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Phone numbers revisited

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  • Phone numbers revisited

    Phone # is a bit like the old bank cheque. There needs to be money (attraction) in the account, or it will bounce. I think I always knew, so never crossed my mind to ask for # unless I felt a definite connection and 'wow' factor (a.k.a. spike in BT). So surprise-surprise, Ive never had a girl say no. This is night game though, where spikes are easy to make. Im unfamiliar with how easily you can create that 'wow' in day-game. And if hard, do you settle for a weak # (empty account > cheque will bounce.. if she even gives the # in the first place..)?

    I certainly would NEVER, and here is my reason why: There is a pretty strong social irresponsibility (lack of integrity), to ask someone for something they are not already teeming with desire to give you! You are basically showing your (needy) hand, AND exposing yourself as someone willing to try to corner her = creepy!!

    (Im guess this is where quickly handing out your own number instead, has some usefulness?)

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    Agree. The question is (as you alluded to, ijjjji) How do you increase her BT in daygame?


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      Originally posted by ijjjji View Post
      Im unfamiliar with how easily you can create that 'wow' in day-game. And if hard, do you settle for a weak # (empty account > cheque will bounce.. if she even gives the # in the first place..
      Agreed. Never settle for weak phone numbers.

      If per chance you're talking to a girl in day game and your spidey sense tells you the cheque / number might bounce then you are much better off staying in the interaction for longer periods, with the goal of using whatever plucky skills at your disposal to force an instant date and then same-day-lay later on.

      Or at the very least, a longer interaction, which may prevent some cheques from bouncing. Think spartan type pickups with persistence as the main form of influence.

      On the other hand, if you have great style, body language and subcoms. Basically a unique sort of personal brand that certain girls will find immediately attractive. Then you'll get solid phone numbers once in a while with minimal effort on your part. Just by approaching and having a short interaction with just some chump talk, if you know what I mean.

      It's a numbers game to do that though. Because minimal effort, and lazy seductions only really work if the girl was down from the get-go.

      However, solid verbal game / NLP makes this wow factor happen. . . where she talks to you and feels this strong sense of intrigue, deep connection and even feelings of trust. And the more she talks to you, the more these positive feelings grow and even become linked and associated with you, then your cheques will rarely bounce.

      To put it simply, by making use of hypnotic verbal game, you will create this wow factor easily, consistently and most importantly it will be completely within the realm of your control.
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        Wow sweet sweet input man! Makes sense to not over-stay, if your first impression made a total home-run with the girl. (I see similar in night game, where you occasionally OVER-spike a girl on approach, so it becomes hard to keep up with that BAR/expectation unless you do some sort of reset.. Hmmm, so sharp style may actually be MORE key in daygame.. never thought about that! SS stuff prior to otherwise dodgy close attempt, sounds like something worth trying!