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Re-engaging previously uncompliant girls?

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  • Re-engaging previously uncompliant girls?

    So I go very direct and a lot of girls will give me the run around / no. I'll have them on my insta though and they'll still watch all my storys and like a lot of my pics.

    Sometimes they'll like like 5 pics in a row and sometimes I renage direct again and then they close.

    What's a good gauge to renagage? some girls actually text or slide in dm's but I'd imagine that's more the exception than the rule because girls are rarely that forward but also sweet spot of not keep on hitting up dead prospects?

    my guess is a lot of them would be down if it was a datey frame but not my friends with benefits frame so it's essentially a frame stand off. some of them are willing to bend to my frame though over time. Any tips to gauge? perhaps a 3-4x rengagement over span of 90 days or so as alex says?

    I've had girls give me not that kinda girl line only to hit me up days, weeks, or months later and comply to my frame

    sorta as allan roger currie says these are 'wholesome pretender' girls.

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    Perfect timing for this thread since I have been field testing shit extensively, I am assuming you are speaking about girls purely on instagram right?

    What I found works best is coming from a frame of spiking emotions, keeping her highly engaged in the conversation and keeping the flrtiness to a BARE MINIMUM. Slowly lead the conversation to a direction where you could push for a hang out. Once she agrees to a hangout I get her number and keep up communicating with her until the hang out day. If you stop contacting her for more than a day or 2 things tend to go stale, even when the chick seems super down.

    Save all that gamey stuff about trying to set friends with benefit frames and datey frames for when you see her in person. It doesn't work well via DM's.

    Just to see where else I might be able to help, are you able to consistently keep a conversation flowing through a DM for at least 2-3 days?


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      I do mix of instagram/tinder/daygame/nightgame but I funnel girls through my insta now. majority of girls i'm talking about i meet from cold approach and then funnel to insta. they keep liking my pics even tho they dodge the sex lol.


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        Lmao dang bro thats a tricky one. How exactly are they dodging the sex? Are u offering it when u first cold approach them or how exactly are you putting the sex on the table?