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    TD's becoming 'ON'
    1 Demonstrating PU to someone creates strong state in demonstrating male.
    2 Observing a male doing PU will destroy state in observer.
    5 Taking advice will destroy state.
    6 Talking about PU will destroy state.
    So its very simple: Direct action is good - anything else is bad.

    Shortened Gunwitch Method
    -When I say "state", I simply mean your state of mind, the feelings in your body, and the overall YOU at any given moment. Recall a time you felt HOT and HORNY for a woman, had an erection, maybe felt slight pain in your stomach.. Recall how you looked at her, and how you were feeling and thinking at the moment. You were in "sexual state" at that point.
    -The eyes are the most important part of sexual state. Your eye lids must be very relaxed and lower than normal. (In places like clubs, with much visual stimulus, it can be good to overdo the eyes a bit. Overdoing them can also add some fun/playfulness to the interaction. Feel free to experiment.)
    -Sexual state is like an auto pilot. It kills fear and makes you approach girls. It also makes you act seductively and do/say the right things, even if you know nothing about seduction. (The reason is that seduction is an instinct - a skill we are born with) So obviously, when you are among girls, you want to be in sexual state. Girls "smelling your agenda" of wanting sex is a GOOD thing, as long as its not verbalized. Show sexual enthusiasm, horniness, and unapologetic desire.

    BL by tucasa 2005/03/09:
    1) Lean Back/Push Hips Forward - IMAGINE YOUR COCK IS LEADING YOUR BODY.
    2) Smile REALLY BIG - feel your cheekbone muscles stretch! (imagine you are on pills?).
    3) Relax your eyelids so you look like you are falling asleep (think how sexy Angelina Jolie looks with those low eyelids).
    4) Put your thumbs into the top of your trousers and point your fingers towards your cock/put 1 hand there and 1 hand on your inner thigh (kinda relaxed near your cock). If you have a drink keep it relaxed down by your side.
    5) Keep ALL your movements slow and relaxed - This is the ultimate aim, the above are mostly to help with this.

    Value vs Attraction by IN10SE 2004/01/22
    2) Using OPEN LOOPS
    3) Using AMBIGUITY
    4) Eliciting SEXUAL states and Building SEXUAL RAPPORT
    6) PHYSICAL seduction: Fractionation Massage

    Pimp method by pimp#1
    The lines "I need to talk to you privately a minute", "I really gotta talk to you", "come with me a sec..". Then take her hand and take her to a nice little spot around the corner. OK, now what you do is get as close as you can, but if your not as close as you'd like, say something like "come closer.. closer.. closer.. closer.." and keep gin till shes closer, say it in a playful way, i find it helps. Then.. Assuming you are close enough, you look her in the eyes for like 4 or 5 seconds, and then wonder your eyes down to her lips, as you go in for the kiss. Then you escalate it until you feel some sort of sexual state from her, then isolate her for real.. Take her to your car, toilets, anywhere reasonable for fucking.. telephone booth?

    Affirmations That Take the Edge Off Opening By ThePresident 2003/07/17
    I am Zeus! It is my duty as a God to sex nymphs!
    My penis is a red Ferrari! When I rev it, the earth shakes! It shatters windows!
    I want COOTHIE! I'm gonna make her squirt!
    I am the most powerful hot wet pussy magnet in the universe!
    Little Princess! DADDY's gonna make you a STAR!
    When God made me, even he got a semi!
    Who's a sexy bitch? I'm a sexy bitch! YEAH BABY YEAH!
    She will cum like never before! She will tell her grand daughters about it some day!
    Even CHAIRS ORGASM when I sit in them!
    I am The Man and Super Hot Bitches fall at my feet!
    I am ORGASMATRON - THE PLEASURE MACHINE! Women fight for my attention!

