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  • how i stack push pulls

    this is something i came up with by accident really. maybe itís been talked about before. idk. anyway what i do is a push pull. for simplicity iíll say, ďat least youíre pretty that makes up for your lack of intelligence.Ē then iíll go kinda hard on the push and say something like her school was a safety school for another school. then iíll push pull again but the pull will be for the quality i pushed on before. something like ďyouíll never be as cool as me because youíre the smart one.Ē this way you erase the negative and the vibe goes from negative to positive over and over. plus she is being stripped of validation then revalidated for the same thing. this is something other guys arenít doing for her. it creates a need for your validation.

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    we gotta chill so I can see this in action broski.


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      I agree with tension /breaking rapport and seen your girl on snap she's a baddie ,I feel like dudes who don't break rapport ain't pulling hotties, my thing is those lines are hella harsh without proper delivery .


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        Originally posted by allmyfriendsaredead View Post
        ďat least youíre pretty that makes up for your lack of intelligence
        Did that really work for you because that isn't a push-pull, thats an insult. I don't do push pulls that often anymore but when I was experimenting with them I found that its best to "imply she might be" rather than "state she is". For instance in that quoted part you stated that SHE IS stupid rather than implying that SHE MIGHT NOT BE stupid. A better way of wording that push pull would be something along the lines of "I talk to a lot of pretty girls like you, but a lot of the pretty ones tend to lack intelligence".

        Delivery is important too, sorry if I misunderstood your thread title but its not good to "stack" push-pulls. They only work well when they are spread apart and when they are delivered casually. You should check out Todd Valentine's infield videos, he does a lot of push pulls hes got that skill mastered.


        • Grodmeister General
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          your comment is pull pull there is no push ....i talk to a lot of pretty girsl like you (tellingh her shes pretty) but a lot of them lack intelligence( telling her shes smart) thats just a compliment ...better off ...saying shes pretty but so are a lotta girls in there what makes her stand out or tell but whats more important is outlook energy and mindset..shes got 2 outta 3 (thats a qualfier and a push pull statement)!!!!

        • allmyfriendsaredead
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          nah it’s push pull. i’m a little abrasive and not all girls love it. my introduction to game was through rsd and i really took after juliens style. my game has mostly been influenced by julien, alex, and swinggcat. i like to provide the chick a range of positive and negative emotions. i don’t mind taking her low.

        • Grodmeister General
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          im not saying your comment allmyfriendsaredead but pua reality just stacked two compliments together!!! thats not push pull better yet, you can say things slowing it down and works just as much as a negative comment!

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        AMFAD is probably saying these lines in a somewhat flirty/mocking way, which takes them from being insults to being nice push-pulls with hint of C&F. I guess it would help clarify if OP described a little bit more regarding the situation and delivery though.

        It seems to me that people here identify wide range of things with the term "push-pull". Which is FINE, because it can be done in so many ways!! The way *I* do PP is based on stacking, and would not work well without stacking. So saying stacking is "not good" may be true for a particular type of PP, but certainly not 'in general'.

        My 'journey' started with heavy focus on verbally delivering the PP. (ref Throwback Thursday ) and gradually towards using non-verbals (ref #8 ) more heavily to make it happen.


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          push pull is things like i love you then i hate you, as ijjji say you can do it none verbally too like you bring her really close like you are about to kiss her and then you pull her away, i do this in the df too....

          or verbally i pretty much insult the girl with a really aggressive voice manner but fake angry like the hodge twins (if you look at my last video i did it twice i called one of my girls a bitch), then i changed my voice and i apologize(a bit like kissing ass voice) then i plow and change the subject....


          I can't stand you and your attitude, is disgusting that you blah blah you fucking bitch, but i miss you mami, and a lot sweetness bombardment.... (I do all this so naturally and automatic)

          i even insult them calling them names such as whore, slut, cunt, prostitute

          and then i say sorry mami, ist my tourrets i need to take my medication, please forgive me

          then they forgive me

          and then i insult them again...

          But again it has to be congruent to your personality, Julien rsd has the right idea, but he seems sometimes try hard...

          if you witness me doing it is like natural nothing happened... look at my last video....

