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'Haphazardly' as a PU style (new discovery for me)

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  • 'Haphazardly' as a PU style (new discovery for me)

    While possibly a classical/pop culture arch type of seduction (movies etc), I never really considered this myself.

    Its something I started keying into with the way Ive been using sexual tension past 3-4 months.
    In the past I loved to gradually ramp up the tension, which has amazing strengths dont get me wrong!!
    Whats changed lately, is that really early on I like to have little 'accidents' of becoming really sexually tense, in an overall arch of being really friendly and not sexually tense at all.

    I find this style has a distinct benefit of not 'clamping' things down. (Sorry I dont have a very good explanation for this yet, but its something that has to do with judgement and being seen in negative ways.)
    Id say more if I could but the idea is still kinda new to me so Ill leave it vague like this for now, and hopefully say more when I get a better understanding so I can articulate it better.

    Or maybe others have insights to share on this - would kinda surprise me though, since 'structure' and 'streamline' tend to be how we approach PU on an intellectual level.

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    This is known is fractionation. You can think of fractionation, as the subtle and more effective. . . older brother of push-pull.

    The clamping down you refer to is known as inflation. Whereby you over-saturate or "inflate" a technique, or something similar by overusing it in an interaction. By overusing xyz technique, it will drop in effectiveness as the interaction progresses. Making it less attractive in her eyes.

    For example, making use of one's wit to spike BT, will drop in effectiveness as the interaction progresses, if that seducer kept spamming witty one-liners.

    Fractionation avoids this by using xyz tech, in this case sexual tension, in small bursts throughout the interaction. You use it briefly. Then roll off / fractionate for a while. Then use it again. Then roll off again. Thus making it near impossible to miscalibrate and leaving her wanting more of it. And when you use it again, she will be even more receptive to it.

    Because on a subconscious level, she had started to crave it. Making the technique, in this case sexual tension. . . hit her even harder.

    And every time you re-use the technique, it will continue to hit her harder. But the real beauty of fractionation in my experience. . . is that you can use this concept, in combination with pretty much any technique in your repertoire. To make her crave it. And as a result you make xyz technique, even more powerful and effective. By simply sprinkling some fractionation on top of it. Basically, fractionation can make any tool in your arsenal, several times more effective, persuasive and attractive.
    “You know I cant hear none of that spend the night shit... that kumbaya shit”


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      Kidding. Good, concise explanation of fracionation. Cool.


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        To me, fractionating is all forms of having your attention on someone, and then putting it elsewhere. I do this so much that girls often start calling me out for it. Been like that for years
        What I talk about here has that element to it for sure. This is obvious, but I appreciate the on-point analysis! (Tbh I was a bit surprised that someone had replied. OP was not very great, as it was way too vague to be a good foundation for discussion. But sometimes you (think you) see something and it gives you the urge to manifest it on paper asap.)

        I came here simply to say that predictability really kills appreciation.

        It (predictability) just makes the mind wander to more 'interesting' things.. I just saw a performance that reminded me, where the artist had a brooding energy throughout, that put me beautifully on the edge of my seat. In the end they did nothing with it, but its mere presence made me non-stop uncertain what would happen next. And so it reminded me of this 'following a curve' vs 'haphazardly' thingie


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          do you ever blame it on her. like you just can’t resist her. she’s different/special/she matters. so you’re just so into her you’re like “this is weird it’s just different with you, why are you doing this to me.” then regain your composure and turn down the heat and change subjects. fucking in the words of julien “chick crack.” have you seen drama game? juliens ideas on this stuff will really accelerate your learning process. it’s a huge complement of my game. drama isn’t about creating fights. it’s about creating strong emotions fast using emotional role plays and using push/pull regarding emotionally vulnerability. it’s only an hour long. if you haven’t watched it, do yourself the favor.


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            Always. Sometimes verbally and sometimes implied. I even came up with my own term "bait biting" which simply means everything I do/say is framed as reacting to her. IOW, her BAITING me.

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            yeah. i react a lot too. but it’s always contrived and from a place of “it’s different than you.” it even allows you to frame it like you are a player. like “i meet a lot of girls but i don’t know it’s jusg different with you.” and if she’s like “what do you mean?” boom “nevermind” and change the subject.