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The parallels of the anti-gamers with the fake naties spotters

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  • The parallels of the anti-gamers with the fake naties spotters

    So i was watching this youtube video of Brandon Carter (i don't even like the dude much it was accidentally) and he was making the point how he was being a little bitch, when women went from his booth to another fitness dude and he told them "that he is on steroids", and that he caught himself and he was like "wowow i am a jealous little bitch", he is making the point that there are a bunch of dudes that go around calling everybody in shape and successful a "fake natural"....

    Basically a fake natural in body building is someone with a really nice body that does steroids but claims to be natural....

    So he is making the point that the people that go around calling out fake naturals claim to be doing so cause "they do not want to give false hope" but in reality what they are doing that is PREVENTING people from actually engage in fitness and achieve what is possible...

    oh skills not another one of this post? get to your point....

    There was a point were i was very disappointed with the seduction community because of the over emphasis on game game game, and the under emphasis on looking cool, specially when it was obvious that some of the dudes that needed help was not game help that was needy but they totally look like shit!. I was also exited cause i was field testing and working on look maxing (in my case becoming a bit less ugly as i age,so for me it was perfect timing)

    So as i said in my old post my disappointment with the anti seduction movement...(could not find my own old post facepalm), after couple of years i grew disappointed and still am of the whole anti-movement, specially after i went out with community and no community guys alike that are above average looking with above average lay count one of them a model, and i was like wtf, i smoke them on the field.... Not only that i started to change my ras and once i changed it a bit about looks looks looks saw some blind spots, the main one was that the male model experiments to prove that game is bs but looks is everything, the dudes that were conducting the experiments were doing a lot of my "sexual trolling" without them knowing they were doing it ha!(aka the actually were busting balls, being funny, being sexual)... which i am not male model and for me works very similarly.... Second, I started reading advise that i know from experience not only was bad, it was horrible, so they were basically making good looking aspies with the type of advice that was very bad social skills/game to the level of retarded...Disclaimer.- they did have decent advice, but compare to stuff that some of the actual gamers do is ferrari vs a kia)

    Never mind some of the scandals such as gll (got caught with fake models), Sonny (started offering bootcamps after ridiculing them), the mass shootings, and sleazy blog (is fucking retarded you think is a water down version of nwp)...

    Second issue is that the game of the look good, spot dtf and pull is very unreliable now a days(though coming back a bit lately)... Guys that really go out know this.... This in fairness used to work couple of years back when the youtuber and screeners were very popular such as gll but when tinder peaked reach a quick death... Still works, but unfortunately is not reliable anymore. Which is why there are 0 guys gll and gll lights around most of them disappeared, all of them with _______________ excuse for the disappearance, yeah right! not a single post/blog can be found either, HUGE COINCIDENCE... Now of course they are coming out from were they were hiding and the advice of maximize your looks, is the most water is wet advice i have ever witness.

    What is funny is that even Mystery in the game as much as people ridicule him, on the first meet in the book and in the vh1 stuff, first thing he did was LOOK MAXING THE NERDS lol....

    Seems i am subscribed to a lot of the old "look maxing" youtubers it totally makes me sad that they have 0 new insights, or anything to talk about, same old shit, of "bro you need to look max" advice, pretty sad.

    Anyways, guys i 100% advocate for look maxing,(i am pissed that still a lot of gamers, can not justify a fucking 45 minutes to an hour in the gym which is irresponsible advise)...... What i am saying is that the going the other way and minimizing the influence/game it is also very irresponsible.... In fairness i do have to clarify that one of the issues is that sometimes does "gamers" have field and lay reports were is in fairness perceived that the girl is into them seems the get go, and they make all this mental masturbation theories when the girl was into them form the start,. (so this is not what i am talking about as game/influence).

    Please watch the video if you want to understand better my rambling:

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    You should be in shape imo, or better
    It helps you get IN the game and avoid "deal breakers" girls have
    BUT the focus on game game game as you call it is about OVERCOMING FEAR you are inherently not attractive
    and instead replacing it with the determination to game properly

    It isn't that looks maxing isn't a thing you ought to do
    But it shouldn't distract you from overall having a throughline to your seduction that is about your persona and views, not how you look

    So for example, you don't do verbal game saying "damn look at my muscles, pretty hot right?"
    You do it on views that concern what girls often get stuck on and think about in order to relieve them of that burden
    In the same way, you focus on "game" or anything that girls think about more often, rather than going straight to looks

    Thing is, there is a phenomenon that isn't spoken about "later round draft picks"
    Basically if girls cant get guys with the personalities they want, they go for looks etc
    So that boosts the important of looks a bit

    But of course... common sense applies, be in better than average shape to help differentiate yourself from dudes they never talk to


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      Originally posted by thecostofsuccess View Post

      Thing is, there is a phenomenon that isn't spoken about "later round draft picks"
      Basically if girls cant get guys with the personalities they want, they go for looks etc
      So that boosts the important of looks a bit
      Later round draft is probably more alcohol/drugs/horniness transfers from other dudes, but anyways i don't even see this anymore much..