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  • Good game, bad game

    (This "era of YouTube" is kinda cool. I used to mainly read text, cause it felt like a way of mass-gaining information. But the audio/visual gives a much clearer picture, for me anyway)

    1.) Solid game without doing or saying anything special (no "magic bullet"). Has his fundamentals down.

    -His posture is good, never leans in or tries to touch awkwardly, if he kinos he does it confidently.
    -Doesn't pay too much attention to their response or reaction, more focused on what he's already gonna say.
    -Is self-amused (key)

    And sure, having a camera can help. But this...

    2.) an example of how you can have a camera and still be pussy-repellant:

    -Overly aggressive
    -Kino looks super awkward, comes off as predatory / creepy
    -Too reactive to whatever the girl says


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    Love how you took vids with limited inherent instructional value, and managed to extract several lessons from them!! Please post more like this if you find the time!


    • youngjd


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      you got it man, just posted

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    I watched both videos and i did not see "bad game" the first dude wanted to actually kiss the girls, and the topic he had was more conductive to make out, and there was a different type of girl/girls/targets....

    The second dude was not trying to "kiss" per se but going more for polarization and shock value....

    My point is there was not bad game, they both have game....

    and both can make it work if they wanted too (bonus the first guy was more of a pretty boy/attractive looks wise dealing with younger preppy girls)

    p.s. my natural friend "cash" game is very similar to the second dude and he gets laid like a rockstart...

    the same with my other natural friend #1 they get laid a lot...


    • youngjd


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      Skills thanks for the input! I felt as if the 2nd dude wanted to kiss the girls or make something happen but didn't have the balls to just do it like the 1st guy, or was going about it in the wrong way.

      I don't doubt your friends get laid with a similar style, but it must be a part of their personality then they learned game...this guy seems like he is just loud & aggressive to cover his insecurity.

      I mean, if he really was going for shock value he'd be less reactive to the girls' reactions IMO. (And his self-amusement would show, thus actually working for his game).

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    it is interesting to watch those videos ....i am not sure you can read too much into their games cuz they had a film crew there .

    ima speak on the 2nd guy first ..he was ass and i wouldnt wing with him. that is an example of negative social proof...his negs or wahtever they were delivered wrong and harsh ..and he shows waaaay too much interest!!!

    the first guy was better . had an enthusiastic delivery , but i can see him getting ran over by hotties (like the black girl dynamic he coulda handled that better) he would be a cool wing tho!


    • youngjd


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      Agreed about the 2nd guy, negative social proof for sure. He had girls straight up walking away from the beginning...not a good look!

      I think the film crew might matter in the first couple seconds, but afterwards the girl is either gonna stay if she finds him interesting, or walk off when she gets bored / starts thinking he's a loser. The camera is only an attention-grabber and immediate social proof booster.

    • Grodmeister General
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      i saw that guy who was better still make mistakes like almost get ina fight cuz he didnt disarm the guy and was lifting up the girl etc. The camera helps a lot!!!

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    I love watching these videos from the Youtube channel CUT - - that brings two strangers, usually M/F, together to do random things.



    This guy's "base" is fairly attractive. But his style is clean, body language is great, he wears a smile well = improves his looks quite a bit.
    +Confidence! You can hear it in the voice and see it in the smile.
    +ENTHUSIASM (w/out thirstiness). Dynamic vocal tone.
    +Laughs at anything sexual, he treats as inherently fun and no big deal. Makes things very low pressure for the girl, in these awkward situations.

    As a result, the girl is eating it up.
    +Look at her face when he's putting the ice cream on her ass, horny smile.
    +He lap dances her, she asks "Can I touch you?"

    He's either having fun or qualifying. Even at the end when they cuddle, instead of being like "no complaints here" or "omg awesome" (like the below example would have done), he says "I hope you're a good big spoon" (playfully).



    This guy is super attractive. Tall dark and ripped. But he just comes off as a bit insecure and a little boring.
    -Vocal tonality: a bit flat, he tries to do that "manly" voice sometimes which actually makes you come across insecure.
    -When a sexual situation comes up, his eagerness / nervousness is way too obvious.
    -Comments that make the girl do a social knee-jerk (i.e. her: "Do you see yourself getting married?" him: "Nah, I see myself having illegitimate kids")
    +His body language and "sleepy eyes" are on point though!

    a little bit of "I dunno, I guess you can do this or that" which CAN STILL totally get you laid, when the girl takes your reluctance as a challenge.

    No doubt this guy could have banged the girl afterwards, 100%, but mostly because of their sexual value difference (he was good looking and the girl was average).

    But IMO the 1st guy CREATED chemistry between them. He created a situation where the girl would probably help work towards them ending up in bed together.

    That is key (for me anyway).

    Haven't you had those lays where you did a TON of work, and you got the lay, but afterwards you were just like "damn, I really had to come with my A-game..."

    And then haven't you had those lays where you just hit it off from the start, and it seemed you could do no wrong, and sex just happened?


    This all may be a little KJ since idk whether anyone actually slept together. Haha. But its fun to read the interactions, and I like to hear your guys opinions!