    Lines by various people
    "Wow you look happy!" (credit Rageking)
    "Aww so nice hair - is it real?" (pull hair) "HEY.. it moved!" (credit Style & Mystery)
    "Aww what a nice fabric/material!" (grab/touch ha piece of her clothes – credit brooklyn)
    "Wow.. I can see you work out.. now and then.."
    "Wow, you look incredible today - did you take a shower?" (credit Viberateher)
    Bump her so almost falls, then "Are you drunk?" (credit dahunter)
    "My invisible friend just told me to talk to you!"
    "Aww... you are soooo cute! I want to adopt you!" (credit Papa)
    "Aww you are soo cute.. but we could never be a couple - we are too much the same.. we would fight and throw things and have incredible make up sex all over the place and fight more then sex fight sex fight.. too much drama and intense feelings!" (credit TylerDurden»)
    "Shit! A poisonous snake bit me in the testicles - you got to help me suck out the poison - now!"
    "Bad girl!"
    "Naughty girl!"
    "You are trouble! I shouldn't be talking to you!"
    "There is something mystical about you!"
    "You look like you are hiding something!"
    "I can't trust you!"
    "Aww you look just like.. a little angel/princess!"
    "I lost my teddy (puppy dog face).. would you sleep with me?"
    "Aww I love you.. like a sister!"
    "Won't you get too aroused if I sit this close?" (credit Nathan Szilard)
    "I'm hard - are you wet?"
    "My bedroom has a very interesting ceiling!"
    "Aww.. you are so cute.. but we could never be a couple.. my mom would never approve!"
    "My mom told me to stay away from bad girls!"
    "I should have listened to my mom!" (Later in sarge)
    "WTF!? I got no friends! Aha.. it must be my mom!" (Cell phone rings)
    "I got phone phobia - is it ok if I make my mom call you?" (During #close)
    "I dont know need to ask my mom." (credit Nightblue)
    "My mom told me to be home before ten." (credit Nightblue)
    "I can't help it. My mother raised me too well." (if she says you are too nice) (credit Style)
    "I'm soooo lonely (puppy) I got no friends and nobody wants me! Tonight I'll go to bed all alone and cry silently until I fall asleep."
    "I'm no good! I cheat, lie and dump girls on valentine's day."
    "I'm no good for you - he is cute - he suits you - you look cute together!"
    "Yeah I'm such a looser - you should get with this guy - look how cute he is, and he really likes you!"
    "My penis is extremely small!"
    "I'm a virgin!"
    "Girls are so scary!"
    "Im shy."
    "This is why nobody wants me.. big tummy" (putting belly out and tapping it) "and tiny dick" (indicate 1 inch w/fingers + sad puppy face)
    "I collect trash - I'm a trash man! Trash is MY LIFE! I plan a big career in trash!"
    "As always, I'm out looking for my future wife. I have NO IDEA why its so hard to find her - I only have 2 tiny requirements! I'm a modest man - I don't ask for much! A perfect body.. and she must be VIRGIN. My dick is so small! I don't want her to have anything to compare me with. It would make me so insecure! I want to be her first and only lover! She must not have a dildo either. I'm afraid the dildo would come between us!"
    Get up, stretch, look around and say "I got to go" … "to the toilet" with a wicked grin.
    "Are you rich? Aww I need a rich GF who can support me while I start a boy band - The Whatever Boys! But hey - I need groupies too! But you don't look like groupie material - she can be my groupie and you can be my manager! Yeah!" (credit TylerDurden»)
    "Guess!" (credit TylerDurden»)
    "I'm an unemployed loser - I live with my mom."
    "I'm an angel - one more good deed and I'll get my wings!" (credit TylerDurden»)
    "I'm a traveling underwear inspector!" (credit TylerDurden»)
    "I'm a freelance gynecologist - how long is it since your last check?" (credit TylerDurden»)
    "I'm an orgasmologist!" (credit TylerDurden»)
    "I'm 16 - 16 and unkissed!"
    "You are.. 60! Hehe just kidding! Hey I was only kidding! You are.. 16 - sweet 16! 17 18 19! I refuse to believe you are older than 19!"
    "I have to tell you this.. No.. I cant.." and move on.
    "Wow - you remind me of the girl in that TV-show.. what was it called again.."
    "You make me shiver deep inside.. but I guess it wasnt meant to be!" Look deeply into her eyes
    "I put my heart in your hand and you crush it like that!?" Backturn