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Cases were sex talk/sexting does not work (sex talk trobleshooting):

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    Ok some more clarification:

    -this post is not about you need to do sex talk to get laid.

    this post is a clarification of when we talk in sedfast about a particular sex talk/sexual framing design by teevester that became popular couple of years ago (i was one that was against it btw), though i used to used and still use grandmaster style (sexual trolling/jokes)

    But my point is that sex talk is not talking about "i want to fuck you and this and that" such as direct sexual such as steelar method and One Mode.... No

    The post is talking about SPECIFICALLY when seducers have decided to experiment and use and master second generation verbals (sexual framing)....

    if they are having issue, why it may not work, aka troubleshooting....

    I am having a problem with some posters cause they are making it seems is the sex talk that is not second generation verbals (sexual framing)....

    ex. Sexual talk does not work well and is not needed.... (nothing to do with the post)


    oh i use sexual framing (dude that is what i am talking about in the post)


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      Editing a comment
      i’m not saying it can’t work either. just for some guys, like me, it will not work far more than it will work. i’m naturally shy and introverted. had i found this stuff at a younger age i don’t even know if i could’ve done it. luckily i was at the age where i don’t give a fuck. my personally type and sex talk are incongruent.

      conversely, there’s this argentinian guy, i believe he’s bisexual and finds me and my gf attractive. i’m never sure which one of us he likes better. but i digress, for him not to be highly sexual would be incongruent. he seems to have decent success with women. he is tall, light skinned, handsome latin guy so he should. but i imagine if even he toned it down with the sexuality a bit, it would serve him well.