posts that are off topic may be closed, edited, or removed at the management's discretion.

    Just to make sure it is completely clear, the following topics are specifically outlawed.

    Race, nationality, religion, and politics, unless it is a discussion of how these topics affect seduction, sex, or relationships. All other discussions of these topics is out of order everywhere on this site.

    Any posts involving the seduction of underage people. This site is exclusively for adults to discuss seducing other adults.

    Any posts promoting illegal behavior or violence.

    Any posts that describe seduction or consensual sex between adults as immoral or in any other negative manner, or demand that we defend the morality of our behavior, beliefs, or teachings. While we encourage vigorous debate of the techniques of seduction and sex, there will be no tolerance of those who dislike what we teach. In short, if you do not like what we teach, you have no place here. Discussions among ourselves of the morality of a given behavior or technique used for seduction are in order so long as the discussion does not drift into the morality of seduction itself.

    c) Copyrighted Material: Do not post copyrighted material. Ever. Post a link with a description of the material or a short pull quote, and credit the author and site linked to. This is mandatory.

    Links to or embedding videos on YouTube, audio on Soundcloud, and other such public sites is fine. Do not embed videos or audio from other types of sites unless you have their permission or are the owner of that material. Use a link and give credit.

    4) Posting Standards:

    We expect civil, polite discussions. Strong opinions and disagreement over issues are not a problem, bad behavior is. Those who do not conduct themselves in a civil manner will face intervention.

    a) Being rude, abusive, and disrespectful is not allowed.

    b) Revealing personal information, such as real name, photos, location, place of work, or any other identifying data on other people, members, or staff is forbidden.

    c) Keyboard Jockeys, meaning those who are posting advice about things they have not done themselves, enough times, with enough success, for their advice to be worth anything, are not allowed.

    Unless you are successful at seduction, your posts should be limited to asking questions and discussing problems you are having with seduction, sex, or relationships.

    d) Trolling, in all its forms, is outlawed.

    Playing the Devil's Advocate and or only posting argue with other members is trolling and not allowed.

    Having a grudge against another member and constantly derailing their threads is trolling and not allowed. If you do not like a member, don't read their threads, don't reply to them.

    Having a dislike of a particular method of seduction or sub-group of this forum, and constantly disrupting their threads threads is trolling and not allowed. If you do not like a particular method, stop reading and posting on their forum.

    e) Topic Forums: This site is divided into sub forums dedicated to various topics. We expect members to post their material in the appropriate sub forum.

    If a forum is dedicated to something you do not like, the appropriate response is to avoid that forum. The inappropriate response is to go onto that forum and tell its members of your dislike.

    f) Off Topic Posters: Constantly off topic posters, meaning those who post mostly or entirely about off topic stuff are not allowed. If your reason to be here is neither to teach nor learn seduction, you should not post here.

    g) Computer code: Embedding any computer code anywhere on this site, other than standard BB Code for formatting your posts, is not allowed for any reason.

    h) Other Bad behavior: If you engage is what site management decides is bad or abusive behavior, even if it is not in the rules above, we will take whatever actions we consider appropriate.

    5) Writing Standards:

    You are expected to post in English, using good spelling, grammar, capitalization, and punctuation, while adhering to the concept of dividing prose into phrases, sentences, and paragraphs.

    If English is not your native tongue, we understand, and simply ask that you make the best job of it you can.

    Most popular browsers have a spell checker add on.

    Strunk and White's “The Elements of Style” is available on-line for free. It is the best little book on writing proper English ever published and is worth the $5 – to $10 it costs for the paperback. You can get a free download at the link below.

    Learning to write proper English will help you everywhere in life, so consider improving your English to post here as part of the general self improvement all of us should seek.

    6) Removing posts:

    When you post something here you are giving us the right to publish it on this site, forever. We are under no obligation to remove it at a later date.

    7) User Accounts:

    a) Profile: You are expected to put up an avatar and fill in the personal information in your profile.

    b) Signature: Please keep your signature to a reasonable size.

    If you have a link in your signature, you are limited to exactly two lines of ordinary size text; one with a description and a second line with a single link.

    c) Avatars, profiles, and signatures that are, in the judgment of site management, insulting, in bad taste, or violate the rules for other content are not allowed.

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    The older the violin, the sweeter the music. Augustus McCrae


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      If you were not able to register as a member using the on line system, use the contact link at the bottom of the page and send us the following information.

      User Name - The username you wish to post with.

      Email - Your email address. Include this even if you're contacting us from the same address.

      Your birthday - This is required. The forum will display your age but not your birthdate. We will deny your application if you're under 18. Please note, we're Americans, and our numeric date format is Month/Day/Year, whereas much of the world uses Day/Month/Year or Day.Month.Year. Please use the American format to avoid confusion.

      Your location - If you want to maintain your privacy, you can list just your country or general area (eg. France, or EU). FYI we may check that your IP address is in the location you specified.

      Reason why you want to join - Include a couple of sentences explaining why you'd like to join the site. This is to verify that you're a legitimate person who intends to be a contributing member of the forum.

      Referrer - If someone referred you to NextASF, please include their name/username as well. This will greatly increase your chance of being accepted.

      The older the violin, the sweeter the music. Augustus McCrae


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        Brent Smith Copyright Notice

        I just got a letter from a Lawyer complaining about copyrighted Brent Smith material being posted on this site. I removed it and apologized. Hopefully that will take care of things.
        Please, do not post copyrighted materials here. That has been our policy from day one and we mean it. It is essential to our survival that you do not do this.

        If anyone sees any Brent Smith materials on this site, including YouTube videos, or anything else that you know to be copyrighted, notify me and I will remove them, and obviously, do not post any more of Brent's material.

        Please include a link to the post where the copyrighted material is. On the far right, at the top of each post, there is a post number preceded by a # sign. Right click that number and select "copy link location", and paste that address into the PM reporting the problem, to make it easy for me to find the offending post. In this post it is #4.
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        The older the violin, the sweeter the music. Augustus McCrae