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How to use a friend or misfortune to your advantage

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  • How to use a friend or misfortune to your advantage

    Thing about being out with a friend is you can really leverage it to get noticed if you know how
    Basically if you laugh a lot and act more liberal than the guy you are with, people will look at you and think you are a guy to envy
    This has a small psychological affect on people where they get curious about you
    However you really have to "glow" and be amused with a lot of energy
    And when you do this you need peripheral awareness of girls around you to see if it is drawing their eyes or not

    Second, if you run into misfortunes, see the irony in them and become amused
    If things happen to you people will tend to look at you, and if your reaction is amused they will know how to speak to you or interact with you
    But if you are even slightly annoyed they won't know how to talk to you at all so won't if opportunity comes
    This also is true with rejections, dont drop your face right after a brush off from a girl.
    Lift you hands up, stop, pause, smile in a self amused way
    This creates a degree of doubt as to why you were rejected and gives the idea that maybe it was cool or interesting and makes people more curious
    They wont ask you about it and if they do you just tease them on it "you are imagining x arent you? haha"
    And play by not giving a straight answer

    Third, NEVER EVER let your friends cling
    Just pivot and walk off places
    If you are immediate in hello's and goodbyes in a club you can more easily utilise each other
    Just a quick bump for a hello, and you twisting away as a goodbye
    Tell your friends if necessary to not freak out if you must "yo, ill like twist out and bump back in" or however you wanna explain it
    But I never have explained it, I just leave people high and dry until they catch on that I MOVE

    This is crazily important cuz if you cant just pivot away you have to spend thirty seconds to a minute yelling and getting your point across which disincentivises activity

    Also shoulders back, head up and strut like you feel goooood
    It helps people go "oooh who is this?"
    Set up little eye contact battles n such, the way you do this is you draw your energy inward in a way that can quickly flash back out, and you look near people, and when they look at you you battle over if you were looking or not and then flash them a quick awesome gaze
    This sucks them in and makes them gravitate around you a little bit

    Learn how to suggest someone give you their hand, it is a super useful gesture
    Do it from all sorts of different angles
    From up high coming down suggests friendliness
    From down coming up suggests softness
    From the side is more playful used with a joke or something

    When you get a hand you can
    a) develop physical compliance by swinging it a little to get her to move or dance
    b) draw her into closer proximity as you speak so you can apply a few touches
    c) turn her hand over and stroke it or rub it "I want to test something" (then go into my routine as follows)

    "When people have great chemistry you can feel it, there is this energy that exists between the hands, it shows how compatible you are"
    You stroke across the hand in order to evoke the most powerful response you can, so she is grabby and "more more more!" about it
    or if she is like "oh, right..." you do it classy and smooth and dont over do it
    You just show awareness that "when a guy just grabs a girl, you can tell he isnt so good, there is a lot you can tell about a person from it"
    Implying that rough feelings or abruptness are something you are aware of and dont do cuz you know women dont like to be handled that way

    And last tip is the "sling"
    Do not simply pull a girl if the opportunity ever arises
    Sink into the movement a bit and soften so it builds a bit of elasticity and slings her a bit
    Girls hate being on a kind of escalator of pushes or pulls
    Every moment it feels consistent it bores them
    So you inject a sling, or a lil acceleration and decelleration and it makes it happen in a heartbeat

    Doing all this stuff well helps you set up good physical contact and initial interaction with girls,

    If your night out out doesnt go perfect
    Shhh don't dwell go get some food and chill n be happy
    Go for a little stroll
    Do stuff you enjoy and don't worry about it
    Tomorrow is another day

    I never worry about it, I short cut the worry with "haha fuck it lets go do cool shit"
    It helps to get in that habit, cuz it cheers everybody up including you

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    Originally posted by thecostofsuccess View Post
    However you really have to "glow" and be amused with a lot of energy
    You called? :P

    - glow
    Heard you not the type that you take home to mom

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