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  • Retention Problems

    so this has been worse than ever this year.

    I've been hooking up with a lot of girls on a high level (in my opinion)
    9+'s but they slip through the cracks eg) 1-4 meets were sex happens every time.

    it's like their interest is super fickle and they stop returning my texts even though initial they were pulled in like a magnet... hmm

    what I don't think it is

    1) fucking them well. (I made a few of them squirt and multiple orgasm for sure) so I think sex wise I get it done
    2) too player or too needy. (I don't think it's this either cause I think I show some caring but at same time pretty outcome independent cuz I always have stuff to do)

    what I think it might be
    1) I don't really bring them into my lifestyle at all (I find most women are just destructive so I relegate them all to netflix and chill but few are patient enough to earn me trust to move up the ranks)
    2) although I said I don't think i'm too player - they can tell that it would be extremely hard to get me in a monogamous relationship so go for guys that give the exlusive commitment or the allure of such.
    3) these girls are too high level to keep in friends with benefits situations? even guys like dan bilzerian / leonardo di caprio take these girls out for dinners and stuff so perhaps i hit the ceiling of were fwb can go?
    4) because I think their 9s i unconsciously act different? because in retrospect I did have some 9s in rotation but i found them 9s 'after the fact'. when i was with them i considered them 8.5s?

    weird shit.

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    Read my post in the relationship section called "30 rules."


    • Jack Gignac

      Jack Gignac

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      nice list! I actually do follow these pretty much. I think it's more just high value girls come and go faster... especially living a player lifestyle

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    Basically, this is nothing to do with game. They probably have met and will continue plenty of cool guys like you that they will fuck and date for a while.

    But thinking long term they wouldn't have imagined themselves in a relationship with someone that has got a regular job - that rule is especially true for 9s 10s. They probably imagine themselves living a fairytale and meeting and fucking them is only the beginning.

    So you have to work on long term life goals what you wanna do and make it happen like most Puas they ultimately focus on their lifestyle and let that attract girls even for the longer term. Cause no matter how long you date a girl she will wanna get serious and settle


    • Jack Gignac

      Jack Gignac

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      ya my thoughts exactly. gotta maintain my game and up my lifestyle. I suck at this gotta admit

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    I am sort of KJ-ing here, as I have limited experience with top-notch girls. But a few theories:

    * They are very picky due to lots of options. They may think you are great but still have even better options.
    * They are players, only they don't play for sex but for other stuff like someone to spend time with (going to the beach, shopping, dinners, partying, etc.), social connections, money, lifestyle, entertainment (funny guys etc.)

    I am not so sure these girls are too excited about the idea of a monogamous relationship, because they have to close more doors than other girls for that. Sort the same dilemma that PUAs has. So the guy may need to have everything they wany for it to be worth it.


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      yes stargazer I think it's similar. also a lot of my lays now are coming from online game and I find they go a lot faster. my lays from daygame are more 'sticky'. I think it's cuz online girls can burn through leads faster whereas girls i meet from daygame aren't huge online gamers so it creates a scarcity. Though online game has taken a huge chunk out of my daygame results I still do a bit cuz of this 'stickyness' for fwb girls.


      • Stargazer


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        This is very much guess work but I think lots of girls still feel that they don't want to meet their boyfriend through online game, due to being very un-romantic and a bit embarrassing. So girls with options are more likely to ditch the tinder guy before it gets serious than the guy she met at her friends party.

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      My thoughts fwiw:
      9/10 is more in how you look at them, rather than how they actually look. For most 10s, there is some guy who thinks she is a 7.
      Sticky requires arch/curve/development. Maybe try drawing out the pre sex phase for longer?
      Letting girl do at least 50% of the pinging. Being willing to wait the full 7 days if she doesnt.
      Not forgetting that LTRs too usually turn shitty or boring AF around the week 3 stage, compared to week 1.