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Logistics with a girl who is trying hard to get the frame

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  • Logistics with a girl who is trying hard to get the frame

    I matched with a real mouthy little bitch. Usually I'm quick to disengage, but she seems to be showing interest. We've been texting, on and off, about getting together and fucking once my bronchitis clears up. (There's no graceful way to admit to a woman that you're coughing up green gunk.)

    Either way, it was decided upon, between us, yesterday that we'd meet up sometime in the later evening today.

    She came along around the end of the work day, spitting some really mouthy shit to me, basically just throwing some sass my way as what I assumed was some sort of shit-test.

    I kind of agreed/amplified, and played it up like I wasn't taking her overtures seriously, and then once she realized her bratty shit wasn't getting under my skin, she starts getting really dirty, evoking imagery of my penis in her mouth, that kind of thing.

    The next few messages were her, very urgently, talking about how badly she needed to be violently choked and fucked.

    I was in the MIDDLE of supper, and planned on going to the gym and running a few crucial errands before I was ready for sexytime, so I told her to wait, and it went quiet on her end.

    Later, once I was done the stuff I had to do, which included a half-decent arms and back day, I hit her up and ask if she's still looking to meet up. She's moody, and I throw out an "are you just salty because I made you wait?"

    She comes right out, says she is, and muses about being comfortable in her bed, but more comfortable on my penis.

    I blatantly ask, with no patience for fools, "so where am I walking?"

    She has yet to respond.

    Is this a waste of time? She's very clearly stated an interest in sex (through text correspondence) but she keeps going quiet, and spooking at the last minute and not allowing me to get the info I need (where she lives) so we can fuck in her dorm room.

    I get a whiff of bullshit with this Tinder Chick, because this is starting to remind me of a "bait and switch" some dumb cunt played on me when I was trying to get laid back in university at like, age 22 or something.(Story time!) Some bespectacled, insecure sow hit up a buddy of mine when that buddy was with me at the bar. She was REALLY eager to get with him, so she hit him up hard. Next day, to make it seem like "I was just meeting fun PEOPLE at the bar," she adds us both. She and I start talking, eventually she starts getting a bit flirty, but this is entirely through Facebook DMs. She and I start talking about sexual stuff, and she kind of off-handedly banters about needing someone to kill bugs for her and fuck her. Like a chump, I went back to her, after getting up my nerve a day later, and assume I'm going to be able to take her up on that offer. She flatly, icily rejects me, and I realize that what some chick says, drunk in DMs, probably isn't a promise of anything.

    Anyway, back to the present, I really can't bring this Tinder chick here, because of my living situation right now. I'm living with family, and with the piss-poor rate of pay I get at my job, and the astronomical teeth-punching cost of rent and utilities, that's not going to change anytime soon. (Eventually I'll move again, and find a job that actually pays well, but that's not an excuse to put off sex until that point.)

    Part of the reason I ask is that I usually have the opposite issue with women I match from Tinder - they try to play prude. I'm used to that game. I'm not used to temper tantrums and then sexytalk - and then very deliberate silence, to see how long it takes until I "cave" and look like the one who is more invested, and have more to lose.

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    I mean, I guess maybe my sex drive is declining, or maybe I'm just growing up, but when some random chick I met on Tinder says: "DROP EVERYTHING AND COME HAVE SEX," it's not my first instinct to just run and get my dick wet?

    If that's what getting a high notch count requires, fuck that shit. I put my needs first. Eating a good meal (and you're damned right it was a good meal - it was fucking curry!) and getting some lifting done are paramount to me.

    As much as I imagine this emotional storm will pass on her part, and as long as I don't react too much to whatever stupid shit she does until her pussy tingles again, I have to say, young women (19 in this case) are capable of some pretty awe inspiring stupidity.


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      Overthinking imo. If she wants it, she will come around. If shes playing for validation, she would have found excuses to flake earlier too. (Dirty texting girls have a 50/50 risk of being validation whore ime. Youll just have to stay cool and see what happens.)


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        Too much input from your side, keep your frame. If you have other options you can keep your cool easier.

        The upside from the whole story, you can steal some of her teasing for your own text game with others.


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          Originally posted by ijjjji View Post
          Youll just have to stay cool and see what happens.)
          Yeah that works with me! Minimal effort.

          Going on a short roadtrip (40 mins) to fuck a plate who has promised to free up her whole evening and get a good pounding in before she goes out for drinks with her pals later.

          Abundance! Lol


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            man, you sound like you dont like women, but besides its not a effort thing its a value thing , you didn't generate value that makes her wanna wait and not play games, get off the tinder and work on your game in the field!!!!


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              Sounds like she had an obligation of some sort when you texted her. Iím guessing it was more of a scheduling problem and maybe she wants you to bring her to your place.

              Glad your doing well bro.


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                Originally posted by Grodmeister General View Post
                you sound like you dont like women
                Yeah okay, man. I must not like women, that's why I'm in here, trying to get better at bringing them into my life. That sounds real plausible.

                I'm getting therapy for pathological social anxiety - that's why I don't often go in the field. So keep your shitty judgments to yourself, I've got fucking mental health issues - ones I'm trying to fix.


                • Grodmeister General
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                  yeah when you say shit like mouthy little bitch and have no patience for fools , that doesnt sound like you appreciate women dude, you wanna get better but for what kind of intentions! social anxiety aint an excuse for that either dude, get that fixed all the way before you lay up with a woman!

                • Voyagerrrrr


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                  Yo, being critical of female behavior isn't automatically hatred of women. I mean I get your point, maybe my language is colourful, but I don't hate women - that is a completely specious assertion.

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                Originally posted by Must View Post
                Sounds like she had an obligation of some sort when you texted her. Iím guessing it was more of a scheduling problem and maybe she wants you to bring her to your place.

                Glad your doing well bro.
                That's what I was thinking. She's going to school, so she probably had a lab or something. A little later, she started complaining about something like that, so she was probably just venting that she didn't get an opportunity with me before her obligations arose.