          I also do in text sometimes:

          hb: That is a problem because I miss you too 11:58 AM
          Me: are you still my birthday present? 11:58 AM
          Me: tomorrow :-) 11:58 AM
          Me: please respond... 11:58 AM
          hb: Of course I am 11:58 AM
          Me: :-) 11:59 AM
          hb: MMS Received 4:06 PM (some sweet image)
          Me: awww! mami 4:12 PM
          Me: my queen 4:12 PM
          Me: my crush 4:12 PM
          Me: my game changer 4:13 PM
          Me: my cunt 4:13 PM
          Me: torrets 4:13 PM
          Me: my hoe 4:13 PM
          Me: torrets 4:13 PM
          Me: my probono prostitute 4:13 PM
          Me: torrets 4:13 PM
          Me: oh fuck 4:13 PM
          Me: fuakkkk 4:13 PM
          Me: need meds 4:13 PM
          hb: That went downhill fast 4:14 PM
          Me: no hablo ingles 4:17 PM
          Me: :-( 4:17 PM


          • SargeMaximus


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            Hey Skills, I have a question about this. Do you say "Sorry it's my torets" after you say something you genuinely feel, or is the whole thing a joke? I'm wondering if you use the torets thing to cover up your honest statements or if the statements are a joke too. Hope you get what I mean.

          • Skills360


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            it depends on the situation, sometimes if i am correcting behavior...i do not use bad language just frim language, if i went to hard on her i soften with but i miss and i love you and bombardment after reprimanding some bad behavior....... If is fucking around like in the video she know is me fucking around..... Please sarge do not do any of this yet...
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          one of my favorite push pulls is verbal push non verbal pull. being mean while projecting a sexual state. this post is about verbal game specifically however.


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            Push-pull as a technique, is just a diluted form, of fractionation.

            Fractionation at it's best . . is something you can make use of to induce, and then enhance, certain emotional states. By putting her in a state, then out of it. Then back into the state. Over and over again. Done right she'll get to a point where, as you're taking her out of xyz state, you'll leave her wanting more of it.

            Enabling her to fall deeper into this state, once you put her back in it. Say you were dozing off, sinking into a bed, letting the comfort of sleep wash over you. If I were to, abruptly wake you up, shaking you and shouting in your ear. Sure, you'd tumble out, of the sleepy state. Cursing me out and hating my guts. However, you would still be craving sleep immensely, and if I don't force you to stay awake. You'd sink back into sleep, and doze right off, even faster and deeper than you were doing so before.

            You can also see this at work, when using cocky funny, push-pulling or breaking rapport. The switch from positive to negative, at times makes her crave the rapport. Which has been broken. Making you feel like, you've brought the girl, underneath your thumb. Like she's chasing you. . .

            Frankly though, push pull is not the most effective, or sure-fire way of using fractionation. While most new seducers, who might have been, overly accommodating, in the past will gain lots by making use of cocky funny, breaking rapport etc. To challenge women, and show the potential. . . of a back bone. By the time, a guy starts getting good, he'll see that often times, those asshole lines do more harm than good. After all, chicks don't exactly dig assholes, with the exclusion, of certain demographics of women, it's not necessary to get her going. Most of the time, assholes are getting laid, in spite of this behavior. Not because of it.

            The beauty of fractionation, applied in an effective manner, is that you can use it. To almost force and / or forcibly increase the effect of. . . any useful emotional state. In any conversation with a woman. On the other hand, while push-pull came from fractionation, and does have some of it's benefits.

            It's much more high risk / high reward, compared to other forms of fractionation. Field tested countless times.

            This is something that becomes very important, should a seducer decide, to branch out to other venues, attempt to increase his success rate, or start to diversify in regards to the demographics of the chicks he bangs, or travel to other places and cultures to seduce. You'll need something, more effective and well rounded, for state induction / enhancement.
            ďYou know I canít hear none of that spend the night shit... that kumbaya shitĒ


            • allmyfriendsaredead
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              yeah i’m not really advocating being an asshole. i just kind of am, if perceived that way. my game does not work particularly well if there is a language barrier. it also doesn’t work very well on black or jewish women with their heightened level of sensitive. you have to know your demographic. i could switch it up and do well with black and jewish women and also when there’s a language barrier. however, i prefer american white gentile women so much i don’t really care.

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            Originally posted by allmyfriendsaredead View Post
            one of my favorite push pulls is verbal push non verbal pull. being mean while projecting a sexual state. this post is about verbal game specifically however.
            Nice. Ever tried doing them simultaneously? Kinda hilarious imo.


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              Most puas (specially rsd newer and intermediate do it wrong and ineffective), and look like they are over gaming.(i witness this, last weekend winging and rsd dude... In dating it does make the girls fall hard the push pull drama, they really really really really fall hard for you... Just like what julien is saying here (you need to have the right personality for it though, be congruent, and yes is not needed):


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                Originally posted by Skills360 View Post
                (you need to have the right personality for it though, be congruent, and yes is not needed):
                Another thing is that SHE has to have the right personality for it as well. This is why I stopped using generic push-pulls. I recommend people to use techniques that are also effective when an interaction has a bland/platonic vibe to it, most generic push-pull tactics only work when the BT is high.